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Happy 65th Israel!
Masorti Celebrations around the world!
A dance performance in Mexico City
A fun celebration at NCI in Montevideo, Uruguay 

Masorti Europe President Joanna Kubar (from far left) celebrates with 

Joanna Kubar, Masorti Europe President, Israeli Consul Barnéa Hassid, Rudy Salles, Deputy Mayor of Nice and Gilberte Jakubowicz and Maayane Meyer 

Israeli Ambassador to Kenya visits Abuyadaya Community
Amb. Gil Haskel visited the Abuyadaya Jewish community in Uganda.  He spoke to them  about opening up their relationship with Israel and also about helping to provide employment opportunities there.

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Sivan 5773/May 2013
the fun!  
Watch the video below to see what NOAM Olami means to Conservative/Masorti youth spending a year in Israel!
NOAM Olami Leadership Seminar April 2013
NOAM Olami Leadership Seminar April 2013

Join us in honoring these outstanding leaders...
 December 8 in Chicago or on December 11 in New York City  
Rabbi Marcelo Polakoff, President, Latin American Rabbinical Assembly,
visits Kiev
Rabbi Reuven Stamov (center), Rabbi Marcelo Polakoff (seated first from left) and members of the Kiev Masorti Kehilla


Rabbi Polakoff's impression of the Kiev Kehilla: 

"the energy and vigor of this young rabbi and his equally vigorous young fans who sat, looking like students ready for a class, in a room that was full of posters in Hebrew, images of Israel, pictures of holiday celebrations and kids playing around and making noise."

Passover Cantorial Concert in Buenos Aires 

Four Hazanim from four different Masorti kehillot in Argentina performed in a pre Passover concert to bring the melodies of the holiday to life:  
  • Hazanit Natalia Arazi of Comunidad Bet Am/Medinath Israel, Buenos Aires
  • Hazan Álvaro Navarro of Dor Jadash, Buenos Aires
  •  Hazanit Inés Kapustiansky of AMIA, La Plata
  • Hazan Jonathan Kohan of Kehilá of Rosario, Santa Fe
The concert was a joint production by  the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, the Federation of Communities of Conservative Judaism -FEDECC and supported by Masorti AmLat and the World Zionist Organization.
  To see videos of the concert, click here.
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