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Apr 2013
Our Customers Rock!
We're a bit biased, but we think we've got the most awesome customers in the world! In this issue we're highlighting a few of their exciting Biodiesel adventures. We have everything from flying a plane on Biodiesel to building an awesome Biodiesel processor inside of a semi trailer! We also have several cool, new products to keep you on how a Potassium Hydroxide mo
ith the new year upon us, we have lots of great Biodiesel news, tips & tricks ready to share! From cool Biodiesel tax credits to new ways to load and unload dry wash towers with fiber media, we're all fired up & ready to go! So grab a snack, fire up the computer, and enjoy the fun! 
In This Issue
Semi-Trailer Biodiesel Processor Setup
Flying A Cessna Airplane On Biodiesel
New & Featured Products
Biodiesel From Coffee Grounds
Bio-Wars: The Saga of a KOH Molecule
2013 Biodiesel Compatible Diesels
2013 Collective Biodiesel Conference Is Coming!
Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories
Semi Trailer Biodiesel Processor In Oregon
Semi Trailer Biodiesel Processor
Check out this awesome Semi-Trailer Biodiesel Processing setup built by one of our awesome customers in Oregon!
He installed power & water and then installed everything needed to make high quality Biodiesel right inside the semi trailer. From oil drying tanks & processing tanks, to continuous wash tanks and a full sized testing lab, it's a sight to behold! And cooler yet, all the fuel he makes powers his fleet of tractors on his grass seed farm! How's that for awesome!
We've done a complete write up on this awesome Biodiesel processing setup including his ingenious method for disposing of the Biodiesel wash water! 
Flying A Cessna Airplane On Biodiesel
Biodiesel Powered Flight
One of our awesome customers, Ross McCurdy, recently flew a Cessna 182 airplane on a 500 mile flight powered with a blend of aviation rated Biodiesel! How cool is that? He flew from Rhode Island to North Carolina and then all the way back on the clean, renewable power of Biodiesel.
New & Featured Products!

25 GPM Industrial Gear Pump
Need to transfer really thick oils at a stationary location? Or just need one heck of a monstrous pump that can run continuously? Then check out this huge industrial 25 GPM stationary transfer pump!
It'll pump like a banshee all day long!
Need to pump Biodiesel fast? Then check out this heavy duty 12 gallon per minute rated Biodiesel transfer pump! It comes with 12 feet of Biodiesel rated hose and an automatic shut-off nozzle! It also includes 15 feet of heavy duty power cord and can be mounted to barrels, tanks, processors, or anywhere you need to transfer Biodiesel!
Electric Methanol Transfer Pump Tired of pumping methanol by hand? Then check out this heavy duty methanol rated electric transfer pump! It includes 18 feet of transfer hose, a methanol rated automatic shut off nozzle, a bung adapter and suction tube for mounting to a 55 gallon drum plus 15 feet of power cord!
Check out this heavy duty lever action drum pump for Sulfuric Acid! It features chemical resistant body and suction pipe and works great for transferring sulfuric acid out of drums, buckets, pails, or even carboys! We use it to fill our Sulfuric Acid bottles with and find it to be a great way to transfer sulfuric safely!
We're excited to introduce this great new fuel pump for diesel vehicles! It can be installed inline between your fuel tank and the injection pump on your diesel and pre-pressurizes the line to ensure you always have a consistent flow of fuel! It's rated for Biodiesel and Waste Vegetable Oil and works extremely well at keeping the bio & wvo flowing through your fuel lines! It's adjustable from 15 to 100 psi and features a 5 year manufacture warranty to boot!
SoLite Alcohol Stove This little gem is a portable stove that can heat oil or water extremely quickly!!

It's the perfect stove for use at Biodiesel demo's to heat up the oil with. It's also ideal to use for quick, on site hot pan testing of wvo for water! It's fueled by methanol or detanured alcohol and burns extremely clean! It's super light & portable (weighs under 2 oz) and also makes an excellent back packing stove too! We loved it the moment we saw it!

Just getting started? Then check out this awesome 2-disc Biodiesel Tutorial DVD Workshop! Produced by the professor of Biodiesel, Lyle Rudensey himself, this DVD is one of the most complete available!

