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Feb 2013
Welcome To 2013!
With the new year upon us, we have lots of great Biodiesel news, tips & tricks ready to share! From cool Biodiesel tax credits to new ways to load and unload dry wash towers with fiber media, we're all fired up & ready to go! So grab a snack, fire up the computer, and enjoy the fun! 
In This Issue
The Chemistry of Biodiesel Production
Biodiesel Tax Credits Have Returned!
New & Featured Products
Easy Trick For Loading & Unloading Dry Wash Towers
Customer Spotlight
8 Lug Magazine Features Utah Biodiesel
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Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories
The Chemistry of Biodiesel Production
Chemistry of Biodiesel When we produce Biodiesel whether on a small or large scale, it's always helpful to have an understanding of what's really going on at the molecular level. To help with that, we created a really cool article that covers this chemical reaction in a really simple to understand manner.

We discuss what free fatty acids in oil are, how they effect the Biodiesel reaction, and why it's important to titrate your oil to ensure good reactions..

Having a basic understanding of the chemistry behind this awesome fuel makes it much, much easier to troubleshoot a batch when things go south plus it helps to understand and plan out how to properly react a batch of oil; regardless of it's titration level. So, click here to get your Basic Biodiesel Chemistry lesson started and get on the road to being a pro Biodieseler!
The Biodiesel Tax Credits Have Returned
Biodiesel Tax Credits On January 1, 2013, the US Congress passed The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. Within this bill, the $1/gal Biodiesel Blenders Credit was extended along with the Alternative Fuel Refueling Infrastructure Tax Credit.

So, is this a good thing? Well, it depends on who you ask. While a $1/gal is great for Biodiesel producers, it ends up being eroded away by higher prices on the oil producers buy to make their Biodiesel with.

Check out our full take on the reinstatement of the Biodiesel Tax Credit by clicking here!
New & Featured Products!
With winter in full swing, be sure & stop by our website for some great products to keep the Biodiesel flowing & powering all your vehicles & equipment! 

Gas Engine Powered Transfer Pump
Need to move a lot of oil but don't have access to electric power? Or need a heavy duty transfer pump that can even pump cold motor & veggie oil like a champ? Then you've gotta check out this cool, new gas engine powered pump!

We've mated a 25 GPM heavy duty gear pump head up with a 79 cc 4 stroke gas engine to create one heck of a pump! It'll suck oil up like crazy & spit it out the other end like nobody's business! We even measured it pumping vegetable oil at 30 GPM once! It's the ultimate oil pump!
Pick Up The Ultimate Gas Powered Transfer Pump Today!

Sodium Hydroxide Batch PacksWe're excited to offer a wider range of sodium hydroxide catalyst batch packs for the BioPro 190 & BioPro 380. They're now available in batch packs of 5, 10, 15, 20, and even a large 30 pack!

Pricing has also gone down too making these a great option for use with your BioPro 190 or BioPro 380!
 Click To See The Sodium Hydroxide Batch Packs!
Extreme Duty Stainless 400 Micron Bucket Filter Need a really strong stainless bucket filter that can hold alot of weight? Say maybe something capable of holding a 185 lb guy standing on it?

Then check out our awesome new  Extreme Duty Bucket Filter! Made with a 400 micron screen and a heavy duty frame, it's ready to deal with pretty much anything you can throw at it!

Check out these great featured products to keep everything flowing in the cold temps this winter! 
1200 Watt Heavy Duty Drum HeaterNeed to keep a drum of oil or Biodiesel warm? Then these heaters are the ticket!

They're 4" wide by 70" long and made from a heavy duty silicone heating band complete with a built in thermostat to control the heat output delivering from 50 F to 425 F right to the side of your drum! We even have them available for Poly drums as well!
Learn More Here!  

Heavy Duty Bucket HeatersThese heavy duty 1,000 Watt Drop In Heaters are great for keeping oil or Biodiesel from gelling up on you.

They've been used with great success in water washing barrels too! You just suspend the heater into the Biodiesel to keep it nice & toasty warm while water washing! They're 18.5" long and have a 3" wide shield on them to protect the element. They come with a 6 foot power cord and are powered by a standard 120 volt circuit.    

Click Here To Read More

Onboard Heat ExchangerThis thing is sweet! It's a stainless steel tube-in-tube heat exchanger that can be installed on your vehicle to keep your fuel from gelling up. It utilizes heat from theto keep your Biodiesel or veg oil nice & warm!

It utilizes heated coolant from the engine to heat up fuel passing through the exchanger which keeps it from gelling up on you. They're best installed before the fuel filter and work great!
Get A Heat Exchanger Today!

Fuel Filter HeatersThese things are awesome! If you'd like to ensure your fuel filter doesn't gel up on your vehicle, then you need one of these bad boys! They're powered by 12 volts and come in either 200 or 100 watt versions. 

Like a drum heater, the silicon heating pads apply consistent, even heat right to the side of your fuel filter to keep the fuel flowing!

They're fast too! In tests by customers, they can heat the fuel in as little as 30 seconds and get things flowing nice!

They're available in two sizes. A 6"wide x 11" long 200 watt version and a 3" wide x 9.5" long 100 watt version. Install one of these up & kiss gelled fuel filters goodbye!
Filter your oil like a pro with one of our awesome heated Extreme Raw Power Centrifuges!

