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Mar 2014
Winter is ALMOST over....
Winter across the United States has been incredibly brutal this year. With sub-zero temperatures in much of the northern United States and snow that just won't quit, it's definitely been a winter for the record books. With it being so cold, our fuel filter heaters have literally been flying off the shelves! 

If winter has your biodiesel freezing or your brewing days limited to walking out & longingly looking at your brewing equipment, hope is around the corner. March is here and Spring is starting to show signs of becoming a reality very soon and with it brewing season will be back in full swing!

While you're waiting for all that snow to thaw out, check out what we've been up to here at Utah Biodiesel Supply! We have several customer spotlights to share with you, a brewing filter raffle, a bunch of cool, new products, a Collective Biodiesel Conference update, and all the latest Biodiesel news around! Let the fun begin!
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Register For The 2014 Collective Biodiesel Conference
Save Big On BioPro's & SpringPro's In March
Read About Four Of Our Awesome Customers
Prepare A Ford 6.0 Liter Diesel For Biodiesel
Check Out All Our Great New Products
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Featured Article
Collective Biodiesel Conference 
Registration Is Now Open!
Collective Biodiesel Conference
Registration for the 2014 Collective Biodiesel Conference is now officially open! This year the conference being hosted by the incredible Piedmont Biofuels Coop in Pittsboro, North Carolina! To many, Piedmont is at the very center of small scale Biodiesel Production, Biodiesel Mecca if you will!

The conference will be held August 14-17, 2014 and will include an incredible set of speakers on all things Biodiesel! (Click Here To See Past Years Conferences)

Whether you've been making Biodiesel for years or just starting out, this conference is geared towards you! The goal being to help you make the best Biodiesel you can and be as successful as possible at it too! 

Speakers are drawn from the Biodiesel industry and will cover a wide range of topics on everything from growing your own feedstock to going commercial with your Biodiesel production and doing it profitably too!

Right now they have an awesome early bird special going on too!
Register early for $175/person and save $25 off the standard conference door price! Your paid registration buys you access to the conference plus all of your meals for Friday & Saturday too! Space is limited and last year was a near sell-out crowd, so you'll want to register as early as possible! We'll be there and look forward to seeing you there too!

Save Big On BioPro's In March!
BioPro Biodiesel Processors
During the month of March, we're offering $1000 off a BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor or a BioPro 380 Automated Biodiesel Processor

We also are offering $500 off our SpringPro T76 Dry Wash System!

If you've been wanting to buy the best automated biodiesel processor on the market, now is your chance to pick one up and save big too!

Both of these machines make producing Biodiesel a cinch! You just add the chemicals and the oil, press a button and the machine takes care of the rest! We've been using a BioPro 190 now since 2007 and absolutely love it! Click here to see our setup!

Learn More About These 
Incredible Machines Today!
Four Awesome Customer Spotlights
Our customers absolutely rock! Check out our latest batch of stories from our customers doing absolutely awesome things (one even survived a massive tornado!)

Professor Valley Ranch - Southern Utah
Professor Valley Ranch BioPro 380
A few years back, Peter Lawson decided it was time to get into Biodiesel on his awesome ranch near Moab in Southern Utah! He picked up a BioPro 380 Automated Biodiesel Processor and started collecting used cooking oil to make Biodiesel and started saving big while being more sustainable to the environment in his area.

He sent us some of his incredible pictures to share with you to see how you also can get set up & making Biodiesel in a relatively short amount of time. One of the really cool things we loved about his setup is stacking the totes above his BioPro 380. It makes loading his BioPro 380 with oil a breeze! He also uses the same style shelving to store finished, ready to use Biodiesel for his diesel fleet! Click Here To Read More About His Awesome Setup!

TH Bell Junior High School - Washington Terrace, Utah, Mike Wade, a student adviser at TH Bell Junior High School, helped a group of students produce several mini batches of Biodiesel in the classroom. The project was such a success that he then challenged them to write and submit a research paper on the benefits of using Biodiesel in their local community to the US Army eCyberMission Project.
Turns out the paper won first place netting each student a $1,000 Savings Bond! Click Here To Read More About Their Research Paper!

The BioPro That Lived Through An Oklahoma Tornado
BioPro Lives Through A Tornado
One of our great customers in Oklahoma had the misfortune of having a tornado come ripping through his yard last year & taking out his entire barn. From the pictures you'd think nothing in the barn made it through the terrible storm....but his BioPro did! 
In fact, his BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor and his SpringPro T76 Dry Wash Tower not only made it through the storm, but made it through in pretty good condition! We think it's just another reason why we absolutely love the BioPro's! In this case, they were tough enough to survive a nasty Oklahoma Tornado & keep on going! Click Here To See The Incredible Pictures Of His BioPro!
The Ultimate Drying Tank On Wheels!
The Ultimate Drying Tank
If you've ever built one of our awesome oil drying tanks you know how great they are to use. One of our bought one of our kits recently and created what we affectionately call The Ultimate Drying Tank.