He takes you from knowing nothing to knowing how to make an awesome batch of Biodiesel and covers everything in between! The DVD covers just about every topic a budding Biodieseler may need to know plus he covers topics even experienced producers can benefit from! Whether your new to Biodiesel or have been making it for years, you'll love all of the tips & tricks he shares!
Pick Up Your Copy & Brew Bio Today!

Check out our Purple Skeeter Beater Tiki-Torch fuel! It's a great way to go "green" with your outdoor party this year while still keeping the bugs away!

It also produces less smoke than petroleum based tiki-torch fuel and smells better when it burns too! Our kids love it every time we fire our tiki-torch up with this awesome Biodiesel based product!
Get Some Purple Skeeter Beater Fuel Today!

Biodiesel Decals & Emblems
Want a great way to brag to the world about your choice of fuel in the tank? Then check out our awesome selection of Biodiesel decals, emblems, license surrounds, bumper stickers, and T-shirts! We have a huge selection ready to ship today!  
Get Your Decals & Promotional Items Here!

55 Gallon Drum Cones
These drum cones rock! They're ideal for converting 55 gallon drums into cone tanks that allow for complete draining! They can be used for Biodiesel processors, wash tanks, settling tanks, drying tanks, or any other tank requirement where complete draining is necessary!
Pick Up Your Drum Cones Today 
Biodiesel From Coffee Grounds Science Fair Project Wins First Place
Coffee Biodiesel Science Fair
Zerina Ocanovic, one of our awesome student customers, recently won first place with her awesome Biodiesel From Coffee Grounds science fair project!
She studied the possibility of extracting oil from used coffee grounds and then reacting the oil into Biodiesel.
Turns out it's possible and Zerina has the proof to show for it!
Bio-Wars! The Saga Of A KOH Molecule
Another one of our awesome customers recently wrote a short story for a chemistry class from the point of view of a Potassium Hydroxide molecule as it ventures on it's journey to become a Biodiesel molecule. 

It's Titled Bio-Wars and has a sort of Star Wars feel to it. We think it's a really ingenious way to learn about the chemistry of Biodiesel in a fun, educational way!
2013 Biodiesel Compatible Diesels
National Biodiesel Board Logo The National Biodiesel Board just released their updated list of 2013 diesel engine powered vehicles that are compatible with Biodiesel.

The list is fairly extensive and covers just about every auto maker selling diesel powered vehicles and equipment in the United States. This includes tractors, large commercial trucks, light duty cars & trucks, and more!

2013 Collective Biodiesel Conference Is Coming!
Plan Now To Attend! 
The 7th Annual Collective Biodiesel Conference is coming! This year this incredible conference will be located in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado!

The conference will be held August 15th-18th, 2013 and will feature several speakers from the Biodiesel community! If you haven't been to one of these conferences, plan now to attend! If you've been in the past, you know how truly great these conferences can be!

More information will be posted at the conference website as it becomes available, but for now, mark the date & watch the website for details!

Check out past conferences at the Conference Archive Page!
We'll see you there!
Biodiesel News & More!

As always, we try to keep up to date with the Biodiesel industry as well as stay on top of cool Biodiesel related stories. We do our best to share these interesting stories on our Facebook page (and now on Twitter) on a regular basis.


Here's the latest crop of cool stories you may enjoy...

Omaha Biofuels Coop gets some great media coverage!
John Deer coming out with a non-DPF diesel engine
NBB publishes the Biodiesel training toolkit
Looking for Biofuel Feedstocks that can go the long haul
Who Killed Cheap Fuel? Interesting Bloomberg Report
2013 VW TDI Passat review by Diesel Power Magazine
Proposed Federal Budget Has Cuts To EPA
Customer Spotlight: BioPro Biodiesel Setup Colusa, CA (Video)
Biodiesel Homebrewing Story (Video)
The History Of The Duramax Diesel Engine
78 Million Gallons Bio Made in Feb, 150 Million Year To Date
62 Billion Gallons of Biofuel Production by 2023
IRS Extends Deadline to July 1st to claim Biodiesel credits
Extreme Biodiesel possibly buying Promethean Biofuels
2014 Chevy Cruze will handle B20 from launch
WVO to soon be powering Londons Electrical Grid
11 Diesel Myths Busted    
Towers Guide To Upgrading
Jeff Gunselman, RIN Defrauder, gets 15 years in the big house
US RFS2 Program approaching the blending wall
Diesel Powered Monster Trucks

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