Biodiesel Review by Utah Biodiesel Supply
Nov 2013
It's Turkey (Frying Oil) Time!
We love this time of the year! Fall has set in, Halloween is behind us, and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. 
For us, that means two things. 
1- Lots of great turkey frying oil from our friends and, 
2- Our Black Friday Sale!
Yep! Tis the season! Spread the word to all your neighbors that you'll be happy to take all that turkey frying oil off their hands and then mark your calendar to check out our awesome Black Friday sale starting the day after Thanksgiving!
Also, since the temps are starting to drop, we've packed this months newsletter with lots of tips & tricks for dealing with cold weather while still making and burning the good stuff! Be sure & check out all our great articles & you'll be brewing all winter long!
We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving & wish you the best on your brewing adventures this holiday season!
In This Issue
Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale
BioPro's Are On Sale!
How Different Oils Influence The Gel Point Of Biodiesel
2013 Collective Biodiesel Conference Report
New & Featured Products
How To Pick The Right Micron Filter To Use
How To Successfully Produce Biodiesel When It's Cold Outside
Tips & Tricks For Avoiding Emulsions
New Chevy Cruze Diesel Review
Biodiesel News & More!
Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Coming!
Black Friday Sale
Sale Runs 11/29/13 through 12/2/2013
Our biggest sale of the year is coming! Plan now to save big on all our brewing equipment & supplies! 
Join us for huge savings!
BioPro Automated Processors Are On Sale!
During the month of November we're offering huge discounts off of our BioPro 190 and BioPro 380 Automated Biodiesel Processors!

Save $1,000 off a BioPro 190!
Save $1500 off a BioPro 380!

Add in the IRS Alternative Fuel Tax Credit and you could score a BioPro 190 for as low as $6000 or a BioPro 380 for as low as $9000 after! 

Plus, check out the incredible fuel savings! If you make just one 50 gallon batch a week, you could save up to $7800 on fuel costs! Make a 100 gallons a week, and you could save up to $15,600 in fuel costs! 

Hurry! Sale Ends 11/30/2013!
Get started today & save big!

How Different Oils Influence
The Gel Point Of Biodiesel
- A Study In Cold Flow Properties
A while back we made samples of biodiesel from different types of oils and tested them over a winter to see which ones held up the best to gelling. The results might surprise you! Some did extremely well, while others were just flat out miserable!

From our research, we also wrote a separate article on how to successfully use biodiesel all winter long. It's packed with lots of tips & tricks we've picked up over the years on how to burn the great stuff when the temperatures drop!
2013 Collective Biodiesel Conference Report
2013 Collective Biodiesel ConferenceIn August, we attended the annual Collective Biodiesel Conference which was held in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado! Talk about an amazing event!
There were workshops on practically every biodiesel topic you can think of (even we presented!). It was an incredible opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the best in the industry. We met up with many of these experts plus had a chance to see many of our awesome customers too! 
CBC Conference CBC ConferenceAs with every year we've attended, we've written up a full report on the conference
CBC Conference complete with links to some of the most impressive workshops we thought really stood out!

CBC Conference
Mark your calendars for next year too!
The 2014 CBC Conference will be Aug. 14-17 in Pittsboro, North Carolina and will be hosted by Piedmont Biofuels. Visit the conference website or stop by the CBC Facebook Page for more details as they become available! 
New & Featured Products!
Building A Successful Biodiesel Business
Building A Successful Biodiesel Business
Thinking of going big time & becoming a commercial Biodiesel producer? Or just interested in learning what it takes to make Biodiesel on a commercial scale? 


Then you'll love our new "Building A Successful Biodiesel Business" book! Written by none other than renowned Jon Van Gerpen and his contemporaries, this book has become the Commercial Biodiesel Producers Bible! It covers EVERY aspect of making Biodiesel on a commercial scale and was even used as the curriculum for the famous Iowa State University Biodiesel Workshops!


Several New Brewing Filters
8x16 filters
We've added several new brewing filters in the last few months and they continue to fly off the shelves! Check out the latest additions!