To start, he inverted a 55 gallon drum, cut the bottom out, and then mounted it to a rolling chassis. Next, he plumbed the pump right through the 3/4" bung hole (now on the bottom) and added a convenient discharge port just above the pump. He also plumbed the spray nozzle to come down from the top, which gave him the option of adjusting how deep into the barrel the sprayer would spray. 
Preparing A Ford 6.0 For Biodiesel
Running Biodiesel in a 6.0 liter Ford From 2003 through 2007, Ford diesel trucks were outfitted with an International Harvester sourced 6.0 liter diesel engine. While the motor made incredible horsepower and was very efficient in it's day, it was also plagued with constant problems almost from day one.
When Biodiesel is used in this generation of diesel engines the problems can become even more obvious! Over the years it's been the one engine we've recommended shying away from if you're planning to burn Biodiesel. However, recently we had the chance to visit with a Ford Master Mechanic that knows these engines inside and out and he was able to provide us with some great information on how to modify this engine to allow it to successfully run on Biodiesel. (We also posted an awesome video series from another master mechanic that compares the 6.0 liter engine to the older 7.3 motor that Ford offered too!)
Check Out Our Awesome New Products
100 & 200 Watt Electric Fuel Filter Heaters
12, 24, and 120 Volt Fuel Filter Heaters
As temperatures are still well below freezing in many parts of the United States, we were able to help keep many of our customers fuel filters from gelling up with our awesome fuel filter heaters. Based on customer feedback, we now offer our 200 watt heater in 12 volt, 24 volt (for heavy equipment, and 120 volt! 

If you've had an issue with fuel filter gelling, you know what a royal pain it can be. Add one of our fuel filter heaters to your rig and kiss that problem goodbye!
4" x 8" 5 Micron Poly Felt Bag Filter
We now have a really cool, new bag filter! It's 4" diameter and 8" long and is made from a heavy duty 5 micron poly mesh filter material. 

The filter features a heavy duty carbon steel ring sewn into the top of it to give it rigidity and strength. This means it's ideal for small containers where you need a filter that easily stays put. 

Also built into the 4" x 8" bag filter is a heavy duty carrying strap. It's sewn into the top of the filter and makes removing it from containers & filtering vessels extremely easy.

200 Gram Triton T2 Portable Scale
Triton T2 200 Gram Portable ScaleWe have a brand new portable scale available! It's called the Triton T2 from MyWeigh and it's one cool scale! 

It features a large lighted display, a removable lid that can double as a weighing tray, and a large weighing plate. It operates on 2 AAA batteries, making it especially nice & portable to use! It's perfect for weighing out catalyst for titrations or even weighing out beer hops! It carries a 30 year manufacturer warranty and is an extremely robust scale

99.9% Pure Methanol
We now have methanol available on our chemicals page! 
It's available in handy 950 mL bottles or can be purchased in 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes. 
It's extremely pure at 99.9% making it ideal for mini batches, 3/27 tests, as a cleaning solvent, or even as a fuel for alcohol stoves such as our SoLite Ultralight Backpacking Stove
It ships in our heavy duty 1 liter HDPE sealed bottles that are the perfect size to keep in your testing laboratory or testing table.
BD-Zorb Dry Wash Fiber Material
BD Zorb Fiber Dry Wash MediaAre you dry washing your Biodiesel? (Or want to?) Then check out our newest dry washing media! It's a cellulose fiber based media that's made from 100% hardwood. It's been optimized into just the right mixture of chips and saw dust for dry washing Biodiesel. It can be used in standard dry wash columns or in one of our ArborPure Fiber Media Towers 

We have several customers that have been testing this product for us and report exceptional results with soap removal!

2008 BioPro 380 Available For Sale
Used BioPro 380We have a customer that has a meticulously clean BioPro 380 up for sale! It's in excellent operating condition and has to be one of the cleanest "used" BioPro 380's I've ever seen. 

They sent us several pictures of this great BioPro and we were really impressed with it's condition. It honestly looks like it's brand new! They've taken excellent care of it and are happy to tell you all about it. If you're looking for a BioPro but don't want to go new, this is about as new as you can get in a pre-owned unit! The asking price is a heck of a deal too!

