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May 2013
The Biodiesel Is Flowing!
Summer is almost officially here and with it comes the height of the Biodiesel producing season! This is the busiest time of the year for Biodiesel and we absolutely love it!

Whether you're just getting started, are a seasoned brewer that's been brewing for years, or are just kicking the tires, now is a great time to get your Biodiesel processor up & going so you can enjoy all your great road trips powered by Biodiesel!

Happy Brewing & Let The Bio Flow!
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Helpful Tutorial Articles
2013 Collective Biodiesel Conference Is Coming!
Customer Spotlight: Biodiesel In Spark-Ignition Engine
New & Featured Products
New Mercedes Diesel In The Fleet
2013 Biodiesel Compatible Diesels
Customer Spotlight: Gas Powered Monster Gear Pump
Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories
Helpful Tutorial Articles
Learning how the chemistry works at a molecular level is extremely helpful when making biodiesel. It gives you a better understanding of what the chemicals are doing when you mix everything up and can be incredibly helpful when things don't go just right

Want to make great biodiesel? Then check out this article on the proper tests to perform and when to perform them to ensure you get the best possible batch of Biodiesel from your oil!
Looking to experiment with dry washing your Biodiesel? Then you'll love this article on the basics behind how dry washing works and when it makes sense to apply it to your Biodiesel production process.
We've been huge fans of water washing Biodiesel and still do it to this day to purify our raw biodiesel after we've drained off the glycerin. Learn the proper steps of this great purification process with this awesome article!
Ever made an emulsion? Want to know how to keep it from happening again and how to break it apart when it does occur? Then this article is for you! We detail why they happen, how to prevent them, and how to fix them if they occur when making your biodiesel.
Want to make great biodiesel with every batch? Then check out my recipe for success! We detail every test you'll want to perform, highlight some time-tested tricks & tips on producing successful batches, and even discuss how to properly filter your finished product! 
Just getting started? Then learn about how to get set up with everything you'll need to start making awesome biodiesel right out of the gate! We walk you through all the equipment you'll need at every step in the production process. From collecting the oil to filtering the finished fuel, we've got your back!
2013 Collective Biodiesel Conference Is Coming! 
Collective Biodiesel Conference

The 7th Annual Collective Biodiesel Conference is coming! This year the conference will be held in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado and is sure to be a great hit!

The speaker list is already growing and includes presentations by Sam Parker of Piedmont Biofuels, Todd Hill of Promethean Biofuels, and Jason Burroughs of Diesel Greeen & the Rountable on Sustainable Biomaterials.

This conference is always incredible! If you're into making your own Biodiesel, it's definitely the one to attend! We go every year and absolutely love it! We'll see you there!

Biodiesel In A Spark Ignition Engine
A group of students in Malaysia have recently created quite a buzz by successfully running a traditional spark-ignited engine with Biodiesel!

Their achievement was part of a school project they've been working on for quite some time.

They said the secret to getting it burning was to mix in methanol to get the engine started and then once going, back off on the methanol until the engine is firing all on it's own.

New & Featured Products
Digital Flow Meter Electronic Digital Flow Meter

Need to track how much biodiesel, wvo, or motor oil you're transferring? Then check out this great digital flow meter! It meters in gallons or liters and even meters how fast liquids flow through it.

Made from heavy duty cast aluminum, it's great for use on transfer pumps, collection pumps, biodiesel processors, storage tanks, or fueling stations! It has two tracking meters (current & total transferred) and operates on a set of triple a batteries for up to 2 years! It features 1" NPT ports and ships with a set of 1" x 3/4" bushings for 3/4" hose. Start tracking your fuel today!

 12 GPM Monster Gear Pump
12 GPM Gear Pump
Check out the new Goldstream 12 GPM Heavy Duty Gear Pump built specifically to handle thicker oils such as waste motor oil, gear oil, automatic transmission fluid, and waste vegetable oil! It features our same heavy duty pump head but mounted to a beefy 1700 rpm motor that delivers 4 times the torque of our standard 25 GPM gear pump which allows it to muscle through thicker oils like crazy!

600 Micron Bag Filters600 Micron 16" & 32" Bag Filters
We've just added 600 micron to our great selection of bag filters! They're available in a poly mesh material and come in either 16" or 32" long with a 7" diameter opening at the top. Like our other bag filters, they have a metal ring sewn into the top for added strength.
These fit great in the top of 275 gallon totes and can also be hung in the top of drums or buckets! 600 micron is a great size for initial filtering of vegetable oil or waste motor oil to get the large chunks out before going smaller
Heavy Duty Suction Filters Heavy Duty Suction Filters
Need to filter your oil as you pump it? Then check out our line of awesome suction filters! With sizes from small barrel bung filters to large 8" x 3" monsters, we have the perfect suction filter to fit your pumping needs!

Available in 149 & 600 micron mesh or 1/4" & 1/16" perforated varieties and some with suction tube inserts, we're ready to help you filter everything you can pump!

These filters mate up perfectly with our gas and electric transfer pumps too! Check them out today!
If you want to brew biodiesel while taking up the least amount of room, then check out our awesome automated biodiesel processor! It makes up to 50 gallons of biodiesel in about 48 hours and can do it like clock-work! It takes up roughly the size of an 80 gallon water heater yet processes, washes, dries, and stores finished biodiesel all in the same tank! It even includes it's own fuel filler pump!