Just getting started? Then check out this awesome 2-disc Biodiesel Tutorial DVD Workshop! Presented by the professor of Biodiesel, Lyle Rudensey, this DVD is one of the most complete available!

He takes you from knowing nothing to knowing how to make an awesome batch of Biodiesel and covers everything in between! The DVD covers just about every topic a budding Biodieseler may need to know plus he covers topics even experienced producers can benefit from! Whether your new to Biodiesel or have been making it for years, you'll love all of the tips & tricks he shares! 
They also make great gifts! 
Gas Engine Powered Transfer Pump
Need to move a lot of oil but don't have access to electric power? Or need a heavy duty transfer pump that can even pump cold motor & veggie oil like a champ? Then check out our awesome gas engine powered gear pump!

We've mated a 25 GPM heavy duty gear pump head up with a 79 cc 4 stroke gas engine to create one heck of a pump! It'll suck oil up like crazy & spit it out the other end like nobody's business! We even measured it pumping vegetable oil at 30 GPM once! It's the ultimate portable oil transfer gear pump! 
Also, we have great suction filters rated for handling this beast of a pump! Click Here To See Our Suction Filter Selection!

Electric Methanol Pump
Tired of transferring methanol through low volume hand pumps? Looking for a way to transfer methanol from 55 gallon drums in a safe, efficient manner? Then take a look at this incredible methanol transfer pump that can pump up to 12 GPM! It easily attaches to drum bungs and makes loading processors with methanol a cinch!


12 Volt Fuel Lift PumpThis heavy duty lift pump was designed with one thing in mind. Get fuel to your injection pump, under pressure, and do it every time! 
Made by WVO Designs to specifically handle thick vegetable oils, this pump can be regulated to deliver waste vegetable oil, waste motor oil, biodiesel, and even diesel fuel from 15 to 100 psi right to your injection pump! It's 12 volt powered, highly adjustable, and out pumps the competition! If it's a lift pump you need, you'll absolutely LOVE this one! (We even have Biodiesel/SVO compatible fuel hose available for it too!)
With winter around the corner, check out these great products to help keep your fuel flowing all year long!
Fuel Filter Heaters
Fuel Filter HeatersWe have 12 volt fuel filter heaters available in 200 and 100 watts that easily wrap around  and velcro to most fuel filters. They run off of your vehicle battery and apply heat right to the side of the fuel filter to keep it nice & toasty warm! 
They're available in 6"x11" or in 3"x9.5" lengths and work extremely well!
Heat Exchangers
Flat Plate Heat Exchanger Heat ExchangerWe have two great engine coolant heat exchangers that can be used to keep your WVO, WMO, Biodiesel, and even Diesel Fuel nice & warm by using your engines own natural heat! 
Fuel passes through one set of ports on the exchanger while heated engine coolant flows through the other set. The heat from the coolant is passed to the fuel warming it up & getting it nice & hot and ready to be fed to the injection system.


Heavy Duty Drum HeaterOur 1200 Watt 4" Wide Heavy Duty metal drum heater is perfect for keeping your veggie oil, waste motor oil, or biodiesel nice & warm! It has an adjustable thermostat from 50 to 425 Deg. F and runs off of a standard 120 volt power outlet. We also have them available for plastic drums as well!


1000 Watt Immersion HeaterThese heavy duty 1,000 Watt Drop In Heaters are great for keeping oil or Biodiesel from gelling up on you. 

They've been used with great success in water washing barrels too! You just suspend the heater into the Biodiesel to keep it nice & toasty warm while water washing! They're 18.5" long and have a 3" wide shield on them to protect the element. They come with a 6 foot power cord and are powered by a standard 120 volt circuit. 


