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Mar 2013
Let The Biodiesel Brewing Season Begin!
With the new year upon us, we have lots of great Biodiesel news, tips & tricks ready to share! From cool Biodiesel tax credits to new ways to load and unload dry wash towers with fiber media, we're all fired up & ready to go! So grab a snack, fire up the computer, and enjoy the fun! 
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Making Biodiesel In Cold Weather Tips & Tricks
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BioPro's Are On Sale!
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2013 Collective Biodiesel Conference Is Coming!
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Making Biodiesel In Cold Weather
- Tips & Tricks
Making Biodiesel in a cold environment can bring with it several challenges. The oil is thicker and likes to gel, the glycerin tends to get thick, it's possible to get poorly reacted batches due to heat loss and water washing can be a complete nightmare.

So, we figured we'd share some of our tips & tricks for successfully making Biodiesel when the temperatures are low!
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At Utah Biodiesel Supply, we're always looking for ways to make it easier for you to make the best Biodiesel possible, give you access to great Biodiesel production products, and offer you some of the best Biodiesel tutorials around!

In working toward that goal, we recently did a complete overhaul on our Biodiesel Blog to make articles significantly easier to find and to share with others. To celebrate the new look and functionality of the blog and to help spread the word about the added functionality, we're launching our "Share Our Site, Get Free Products" promotion!

Since we think we have the greatest customers in the world (that'd be you), we came up with a way for you to score some great products from the Utah Biodiesel Supply store just for sharing articles and pages from our remodeled blog and website! As part of the remodel, we've made finding articles to share incredibly easy and also added functionality to make sharing the articles even easier!

So, if you're up for scoring some great Biodiesel products (and who isn't?), then click on the link below and join the fun today!

BioPro Automated Processors Are On Sale!
During the month of March, we're doing something we RARELY ever get to do....put our awesome automated BioPro Biodiesel Processors on sale!

This rare occurrence is just through the month of March and we're not sure when we'll ever be allowed to do it again. The BioPro's also qualify for the reinstated IRS Alternative Fuel Refueling Infrastructure Tax Credit, which means they're an awesome deal right now!

If you've not seen one of the BioPro Automated Processors in action, you're really missing out! These things are incredible! We personally have been making Biodiesel in our own  BioPro 190 now for over 6 years and absolutely love how easy it is to operate and how great the Biodiesel batches turn out!

Featured Products!
The temperature are rising which means it's time to start brewing Biodiesel again! Check out this great selection of awesome products that'll help get you up & brewing fast!!

Just getting started? Then check out this awesome 2-disc Biodiesel Tutorial DVD Workshop! Produced by the professor of Biodiesel, Lyle Rudensey himself, this DVD is one of the most complete available!

He takes you from knowing nothing to knowing how to make an awesome batch of Biodiesel and covers everything in between! The DVD covers just about every topic a budding Biodieseler may need to know plus he covers topics even experienced producers can benefit from! Whether your new to Biodiesel or have been making it for years, you'll love all of the tips & tricks he shares!
Gas Engine Powered Transfer Pump
Need to move a lot of oil but don't have access to electric power? Or need a heavy duty transfer pump that can even pump cold motor & veggie oil like a champ? Then you've gotta check out this cool, new gas engine powered pump!

We've mated a 25 GPM heavy duty gear pump head up with a 79 cc 4 stroke gas engine to create one heck of a pump! It'll suck oil up like crazy & spit it out the other end like nobody's business! We even measured it pumping vegetable oil at 30 GPM once! It's the ultimate oil pump!

Also, we now have a suction filter rated for handling this beast of a pump! Click Here To See The New Suction Filter!
Pick Up The Ultimate Gas Powered Transfer Pump Today!

Sodium Hydroxide Batch PacksWe now offer an incredible selection of Biodiesel production chemicals on our site! Whether you need Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, or any of our great Biodiesel Testing Chemicals, we've got you covered! Our prices are extremely competitive and we have several options and quantities of each chemical you might need! Whether it's a 2 lb bottle of Lye, a pallet of Potassium Hydroxide, a bucket of Isopropyl Alcohol or just a bottle of Phenolphthalein, Bromophenol Blue, or Hydrochloric Acid, we're ready to keep you brewing all season long! Also, soon we'll have Phosphoric Acid & even Methanol available!

Check out this heavy duty methanol/biodiesel transfer pump! It features a chemical resistant ryton body and features a viton shaft seal and teflon flange seals!

It's perfect for transferring methanol from 55 gallon drums into carboys or containers or even your Biodiesel processor! We use one with our BioPro 190 with great success and love it!
Click Here To Learn More About This Great Pump!

Need a filter? We've got you covered! Whether it's needing a stainless or plastic drum or bucket filter, a tote filter, bag filter, fuel filter, suction filters, or even a custom made filter, our selection is incredible and ready to help you get filtering fast!


Also, check out our new brewing filters! They're great for filtering out hops, coffee, tea, compost, or just about anything else you can think of! We started offering them last month and they've been a huge hit! 
1200 Watt Heavy Duty Drum HeaterNeed to keep a drum of oil or Biodiesel warm? Then these heaters are the ticket!

They're 4" wide by 70" long and made from a heavy duty silicone heating band complete with a built in thermostat to control the heat output delivering from 50 F to 425 F right to the side of your drum! We even have them available for Poly drums as well!
Learn More Here!  