It's also available in the bigger 100 gallon size as the BioPro 380 Automated Biodiesel Processor  or, if you want to go smaller, check out the  BioPro 150 Automated Biodiesel Processor; it makes up to 40 gallons every 48 hours. We've been brewing our own biodiesel in a BioPro 190 now for several years and love how easy they are to operate! It'll amaze you the first time you use it!
6,000 RPM Centrifuge
Raw Power Oil Cleaning Centrifuge
Want to clean your oil like the pro's do? Then check out our great line of centrifuges! Available in 3450 RPM or the super powerful 6,000 RPM model, these centrifuges can filter oil clear down to 1 micron and do it with ease!

The bowls are easily removable with their quick release bolts and clean up fast allowing you to clean the bowl and be filtering again literally within minutes of shutting it down to clean!
Need to test your oil for titration or water content? Looking to check the completion of your reaction? Need to check the soap levels in your finished biodiesel? Or how about checking the purity of your methanol? Then check out our full line of testing kits!

Our test kits are by far the most complete kits on the market and come with the best instructions available! We even have online tutorials, great tutorial video's and awesome how to articles to help you not only learn how to perform each test but the reason behind why each test is important! We also back them up with our awesome customer support to help you brew the absolute best Biodiesel you can!
Looking to get started making biodiesel but not sure where to start? Then check out our awesome biodiesel starter kits? We have three varieties to help you get started making your own biodiesel and saving money big time!

Each kit has a different selection of items for people interested in making different quantities of Biodiesel. From our super basic starter kit to our ultimate biodiesel starter kit, we've got the right kit to get you started!
Click Here To See All Our Biodiesel Starter Kits

We recently did some spring cleaning of our warehouse and found several items that we needed to clear out so we loaded them onto our clearance bargain bin page, discounted them cheap & they're now ready for a new home! Everything from a big box of Biodiesel Glycerin Soap to a sweet set of titration scales and even a cool looking carboy funnel
! We even have some discounted stainless steel filters there too!

212 cc Gear Pump Coming!
We're working on a new gas engine gear pump powered by a 212 cc gas motor! Currently, you can buy a mount & build one yourself, but soon we'll have a complete unit pre-built and ready for use!

We have a working prototype built and are working with our vendor to fine tune the setup. It should be available within the next month or two on the website.
New Diesel In The Fleet!
Mercedes 240D
We recently picked up a 1980 Mercedes 240D diesel to add to our fleet!

We'll be using this vehicle as a test bed for some of our great diesel vehicle products as well as feeding it a regular diet of Biodiesel!

After a new set of brakes and a couple front end bushings it was road ready and passed the Utah State Inspection & County Diesel Emissions so it's ready to go! We'll periodically do write-ups on the fun we're having with it! Watch for them in the coming months!
We even shot a video of what we did to get it ready to use Biodiesel! Check out the video below!
How To Get A Diesel Ready For Biodiesel - Mercedes 240D - Utah Biodiesel Supply
How To Get A Diesel Ready For Biodiesel - Mercedes 240D - Utah Biodiesel Supply
We're excited to use our new Mercedes for several tutorial projects too! Watch for more videos coming soon!

2013 Biodiesel Compatible Diesels
National Biodiesel Board Logo The National Biodiesel Board has released their updated list of 2013 diesel engine powered vehicles that are compatible with Biodiesel.

The list is fairly extensive and covers just about every auto maker selling diesel powered vehicles and equipment in the United States. This includes tractors, large commercial trucks, light duty cars & trucks, and more!

Gas Powered Goldstream Gear Pump
Goldstream Gear Pump Recently one of our great customers purchased our 25 GPM Goldstream Monster Gear Pump Head and Gas Engine Mount. and mounted it to a Harbor Freight 212 CC gas motor.

He then built a custom cart to mount it to, added some heavy duty suction hose and one of our drum bung suction filters to it and created one heck of an oil sucking monster!

He uses it to transfer motor oil with at several locations and is loving how well it works! He sent in lots of pictures of the setup and shared with us how well it works. We turned it into an awesome blog post, included pictures of how he built it, and even included a list of materials in case you'd like to build your own oil sucking moster.

Biodiesel News & More!

As always, we try to keep up to date with the Biodiesel industry as well as stay on top of cool Biodiesel related stories. We do our best to share these interesting stories on our Facebook page (and now on Twitter) on a regular basis.


Here's the latest crop of cool stories you may enjoy...

Commercial Biodiesel Plant opening in Colorado

University of Idaho video on making Biodiesel

ExxonMobbil playing with Algae Biofuels

First Drive: 2013 Ram HD 2500/3500 Diesel Trucks

Biodiesel raises soybean, but lowers meal, prices

Tractor Pulling with B100 Biodiesel

Saving Money With WVO

Sierra Nevada's Biodiesel Production Success video

US Military Biofuel Development Contract Placed

Canola acreage in Canada goes up by 67 percent

Biofuel From Algae Getting Closer To Reality

109 Million Gallons Biodiesel Produced In March, 259M Gallons YTD

Dodge Ram 1500 available with a diesel!

Omaha Biofuels Coop Gets Some Great PR!


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