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Sep 2013
Biodiesel Is Alive & Well!
We just returned from the 2013 Collective Biodiesel Conference and based on the turnout and presentations there, we believe Biodiesel in the United States is alive and well and continuing to grow! 
As more and more people see the benefits of this exciting renewable fuel, we're continuing to see an increasing number of diesel engine manufactures being willing to warranty the use of Biodiesel in their vehicles (see NBB List of Biodiesel Compatible Diesels in this months newsletter). Commercial Biodiesel production facilities are continuing to produce record levels of Biodiesel with each passing month home brewers are continuing to get better and better at producing high quality fuel in ever greater volumes.
Since producing high quality Biodiesel on a small scale is what we're all about, we've packed this newsletter with several tips & tricks on how to get properly set up to brew the good stuff, how to source and collect oil, how to build a sweet dewatering tank, how to calculate your cost per gallon (so you can see just how much money you're saving), and several more tips & tricks for becoming the best Biodiesel producer out there!
Also, check out our ever growing list of new products and some of the cool featured products we have available on our website!
As always, may your oil be easy to find, may it always titrate low, and may your batches always react well!
Happy brewing!
In This Issue
Getting Set Up To Make Biodiesel (The Right Way!)
4 Test Kits Every Biodieseler Should Own
7 Great Tips & Tricks For Collecting Oil
How To Calculate Your Cost Per Gallon
Tutorial: Build Your Own Dewatering Tank!
New & Featured Products
2013 Collective Biodiesel Conference
NBB List Of Biodiesel Compatible Diesels
Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories
Getting Set Up To Make Biodiesel (The Right Way!)
Just getting ready to start making Biodiesel? Then these articles are for you! We cover everything from A to Z to get you started off on the right foot! Our first article discusses the equipment you'll need to get set up to brew the best Biodiesel possible so that you'll be able to make the most awesome Biodiesel out there while saving tons over buying diesel at the pump!
Oil Filter
BioPro Biodiesel Processor
In our second article we walk you through our proven steps on locating oil (and how to get it home) to the best way to prep the oil, react it into Biodiesel (including the complete reaction recipe), test it for quality, wash & dry it, and even how to deal with the side products! 
Click Below To See These Great Articles!
4 Test Kits Every Biodieseler Should Own
When producing Biodiesel to be used in a diesel engine, the quality of the fuel you make is extremely important! 
Biodiesel Titration Kit Biodiesel Conversion Test Kit Water Test Kit

To help you make the best batch possible, we've come up with our list of the 4 most important tests kits every Biodieseler should own and use every time they make a batch. 
7 Great Tips & Tricks For Collecting Oil
Collecting oil for Biodiesel production? Then check out these great tips & tricks for successfully getting as much oil as possible in your area! We've done all the hard work of figuring out what does & doesn't work when collecting oil and are ready to share it with you! 
Drum Labels Oil Collection Drums Oil Collection Test

How To Calculate Your Cost Per Gallon
Cost Per Gallon
Want to know just how much you're saving by making your own Biodiesel? Then you'll love this article! We walk through all the variables you'll need to identify that effect just how much it costs you to make a gallon of Biodiesel. Then we provide an awesome downloadable tool to plug all the variables into that will figure out your cost per gallon for you! But wait, there's more! (Yeah, I know, it sounds like a cheesy infomercial). We even included sections to identify your return on investment, your savings per gallon over regular diesel, plus your total savings per batch too! (Sounds pretty cool, eh?
And hey, it's totally free!
Tutorial: Build Your Own Dewatering Tank!
Biodiesel / Oil Dewatering Tank
If you collect waste oil, chances are you've been stuck with oil that's really wet! Getting that oil dry can be an absolute nightmare at times, but it doesn't have to be. 
Instead of letting your oil settle for weeks on end or boiling the snot out of it (and consequentially raising it's titration value) to try & get the water out, you can now build yourself an oil dewatering tank that will dewater your oil quickly, efficiently, and effectively using a fraction of the time of settling and a fraction of the energy required to boil the water out.
This free set of plans will walk you through building one of these awesome dewatering tanks that allow you to quickly and efficiently remove the water from waste vegetable oil, waste motor oils, transmission fluid, and even Biodiesel! It utilizes a 55 gallon drum, an inexpensive pump, a metal drum band heater, some basic plumbing, and a unique spraying nozzle to remove the water really fast from oils & Biodiesel!
New & Featured Products
Brewing Filters

Introduced in our last newsletter, we've added even more stainless steel brewing filters to our selection! You can now get our 6" diameter filter in 14", 16", or 19" varieties! We've also added 400 micron as an option on these awesome brewing filters as well! 

We will soon be adding a Factory Seconds\Scratch & Dent section to our beer brewing filter page! Much like our Bargain Bin page, these filters will be a collection of discounted filters that either weren't built to the exact dimensions we stock, have a cosmetic blemish in some way, or are custom filters that need to be cleared out for new stock. Stop on by to score a great price on these discounted filters!