2010 SpringPro T76 Dry Wash System For Sale
SpringPro T76 Dry Wash Tower
In addition to the pre-owned BioPro 380, we have another customer selling his 2010 Model SpringPro T76 Dry Wash System. This system also looks equally as clean and new as the 2008 BioPro 380. It's been mounted on casters to make it easy to move around and includes all the original hardware. 

These towers use our DW-R10 Ion Exchange Media and our BD-Zorb fiber cellulose dry wash media to operate. The towers are 10" diameter and do an exceptional job at removing soap and excess glycerin from reacted Biodiesel. It's listing price is equally a great deal too!

Our line of brewing filters continues to expand! 
Check out our latest additions to the mix!

Stainless Steel Brew-In-A Basket

These are cool! They're an all stainless steel basket that have a handy swing handle attached to the top, cross braces on the bottom, supports on the side, and optional feet on the bottom. 

They allow you to brew in a brew pot in the same way you would with a Brew In A Bag, only our baskets are much more robust, allow much better flow, and can be raised up off the bottom of your brew kettle. They can also be had with a convenient press plate too!

They're available in pretty much any size you can dream up and can be customized to your hearts content

New Wine Barrel Screening Filter
Wine Barrel FilterWe've created a new filter that fits wine barrels! It's 22" long and 1 7/8" wide and is built from 800 micron stainless steel. 
It includes the complete filter and a sanitary gasket that can be attached through a tri-clamp onto most standard wine barrels.

Potentially New Product (are you interested?)
New Product
This is a custom 2" x 6" 300 Micron Boil Kettle (BK) or Mash Tun (MT) fitting with a 1/2" stainless steel tube to fit a compression fitting. 

We'd love to know if it's something our brewers would be interested in. If you'd like something like this, shoot us an email at If we get enough interest, we'll make a bunch up and offer them on our brewing filters page
Enter Our Brewing Filter Raffle
Brewing Filter Raffle
We're excited to announce our brewing filter raffle! To enter the raffle, all you have to do is send in pictures, video, & descriptions of our filters in action in your brewing setup! We'll be giving away free brewing gear as prizes!

Each submission is worth a certain number of raffle tickets that will be entered for the raffle drawing. We've loved hearing about all the awesome ways you're using our brewing filters and now is your chance to possibly score even more of it just by sharing what you love to do!

Take The Brewing Kettle Size Survey
Brewing Kettle Survey
We're doing some research for some new brewing filters we're working on and want to see which kettle sizes are used the most for brewing. To do this, we'd love your help! If you brew, stop on by our survey page & let us know what size of brewing kettle you use, how big of a batch you typically brew, how much hops you use, and anything else you'd like to share.
We'll use the information gleaned to help us develop even more of our great brewing filters!
Join Our New Brewing Filter Email List!
We've created a special email list just for our brewing customers! We'll be sharing new brewing products, customer spotlights, and videos on this great new list. We'd love to have you on board!

To Join The New Stainless Brewing Filters Email List:
1) Scroll to the bottom of this email 
2) Click on Update Profile/Email Address link
3) Click the Submit button that shows up
An email will be sent to you with instructions for updating your profile. Click on the link and check the box for Stainless Brewing Filters and then save! You'll then be on this great new list! 
Check Out Our Latest Product Videos
Stainless Beer Brewing Hop Spider Filter - 6 Stainless Steel Brewing Hop Spider
In this new video we give an overview of our popular Stainless Steel Beer Brewing Hop Spider!

You'll see one of our hop spiders from all angles, hear about some of the features we build into them, and see examples of some of our other great brewing filters as well! 
Whirlybird Hand Operated Centrifuge - 3000 RPM - 15 mL Centrifuge Tubes - Utah Biodiesel Supply
Whirlybird Hand Operated Centrifuge 
Check out this great product demo of our 4-bucket Whirlybird Centrifuge! We demonstrate how easy it is to load and unload the centrifuge tubes plus show just how fast it can spin your samples!
We talk about some of the great tests you can run with it and show how portable it can be for traveling!

We have several more videos in the works and will be sharing many more of them with you in the coming weeks! Be sure and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see all the latest videos as they're released!
View our videos on YouTube
Find Biodiesel While Traveling
Looking to take a trip this year & need to find gas stations along the way that sell Biodiesel? Well, you're in luck! We've compiled a list of seven great websites that can help you find the good stuff while you're on the road! Click Here To See The Complete List!
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We do our best to keep up to date with everything Biodiesel. In every newsletter we share what we've been following. Here's the latest crop of Biodiesel news we've seen lately! 

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