With the ability to filter at up to 6,000 RPM plus apply heat to your oil as it's being filtered, you can filter literally hundreds of gallons of oil quickly and efficiently!
Click Here To Learn More!

Stainless Drum Filters
Pick one of these stainless filters up, dump your gelled oil into it, grab a heat gun & go to town!

The oil will melt & go right through the filter and you'll be back in business! Try that with a poly drum filter and you'll melt a hole right in the side, but not with these heavy duty stainless steel filters! 

These things were DESIGNED for thick, gooey oil! They LOVE the heat! With filtration on the bottom AND the sides, they make quick work of filtering thick oil.

We stock them in 800, 600, 400, 177, or 74 micron or can custom build one to order. You'll love it the moment it comes out of the box!
Pick some up today & filter like a pro! 

Oxidative StabilzierPlanning on storing Biodiesel or vegetable oil over the long, winter months? If so, we recommend adding some of our Biodiesel Oxidative Stabilizer!

When added to oil or Biodiesel, it will help to slow down the natural oxidation process to keep your fuel in top form!

A single 38 mL bottle will protect 50 gallons of fuel and is a great way to ensure you're oil or Biodiesel is ready to go come spring!
Stabilize Your Fuel Today! 
Kill-Em Biodiesel & Oil Biocide Treatment
Kill-Em Bacteria Biocide
Another important consideration for storing oil & Biodiesel is keeping the bugs out. Namely bacteria and other living organisms that can cause your golden liquid to go bad.

To help with this, we carry a product called
Kill-Em Bacteria Biocide that will do the job quite nicely!

It's the strongest biocide allowed by the EPA for fuel storage and will keep your liquid gold free of bacteria and harmful living things that can ruin all your hard work spent collecting the good stuff!

Get A Bottle Ordered Today And "Kill-Em!"

55 Gallon Drum Cones Our popular 55 gallon drum cones are now back in stock! These drum cones make creating a cone bottom metal tank a cinch! Just weld the cone to the drum, weld some legs on the drum and you've got a cone bottom metal tank that's ready to rock! Check out our drum funnel too!

These popular cones were backordered for 2 months, but we now have them back in stock & ready to go!
Pick Up A Set Of Drum Cones Today!

Easily Load & Unload A Dry Wash Tower!
Easily Load & Unload Dry Wash Towers If you've ever used wood chip media for dry washing, you know what kind of a pain it can be to unload your dry wash tower once the wood chips are exhausted & ready to be changed.

It tends to make a huge mess all over the place with oily sawdust going everywhere. Well, it doesn't have to be that way.

One of our awesome customers, Kyle in New Mexico has figured out an awesome way to keep the whole process nice & clean by using disposable paint strainers from your local hardware store!

He loads up the paint strainers with wood fiber media, loads them into his SpringPro T76 Dry Wash Tower away he goes! Once they're spent, he is able to easily remove the spent media extremely fast and with little to no mess! He recently sent us several pictures of loading and unloading his  SpringPro T76 Dry Wash Tower with our Arbor Pure Fiber Dry Washing Media to share with all of you!

Customer Spotlight
Warrior Run Middle School Biodiesel Project   
5th Grade Teacher Kurt Wertman from Warrior Run Middle School in Turbotvillte, Pennsylvania teaches an awesome Agriculture & Biotechnology class that involves teaching his great students about Biodiesel.

This year they grew soybeans to understand where vegetable oil comes from and then learned about how to react this great organic oil into renewable Biodiesel that was fed to a diesel tractor.
8 Lug Magazine
Let Us Show Off Our BioPro 190!  
A while back 8 Lug Magazine paid us a really cool visit. They followed Graydon Blair around for the day & wrote up a really sweet article about us!

Well, while they were there they also shot some sweet video of us showing off our BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor & turns out they published the video on their website as well as publishing the article from the magazine online as well.

They also managed to get some really sweet pictures of us playing with fire too!!!

We're Now Tweeting On Twitter!
We're now tweeting on Twitter under @utahbiodiesel
Follow us for product updates, Biodiesel news, diesel engine updates, new product releases, tutorial articles, and more! 

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Biodiesel News & More!

As always, we try to keep up to date with the Biodiesel industry as well as stay on top of cool Biodiesel related stories. We do our best to share these interesting stories on our Facebook page (and now on Twitter) on a regular basis.


Here's the latest crop of cool stories you may enjoy...

EPA say's don't touch the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) 

Reinstatement of $1/Gal credit may effect RIN Program

Huffington Post features Biodiesel US Inc

EPA say's there was 69 Million Gallons of Bio produced in Nov

Algae Biodiesel is included in the tax credits

Dodge now offering larger outputs; 385 HP & 850 lb-ft
Post Sandy Hurricane, Biodiesel use is up in New Jersey

The Ultimate Diesel Truck Buying Guide

Duramax pulls off 390,000 miles

City of Smyrna, Georgia will soon be producing biodiesel

Hawaii is quickly nearing it's goal to generate 15% of it's energy from renewable energy

Stealing veggie in North Carolina just became a crime

Canada is permanently exempting home heating fuel from bio requirement

Dieselpower Mag explains the DPF; the time bomb under your truck


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