Bolt On HeaterThis bolt on heater is designed to fit our Raw Power Centrifuge, but it also makes an excellent stand-alone heater for all sorts of applications where inline heat is desired (ie. on a pump mixing biodiesel processor, in a drying tank, in a circulation tank to keep oil & bio warm, etc). It comes with a heavy duty 1,000 watt element with an integrated thermostat that can accept 120 or 220 volts.
Babington BallCheck out our cool Babington Balls! We have them available in 3" or 1.5" sizes with 1/4" threaded inserts. These are great for building your own Babington burners or heaters or just for experimenting with burning WVO, WMO, or Biodiesel with. We've seen people create all sorts of great heaters & burners out of them!
Waste Oil Fired Heater & Boiler Plans
Waste Oil Heater Waste Oil Fired BoilerNeed to heat up a large space? Or how about heat using hydronic heating with a boiler? Then check out these awesome plans for building heaters that can be run off of waste oils!  
One set of plans will show you how to build a heater for heating large area's and the other will show you how to build a boiler for use with hydronic heat! Both heaters can be fired with waste vegetable oil, waste motor oil, or even biodiesel! The plans are very easy to follow and the heaters they create work extremely well! Start heating today!
55 Gallon Drum ConesThese drum cones make creating a fully draining cone bottom metal tank a cinch! Just weld the cone to the drum, weld some legs on the drum and you've got a cone bottom metal tank that's ready to rock! They make great settling tanks, wash tanks, processing tanks, and even work great as storage tanks too!
Sodium Hydroxide Batch PacksWe offer an incredible selection of Biodiesel production chemicals on our site! Whether you need Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, or any of our great Biodiesel Testing Chemicals, we've got you covered! Our prices are extremely competitive and we have several options and quantities of each chemical you might need! Whether it's a 2 lb bottle of Lye, a pallet of Potassium Hydroxide, a bucket of Isopropyl Alcohol or just a bottle of Phenolphthalein, Bromophenol Blue, or Hydrochloric Acid, we're ready to keep you brewing all season long!  


Oxidative Stabilizer For Biodiesel 

& Vegetable Oil 

Oxidative StabilzierPlanning on storing Biodiesel or vegetable oil this winter? If so, we recommend adding some of our Biodiesel Oxidative Stabilizer! 

When added to oil or Biodiesel, it will help to slow down the natural oxidation process to keep your fuel in top form!

A single 38 mL bottle will protect 50 gallons of fuel and is a great way to ensure you're oil or Biodiesel is ready to go come spring!
Stabilize Your Fuel Today! 
Kill-Em Biodiesel & Oil Biocide TreatmentKill-Em Bacteria Biocide
Another important consideration for storing oil & Biodiesel is keeping the bugs out. Namely bacteria and other living organisms that can cause your golden liquid to go bad.

To help with this, we carry a product called 
Kill-Em Bacteria Biocide that will do the job quite nicely! 

It's the strongest biocide allowed by the EPA for fuel storage and will keep your liquid gold free of bacteria and harmful living things that can ruin all your hard work spent collecting the good stuff!

Filter your oil like a pro with one of our awesome heated Extreme Raw Power Centrifuges! 

With the ability to filter at up to 6,000 RPM plus apply heat to your oil as it's being filtered, you can filter literally hundreds of gallons of oil quickly and efficiently! 
Click Here To Filter Like A Pro!
Need a filter? We've got you covered! Whether it's needing a stainless or plastic drum or bucket filter, a tote filter, bag filter, fuel filter, suction filters, or even a custom made filter, our selection is incredible and ready to help you get filtering fast!


Looking for a great deal? Then check out our awesome Bargain Bin page! We've packed the page with scratch & dent items, discontinued stock, factory seconds, and even list used BioPro's & SpringPro T76's too!
How To Pick The Right Micron Filter
Trying to identify which micron filter to use can be difficult at times, what with our huge selection of stainless steel and poly drum, bucket, tote, bag/sock, suction, and brewing filters! To help give you a hand, we've updated our awesome article on what the different stainless steel micron ratings look like--up close & personal! 
We also have a similar article for our poly/plastic filters too!
  Happy Filtering!
How To Successfully Produce Biodiesel 
When It's Cold Outside
- Tips & Tricks From The Field
Making Biodiesel In The ColdWant to keep making fuel all winter long but the cold getting you down? Well, then check out our awesome article that's packed full of tips & tricks on how to make the good stuff even when the temps are low and the ground outside is covered with snow.
Tips & Tricks For Avoiding Emulsions
Understanding EmulsionsWith winter coming on, we're hearing more & more from our customers experiencing emulsions while water washing.