Flat Plate Heat Exchanger Flat Plate Heat Exchanger

Check out our cool, new Flat Plate Heat Exchangers!
This nifty new product allows you to heat up your SVO or Biodiesel right on board your vehicle by using the coolant fluid from the engine! They can be mounted directly under the hood near the injection pump, along the frame rail, or anywhere you need to heat up oil! They're made from 316 stainless steel and copper brazed which means they're extremely durable and able to withstand extreme heat and cold. Being made from 316 stainless, they also work extremely well as a plate chiller for brewing beer. Simply feed your beer brew through one side while pumping cooled water through the other side and it'll chill your brew down exceptionally well! And, if you're into recovering methanol, these make awesome methanol recovery condensers! Feed your vaporized methanol through one side while running cooled water through the other side and watch the methanol recondense into liquified methanol!

600 Micron Stainless Bucket Filters We now have our popular stainless steel bucket filters available in 600 micron! 

These popular filters are awesome to use! Not only can you filter through the bottom, but because the side is made from stainless filter screen material, you can filter right through the side of the filter as well!  This increases how fast you can filter liquids plus lets the filter keep working even when the bottom gets plugged up with gunk! They're made from heavy duty 304 stainless steel and feature a handle across the top and hooks on the side to let them hook right to the top of a standard bucket! Grab one today & you'll love the results!

Gorge Analytical
If you've ever wondered just how good your Biodiesel is or how close to the ASTM Test Standard you are, wonder no more! Get it tested & find out today!

We've partnered with Gorge Analytical, a BQ-9000 certified ASTM Biodiesel Testing labs, to bring you a whole collection of ASTM Tests that you can have performed on your fuel at incredibly discounted prices! We've worked with Gorge for several years on projects and are really excited to bring this new service to you! They not only rock at testing Biodiesel, but they also provide outstanding customer support! In fact, they were even one of the National Biodiesel Boards trouble-shooting labs available to NBB customers to contact for technical questions on Biodiesel. In otherwords, these guys are really, REALLY good at testing Biodiesel and understanding what causes the fuel to pass for fail the different tests! We've loved working with them over the years and are really excited to be offering their awesome testing fuel service!

Building A Successful Biodiesel BusinessJust like our new fuel testing service above, we're really excited to offer this incredible book on how to successfully create a business around Biodiesel!
Written by the best Biodiesel educators in the country (Dr. Jon Van Gerpen, Rudy Pruszko, Dr. Brent Shanks, Dr. Gerhard Knothe & Davis Clements), , this book delves into practically every aspect of what it takes to get your Biodiesel business off the ground and going! 
They cover everything from production processes and lab safety issues to sourcing feedstock and measuring feedstock quality. The ASTM Standard is discussed at great length (Dr. Van Gerpen did much of the testing for ASTM to determine what the ASTM Standard for Biodiesel would even be! Dr. Gerhard Knothe did much of the chemistry research on Biodiesel too!) and several other pertinent topics about producing Biodiesel on a commercial scale are discussed as well. This is considered by many to be THE commercial Biodiesel producers Bible...and we couldn't agree more!

SSI BioPro Demo Machine SSI BIoPro Demo Machine

We have 2006 SSI BioPro 190 available for purchase! It's a demo machine that was owned by a BioPro dealer and only used for demonstrations. The machine has seen VERY LITTLE use and looks almost new! We went completely through the machine and made sure everything is in working order. We also upgraded a few items on the machine and now have it available for sale. It's in excellent shape and is ready to ship!

Biodiesel Decals
Looking for a great way to brag about your Biodiesel? Need to advertise your Biodiesel at a local fair, workshop, or event? Then check out our huge selection of Biodiesel decals! 
We have decals of every shape & size that are made from high quality vinyl & look great on anything they're applied to!

12 GPM Monster Gear Pump
12 GPM Electric Gear Pump
Check out this awesome Goldstream 12 GPM Heavy Duty Gear Pump built specifically to handle thicker oils such as waste motor oil, gear oil, automatic transmission fluid, and waste vegetable oil! It features our same heavy duty pump head but mounted to a beefy 1700 rpm motor that delivers 4 times the torque of our standard 25 GPM gear pump which allows it to muscle through thicker oils like crazy! It's been extremely popular lately and would make a great addition to your oil collection arsenal!

