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Nov 2012
It's Turkey Time!!!
Winter is nearing for many across the United States and in Utah we have snow on the ground. That can only mean one thing! It's time for deep fried turkey!!!!

Yes, every Thanksgiving across the United States people from all walks of life decide a deep fried bird beats cooking the poultry in the oven. So, be sure to let all your friends, family, neighbors and community know where they can get rid of their (super low titrating, awesome for making Biodiesel) bird frying oil after the big feast is through! They'll be happy to get rid of it & you'll be stocked up with fresh, nearly new oil!

Then, after the big feast starts settling in, stop by our website for our annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale! We'll get you stocked up with everything you'll need to turn all that awesome oil into clean burning Biodiesel. Bon Appétit! 
In This Issue
Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale
2012 Collective Biofuel Conference
New Products & Bargain Bin
Understanding Poly Micron Filter Ratings
Powered By Biodiesel Survey Results
Biodiesel & Diesel Vehicles
Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories & Customer Pictures
Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

It's Our Biggest Sale Of The Year!


We put nearly everything we offer on sale and discount it deep! From production chemicals and 

lab ware to centrifuges and filters. 

We pull out all the stops and give you 

the absolutely best prices of the year!


Starts Midnight On Thanksgiving And Runs 

Through Midnight On Monday

(11/22/2012 through 11/26/2012)

The link to the sale page goes live

on our main page at midnight Thanksgiving Day

We'll be sending out reminder emails 

throughout the sale as well. 


Join Us! 

We'll See You There!


2012 Collective Biofuels Conference

The 2012 Collective Biofuels Conference was a huge success this year! Promethean Biofuels did a fantastic job of hosting the conference and making sure everything went smoothly.

I was able to meet many of my Biodiesel mentors including Dr. Jon Van Gerpen, Dr. Gerhard Knothe, and many others!

Click here to read our full report on this incredible conference!
Check Out Our New Products!
fall has been incredibly busy for the Biodiesel season and with it has come a host of cool, new products at Utah Biodiesel Supply. Check them out below!

Looking to save some coin? (and who isn't?) Then stop by our Bargain Bin page and score yourself a sweet deal on our clearance, scratch & dent, and close out items! 

These things rock! They're completely self-contained Biodiesel filling stations! They come with 12 GPM pumps and are available in 50 or 100 gallon sizes. Check them out today!

Goldstream Monster Gear Pumps
These are brand new pumps that now replace our Raw Power line. Made by the same company, we offer them in 25 GPM, 15 GPM, and 10 GPM models. They're now beefier than before and include pressure relief valves so that you can attach fueling nozzles to the discharge hose. Pick one up today!

Goldstream Monster Gear Pumps
Recently, we've had several requests for custom beer brewing filters so we've started stocking these bad boys! If you're into beer brewing along with your Biodiesel brewing, stop by our brand spankin' new beer brewing page & check out these cool, new filters!
Custom Stainless Filters  
Last year at this time we introduced our stainless drum filters, which immediately became a huge hit! From there we introduced our  stainless tote filters, stainless bucket filters, and even stainless suction filters. At the same time, we started offering a service to build custom filters
Since that time, we've built well over 1,000 stainless filters in just about every size and shape imaginable! So, if you're on the hunt for a certain filter but just can't find it, give us a try! If you can describe it or draw it out, there's a chance we can build it!
Locking Drum Lids Our locking drum lids recently received a major update!
We revised the lid hinge to be darn near indestructible using a heavy duty two point connection and we also have refined the bolt covers. 
If you're dealing with oil theft in your area, these locking drum lids definitely can help! Stop by & check them out today!
Understanding Poly Filter Micron Ratings
Poly Filter

While the micron sizes in poly bucket & drum filters are technically the same as the stainless steel micron ratings, there are some subtle differences in the filters themselves. 

Just like our stainless micron rating article, we compared several poly micron bucket filters against each other, took close up shots so you could see the difference, and posted a handy conversion chart to help you go between Micron & Mesh ratings too! 
Powered By Biodiesel Survey:
The Results Are In!
Powered By Biodiesel Survey
Throughout 2012 we've been conducting a survey to see which vehicles were the most common for using Biodiesel. Well, we've started to tally the results and it's pretty cool to see!

The most popular vehicle make & model?
1997 Ford 7.3 Liter

The second most popular make & model was a 4 way tie.
1999 Ford 7.3 Liter
2005 GM Duramax
2007 GM Duramax
2005 Jeep Liberty

Most popular engine?
Ford 7.3 Liter

The most popular brands for Biodiesel among those surveyed?
#1 Ford
#2 GM
#3 VW
#4 Mercedes
#5 Dodge
#6 Jeep

The oldest vehicle?
1953 Willy Wagon w/ an Isuzu Diesel

We also had lots of tractors, backhoes, farm equipment, and home heating furnaces running Biodiesel as well!

We still have some work to do on pulling more data out of the survey results and will share it in upcoming newsletters, so stay tuned! 

If you'd like to see the complete list of all the vehicles, equipment, and other biodiesel powered items, click the link below & view the comments at the bottom

Biodiesel & Diesel Vehicles - My Opinion
Diesel Engines That Run Well On B100 (100%) Biodiesel
Over the years I've been asked several times which vehicles I would recommend to run Biodiesel in. Judging by our survey above, it seems like a Ford 7.3 liter is the most popular. That said, I recently made a video with "Graydon's Take" on which diesel vehicles tend to do well on Biodiesel and which ones I'd recommend staying away from. 

I also created a list of different diesel vehicles and my recommendations on how well they do with biodiesel.

Noteworthy Biodiesel Stories
& Customer Pictures

As always, we try to keep up to date with the Biodiesel industry as well as stay on top of cool Biodiesel related stories. We do our best to share these interesting stories on our Facebook page on a regular basis.


Here's the latest crop of cool stories you may enjoy...

Solazyme's Algae-Based Biodiesel now available at the pump!

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Biodiesel Anti-oxidants & Cold-flow Improvers

Pressure Cooking Algae Into Oil

Promethean Biofuels Wins Recycling Award

Farming Oilseed Crops For Biodiesel Production

Biodiesel Powered Tractor Wins Tractor Pull Contest!

Sapphire Energy's Crude Micro Algae Field

B20 Support At An All Time High Among OEM's

The Role of Diesels & Biodiesel In The "Age of Electric Vehicles"

It Costs Less To Run Biodiesel Than An Electric Vehicle

2013 Porsche Cayenne Diesel Review

Diesel Powered British Supercar Promises 200 MPH & 69 MPG



Biodiesel Pictures Online 

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