As the temperatures dip, emulsions can be a real problem causing a biodiesel washing nightmare! But, it doesn't have to be an issue at all. By understanding what causes emulsions and how to prevent them, you can keep emulsions far away from your biodiesel and if they do pop up, we'll teach you how to squash them in a hurry!
Click Here To Learn How To Keep Emulsions Away
And How To Send Them Packing 
If They Do Come To Play
Chevy Cruze Diesel Review
Chevy Cruze DieselChevy has just released a new diesel vehicle called the Cruze! It's powered by a VM Motori diesel engine (similar to the Jeep Liberty Diesel) and can get an EPA Estimated 46 MPG on the highway. It also comes factory ready to handle up to 20% Biodiesel (B20)!

We recently had the chance to test drive this sweet, new ride and devoted a whole article to it! It's loaded with lots of goodies, goes down the road really well, and was a heck of a lot of fun to drive!

Biodiesel News & More!

As always, we try to keep up to date with the Biodiesel industry as well as stay on top of cool Biodiesel related stories. We do our best to share these interesting stories on our Facebook page (and now on Twitter) on a regular basis.


Here's the latest crop of cool stories you may enjoy...

Making Biodiesel From Coffee Grounds

Tri-State Biodiesel supplying biodiesel to fashion shows in NY

USDA pays out over 15 million to advanced biofuels facilities

Cool clip on Rudolph Diesel from FUEL documentary

Awesome idea's on oil collection & conversions from WVO Designs

Fire Safety around Biodiesel, doing it right (Biodiesel Magazine)

Cold Flow Treatments for Biodiesel

Making Biodiesel with microwaves

FDA Looking to ban trans fat (partially hydrogenated soybean oil)

More on FDA potential ban on trans fat oils

Cool, New App for finding retail Biodiesel in the United States

WVO Designs Technical Library (loaded with great info!)

Chilean Couple drive from Alaska to Chile on nothing but WVO!

Minnesota celebrates new pumps that pump up to B20

Trap Grease To Biodiesel research project wins prize

USDA accepting applications for over $181 million in funding

Metathesis improves Biodiesel oil dilution problems from DPF's


Customers In The News:

City of DeWitt Biodiesel Program

Shepherd High School Biodiesel Program (Video)

Shepherd High School Makes Biodiesel (Video)!

Blue Ridge Biofuels community oil collection program

EH Gentry Biodiesel program is a success!

Piedmont Biofuels article on safety 


Diesel Engine News:

Ford has made over 500,000 new 6.7 liter diesel engines!

Tips & tricks for increasing performance on VW TDI's

Fiat (Chrysler) fully aquires VM Motori diesel engine manufacturer

Car & Driver Chevy Cruze Diesel vs. VW Jetta TDI

Yahoo Motoramics Chevy Cruze Turbo Lag Issue

Ford 1982-1994 6.9 IDI Conversion Diagrams

Ford 1994-1998 7.3 PSD Conversion Diagrams

Ford 1999-2002 7.3 PSD Conversion Diagrams

Dodge 1989-1994 12 V Bosch Rotary Conversion Diagrams

Dodge 1994-1998.5 12 V Conversion Diagrams

Dodge 2004-2007 24 V Conversion Diagram

Mercedes 1979-1985 Conversion Diagrams

Volkswagen 1998 Conversions




Biodiesel Pictures Online 

Check Out Our Facebook Page 

For Even More Great Biodiesel Stories 

and Customer Pictures! 

Do you have a topic you'd like to see covered in future issues? We're always looking for cool topics to cover here so send in your idea! Send it to with the subject line NEWSLETTER SUGGESTION.




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