Heavy Duty Bucket HeatersThese heavy duty 1,000 Watt Drop In Heaters are great for keeping oil or Biodiesel from gelling up on you.

They've been used with great success in water washing barrels too! You just suspend the heater into the Biodiesel to keep it nice & toasty warm while water washing! They're 18.5" long and have a 3" wide shield on them to protect the element. They come with a 6 foot power cord and are powered by a standard 120 volt circuit.    

Click Here To Read More

Filter your oil like a pro with one of our awesome heated Extreme Raw Power Centrifuges!

With the ability to filter at up to 6,000 RPM plus apply heat to your oil as it's being filtered, you can filter literally hundreds of gallons of oil quickly and efficiently!
Click Here To Filter Like A Pro!

Oxidative StabilzierPlanning on storing Biodiesel or vegetable oil for several months? If so, we recommend adding some of our Biodiesel Oxidative Stabilizer!

When added to oil or Biodiesel, it will help to slow down the natural oxidation process to keep your fuel in top form!

A single 38 mL bottle will protect 50 gallons of fuel and is a great way to ensure you're oil or Biodiesel is ready to go come spring!
Stabilize Your Fuel Today! 
Kill-Em Biodiesel & Oil Biocide Treatment
Kill-Em Bacteria Biocide
Another important consideration for storing oil & Biodiesel is keeping the bugs out. Namely bacteria and other living organisms that can cause your golden liquid to go bad.

To help with this, we carry a product called
Kill-Em Bacteria Biocide that will do the job quite nicely!

It's the strongest biocide allowed by the EPA for fuel storage and will keep your liquid gold free of bacteria and harmful living things that can ruin all your hard work spent collecting the good stuff!

Get A Bottle Ordered Today And "Kill-Em!"

55 Gallon Drum Cones These drum cones make creating a cone bottom metal tank a cinch! Just weld the cone to the drum, weld some legs on the drum and you've got a cone bottom metal tank that's ready to rock! Check out our drum funnel too!

Pick Up A Set Of Drum Cones Today!

Looking for a used BioPro?
Stop by the Biodiesel Pictures Used BioPro's For Sale section!

The UBS Blog's Greatest Articles!
While doing our remodel on the Utah Biodiesel Supply Blog, we had a chance to review several of the great articles that are there and figured it was high time we do an article highlighting the creme of the crop!

So, we've done just that and called it the Utah Biodiesel Supply Blogs Greatest Articles! Think of it like a greatest hits album for the UBS Blog!

By sifting and sorting through everything, we were able to bring you some of the absolute best and most popular Biodiesel articles that we've written over the years into one convenient spot; making it extremely simple for you to learn an incredible amount of information about Biodiesel without having to search the blog!

We grouped these awesome articles into separate categories, then listed links to the articles with a brief summary. We have everything from a complete Biodiesel 101 Series of articles to a whole section on Biodiesel Chemistry!

So, if you'd like to learn from some of the best articles on making Biodiesel available on the web, stop by our Greatest Articles post & enjoy!

2013 Collective Biodiesel Conference Is Coming!
Plan Now To Attend! 
The 7th Annual Collective Biodiesel Conference is coming! This year this incredible conference will be located in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado!

The conference will be held August 15th-18th, 2013 and will feature several speakers from the Biodiesel community! If you haven't been to one of these conferences, plan now to attend! If you've been in the past, you know how truly great these conferences can be!

More information will be posted at the conference website as it becomes available, but for now, mark the date & watch the website for details!

Check out past conferences at the Conference Archive Page!
We'll see you there!
Biodiesel News & More!

As always, we try to keep up to date with the Biodiesel industry as well as stay on top of cool Biodiesel related stories. We do our best to share these interesting stories on our Facebook page (and now on Twitter) on a regular basis.


Here's the latest crop of cool stories you may enjoy...

Growth Potential of Biodiesel in the United States is big! 

Review of a Mahindra Genio double cab diesel pickup (in India!) 

Ross McCurdy (one of our awesome customers) flies a plane on Biodiesel 

Dodge Ram is getting a diesel! tests it out! (sort of) 

2012 Truck Sales Data reveals LOTS of diesels were sold! 

DieselGreen Fuels announces a grease drop off program 

Rodney Hailey, the guy that sold fraudulent RINS is going to jail! 

EPA finalizes rules to let Camelina be used for Biodiesel under RFS 

Spain, Canada, & New Mexico back off Biodiesel mandates 

VW's 200 MPG super diesel car is going into production! (Cool!) 

Virtual Tour of a Rancimat Biodiesel Analyzer 

Biodiesel's big economic advantage this year! 

Students sell raffle tickets to raise funds for a Biodiesel center 

Biodiesel plant in Bali undergoes commissioning! Cool!

Commercial Biodiesel is cleaning up their act! 97% on spec! 

Biodiesel Industry is pleased with the 2013 EPA Biodiesel Proposal 

VW is building a diesel-electric hybrid (Oh yeah!) 

Awesome Science Fair Project on Biodiesel anti-gel additives 

Dodge ups the ante with a 385 HP/850 lb-ft of torque 

Alpha-laval has figured out how to get Biodiesel out of glycerin 


Biodiesel Pictures Online 

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and Customer Pictures! 

Do you have a topic you'd like to see covered in future issues? We're always looking for cool topics to cover here so send in your idea! Send it to with the subject line NEWSLETTER SUGGESTION.




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