Adar 5775/March 2015
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15 Rabbis from around Europe met up in Jerusalem 

for the European Rabbinical Assembly Seminar in IsraelERA

Masorti Europe Lay Leaders and European Masorti Rabbis 

participated in a joint program in Jerusalem which included Shacharit Services at the Masorti Kotel and studying together at 

The Conservative Yeshiva

Masorti Europe Board Meeting at Kibbutz Hannaton, Israel


Masorti Olami & MERCAZ Olami visit ArgentinaDAIA

Ceremony at the Congress of the Nation in which Masorti Olami's President, Gillian Caplin, and Executive Director, Rabbi Tzvi Graetz, together with MERCAZ Olami President, Dr. Stephen Wolnek, expressed their heartfelt appreciation to the committee of Congress Representatives and Senators for their ongoing support of the State of Israel. 

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Dr. Stephen Wolnek, MERCAZ Olami President was received by the DAIA leadership. Topics discussed at the meeting included the political agenda of Argentina's Jewish community.  

Accompanying Wolnek were Edgardo Band, President of MERCAZ Argentina, Miguel Toimaher, Vice President of the Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano Marshall T. Meyer, Ruth Waltuch, MERCAZ Argentina board member, and representatives of the DAIA; President, Julio Schlosser; 1st Vice President, Waldo Wolff; members of the Board, Marcelo Mann and Victor Zajdenberg, as well as CEO, Victor Garelik.  

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Dr. Stephen Wolnek, MERCAZ Olami President was received by the OSA leadership. 

Participants in London's 'Coexist' Pilgrimage held on February 19, 2015. From left to right: Julie Siddiqi, John Witcombe, Margaret Cave, John Bercow MP, Ibrahim Mogra, Krish Raval, Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand, Remona Aly, Michael Wakelin and Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg (credit Richard Verber/World Jewish Relief).

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First Annual NOAM UK Supper QuizSupperQuiz

Joel Fenster, NOAM UK Mazkir (National Director) says: 

"The first annual NOAM Supper Quiz was a great success with over 200 supporters coming together to show their commitment to NOAM's future. We raised 12,000, and more importantly were able to connect with the parents that have helped us to flourish over the past three decades"

NOAM Argentina 'Shnat' Group 2015 NoamShnat
On February 23, a group of madrichim from the Masorti movement in Argentina traveled to Israel to participate in the "Shnat" training program, they will be in Israel for nearly eleven months. Beatzlacha!

During February 2015 Rabbi Rony Klein traveled to Paris from Israel where he delivered well received lectures to members of the Neve Shalom and DorVaDor communities.

MERCAZ Olami & Masorti Olami Orientation VHP

to the 36th Zionist General Council/ Va'ad HaPoel 

In February, MERCAZ & Masorti Olami Delegates and Alternates of the Zionist General Council met in Jerusalem to vote on resolutions that affect us all.  Some of the more important resolutions passed support pluralism in Israel and equal funding for all religious streams.

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Purim in our Masorti Kehillot Around the WorldPurim

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Ukraine Purim AppealUkraine
Masorti Olami has raised over $12,000 for the Ukraine Purim Appeal this year to assist refugees from East Ukraine that have moved to Kiev and other safer parts of the country. We take this opportunity to thank all our synagogues and donors for assisting them.
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