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Jan 2014
Let The Fun Begin!
We're excited to bring you another issue of our popular Biodiesel Review newsletter! In this issue we have articles on making biodiesel in a BioPro 190, burning Biodiesel in a wicking style lamp, picking the right micron for filtering, as well as several new product introductions! Plus, as always, we have a whole section dedicated to the latest Biodiesel news, stories, and new videos! (Be sure to check out our awesome video of making popcorn on our cool SoLite Stove too!)

So, grab some popcorn, dim the lights, pull up a chair, and enjoy another issue of Biodiesel Review!
In This Issue
2013 Biodiesel Year In Review
Making Biodiesel In A BioPro 190
Burning Biodiesel In A Wicking Style Lamp
Finding The Right Micron For Filtering
Several New Brewing Filters
New Fuel Filter Heaters Available
We're Speaking At The Survival Summit!
Biodiesel News & More!
2013 Biodiesel Year In Review
2013 was a great year for Biodiesel. Both for commercial producers and small scale producers alike. Here at Utah Biodiesel Supply, we took some time to review all the fun we had as well.

We included details on all the cool, new products we released, conferences we attended, the new diesel rig we brought into the fold, and best of all, we reviewed all the awesome customer stories we covered this year! 
Plane on Biodiesel

Stop on by & check out all the fun that went on & watch for even more fun in 2014!

Making Biodiesel In A BioPro 190
Ever wondered how to make Biodiesel in a BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor? Well have we got an article for you!
We took our camera over to where we keep our BioPro and documented the whole process we go through when making a batch of biodiesel in our BioPro. We show how we load it with oil, fill it with methanol and chemicals, and how we get the batch started.
Making Biodiesel in a BioPro 190
Everything from start to finish was photographed and documented (of course with a BioPro it's really simplistic so there wasn't THAT much to show, but hey, it's still cool to see!) 

So, if you've ever wanted to see how simple it can be to make Biodiesel in one of these, stop on by & check out the article! 

BioPro 190 Biodiesel Processor
Burning Biodiesel In A Wicking Lamp
A while back we performed an experiment with one of our little Biodiesel lamps to see how long it would really last. We'd heard that Biodiesel can burn in these little lamps for hours upon hours, so we figured it was time to test out the theory.
Burning Biodiesel In A Wick Style Lamp
We filled our little lamp all the way up with some freshly made Biodiesel, put it near a clock, and let time fly by. About every hour we snapped a picture of the lamp to show how well it was doing and how much fuel was consumed. The lamp completely exceeded our wildest expectations!
Finding The Right Micron For Filtering
Stainless Steel Micron Samples
Looking to find the right micron for your filtering needs? Ever wonder how 800 micron compares to 400 micron? Then check out our recently updated Stainless Steel Micron Rating Examples article!

We completely redid the article to include some great close up pictures of several different micron sizes all together. 

We then shot super close up shots of each sample so you can see the actual weave pattern compared to a penny. And finally, we held each sample up in front of a light and shot close up pictures so you can see just how opaque the different micron sizes are. We've also included a handy conversion chart as well to go from micron to mesh sizes!
Several New Brewing Filters!
Brewing Filters
We've added several new brewing filters to our line up as well as several new combination packages! 

With many styles and sizes available, you're bound to find something that'll work perfectly for your brewing setup! 
Check out our awesome selection!

Hop Spiders

Keggle Filters

Dry Hoppers

Combination Packages

Custom Brewing Filters:
Custom Brewing Filters
Also, we can custom build just about any brew filter you can dream up.
Turnaround time is usually 2-3 weeks and the quality is top notch!

New Fuel Filter Heaters Available!
Fuel Filter Heaters
As temperatures dropped well below freezing through much of the United States in the past few weeks, we were able to keep many of our customers fuel filters from gelling up with our awesome fuel filter heaters. 

And now, based on our great customer feedback and requests, we now offer these incredible heaters in 12 volt, 24 volt (for heavy equipment) and 120 volt in our popular 200 watt filter size! 

If you've had an issue with fuel filter gelling, you know what a pain this can be. Add one of our fuel filter heaters to your rig and kiss the problem goodbye!

We're Speaking At The Survival Summit!
We've been invited to participate in a really cool online seminar called The Survival Summit that's starting next week! 

It features 25 experts who will be speaking on everything from growing your own food to tactical strategies for building a strong base camp! Plus, we'll be doing a seminar on how to make your own Biodiesel! 

The Survival Summit runs Jan. 20th-26th and is FREE!!!
The Survival Summit

Here's just a sampling of some of the topics scheduled:
How to grow all your own food, without irrigation
Locating the perfect survival retreat or homestead
Top 10 off-the-grid cooking solutions
How to fortify your home & property from looters
How to treat burns, breaks, & traumatic injuries when the paramedics aren't coming
How to grow enough protein to feed 22 adults a year!
How to store and generate emergency power for your home
DIY Methods for heating your home with 1/10th the wood!
Extreme Composting: How to turn the world's foul & nasty things into black gold
How to legally make alcohols for fuel & barter
...and many, many, many more!

The summit is completely free and is by invitation only! 
Since we're speaking we get to invite all of you!

So, if you'd like to learn more survival techniques or your just curious about being more self-sufficient, click the link below & check it out!

Biodiesel News & More!
We do our best to keep up to date with everything Biodiesel. In every newsletter we share what we've been following. Here's the latest crop of Biodiesel news we've seen lately! (Plus links to some of our newest YouTube Product Demos!

Check out our latest stories we've been following on Biodiesel and diesel engines too!

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