600 Micron Bag FiltersHuge Selection of Bag Filters
Always one of our most popular items, we have bag filters in a huge selection of micron sizes in 7" diameter that are 16" or 32" long. They come with a heavy duty steel ring sewn into the top of them which makes them great to hang from totes, buckets, drums, or anywhere you need a filter! 
They're available in 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, and 600 Micron and can be reused several times!
Heavy Duty Suction Filters Heavy Duty Suction Filters
We've been selling these like crazy! They're ideal for sticking on the end of your suction line to pre-filter oil as it's collected. They're made with stainless steel mesh and stainless backing and topped with steel caps and fittings. 
We have them available in 2" or 3" diameter in various micron ratings and sizes. We've just added 400 micron to our 3" x 5.75" suction filter too! Our 3" filters are great for sucking from open top drums and our 2" bung filters are ideal for sucking oil through barrel bungs or from oil carboys! Our 3" are available in 1/16", 400 & 600 micron. Our 2" are available in 1/4", 600 micron, and 149 micron. The 2" are even available with a suction tube option to allow for complete removal of the oil down to within 1" of the bottom of a container! The filters also mate up perfectly with our gas or electric gear pumps!
If you want to brew biodiesel while taking up the least amount of room, then check out our awesome automated biodiesel processor! It makes up to 50 gallons of biodiesel in about 48 hours and can do it like clock-work! It takes up roughly the size of an 80 gallon water heater yet processes, washes, dries, and stores finished biodiesel all in the same tank! It even includes it's own fuel filler pump!

It's also available in the bigger 100 gallon size as the BioPro 380 Automated Biodiesel Processor  or, if you want to go smaller, check out the  BioPro 150 Automated Biodiesel Processor; it makes up to 40 gallons every 48 hours. We've been brewing our own biodiesel in a BioPro 190 now for several years and love how easy they are to operate! It'll amaze you the first time you use it!
6,000 RPM Centrifuge
Raw Power Oil Cleaning Centrifuge
Want to clean your oil like the pro's do? Then check out our great line of centrifuges! Available in 3450 RPM or the super powerful 6,000 RPM model, these centrifuges can filter oil clear down to 1 micron and do it with ease!

The bowls are easily removable with their quick release bolts and clean up fast allowing you to clean the bowl and be filtering again literally within minutes of shutting it down to clean!
Biodiesel Starter Kits Biodiesel Starter Kits
Looking to get started making biodiesel but not sure where to start? Then check out our awesome biodiesel starter kits? We have three varieties to help you get started making your own biodiesel and saving money big time!

Each kit has a different selection of items for people interested in making different quantities of Biodiesel. From our super basic starter kit to our ultimate biodiesel starter kit, we've got the right kit to get you started!

Biodiesel Catalyst Scales
KD-7000 Biodiesel Scale 7001 DX Biodiesel Catalyst Scale Biodiesel Titration Scale

Check out our great selection of Biodiesel Catalyst scales! We have three great scales that are awesome for Biodiesel! Our KD-7000 Heavy Duty Scale with stainless steel base is extremely popular! Our 7001-DX scale comes with its own bowl, and our ProScale CC150 is the perfect scale for weighing out catalyst for Biodiesel titration solutions!

Looking to score a great bargain on items? Then check out our Bargain Bin page! We load it up with scratch & dent items, old stock, or items that we just need to get off the shelves in the warehouse. 
2013 Collective Biodiesel Conference 
Graydon Blair w/ Dara Lor, 2013 CBC Conference
The 7th Annual Collective Biodiesel Conference was held in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado this year! We attended and had an absolute blast rubbing shoulders with all the Biodiesel experts and small scale producers; many of which are our customers!

The presentations were incredible this year as was the venue! It was held at the Colorado Mountain College campus in Breckenridge, and the facilities were awesome! Food was provided by a local caterer and was outstanding!

WVO Designs, one of our awesome vendors, attended and did an awesome writeup on the event. Click here to read their summary

Also, watch for a full conference report from us a little later this month as well! You can also check out past years conferences (including presentation files and videos) at the Collective Biodiesel Conference Archive website too! More to come...
2013/14 Biodiesel Compatible Diesels
National Biodiesel Board Logo The National Biodiesel Board has updated their list of Biodiesel compatible diesels to include some new 2014 models as well as the new Cummins small V8 diesel. The list includes 2013 & 2014 diesel engine powered vehicles that are compatible with Biodiesel.

The list is fairly extensive and covers just about every auto maker selling diesel powered vehicles and equipment in the United States. This includes tractors, large commercial trucks, light duty cars & trucks, and more!

Biodiesel News & More!

As always, we try to keep up to date with the Biodiesel industry as well as stay on top of cool Biodiesel related stories. We do our best to share these interesting stories on our Facebook page (and now on Twitter) on a regular basis.


Here's the latest crop of cool stories you may enjoy...

US Navy is experimenting with Biofuels

Germany renewing diesel push in the United States

Cummins coming out with a new V8 diesel Engine

Toyota eyeing Cummins diesel for the Tundra

Nissan to use a Cummins diesel in their Titan

Mercedes not a fan of high Biodiesel blends, Chevy Cruze, VW & Audi to accept B20

2014 [Dodge] Ram 1500 Diesel

Gorge Analytical publishes article in Biodiesel Magazine

Biodiesel Magazine article on quick & mobile Biodiesel testing units 

VW urges regulators to back diesel vehicles 

Puna farm to supply jatropha feedstock to Big Island Biodiesel

Alternative Energy Growth & Jobs on the rise

2013 Diesel Power Challenge results

DPF installation retrofits in California not as high as they'd like




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