Sustainalytics Reporter November 2012 
Issue No. 12
November  2012
2012 Green Rankings show improved disclosure


Newsweek Green Rankings   

The 2012 Newsweek Green Rankings were released on October 22. For the second consecutive year, Sustainalytics worked with Newsweek to assess the environmental impact, management and disclosure of the largest 500 U.S. and 500 global companies.


This year IBM topped the list of the greenest companies in America. For the first time the global list was led by three emerging markets companies, Banco Santander and Banco Bradesco from Brazil, along with Indian IT leader, Wipro. Notably, disclosure by emerging markets companies increased this year, reflecting a promising shift towards transparency in countries such as Brazil, Korea and India.


Learn more about the Newsweek Green Rankings.

Analysts' Insights


Controversial Shipbreaking: A Risk for Investors?

Jean-Florent Helfre 

Jean-Florent Helfre
Jean-Florent Helfre Associate Analyst


Shipbreaking is the process of dismantling an end-of-life vessel for scrapping or disposal. If not done properly shipbreaking can trigger severe environmental and social impacts including marine ecosystem pollution, groundwater contamination, and unmitigated health risks through exposure to hazardous substances, poor safety performance, and child labour use. These controversial practices, most prevalent on South Asian beaches, have eluded the investor radar to date. Yet, as coverage of controversial shipbreaking practices increases and related regulations come into force it constitutes an emerging concern for the industry. Sustainalytics' associate analyst Jean-Florent Helfre shares his insights on the risks posed to those invested in traditional shipping, leisure, or oil and gas transportation companies, which outsource the dismantling of their ships to private companies. Read the full article.


Workers Need Sustainability too

Heather Lang

Heather Lang
Heather Lang
Director, Research Products, North America

As the name suggests, Newsweek's Green Rankings focus on the environmental performance of companies; but there is more to being sustainable than having a low carbon footprint. The treatment of the people making a product or providing a service is also crucial to the long-term financial success of companies big and small. In her editorial feature "Workers Need Sustainability, Too," Sustainalytics' Heather Lang points to the importance of taking social issues into account when assessing companies' sustainability commitments. Read the full article.








Are Corporations Influencing the Political Process?

Sheila Oviedo  

Sheila Oviedo

Sheila Oviedo

Senior Analyst


In the wake of the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling, political spending and electioneering have reached unprecedented levels. Sheila Oviedo, senior analyst, looks at how massive spending by individuals and corporations has changed the landscape of U.S. elections. Read the full article.

Sustainalytics' Perspective


Joint report finds worker equity overlooked in U.S. food industry

Worker Equity in Food and Agriculture       

The report, Worker Equity in Food and Agriculture (produced in collaboration with the Tellus Institute and with support from the Rockefeller Foundation) provides an assessment of the worker equity policies and practices of the 100 largest and most influential food companies in the U.S. It finds that despite having some of the lowest paying and most dangerous jobs in the country, companies in the U.S. food and agriculture industry often overlook issues surrounding worker welfare. The study aims to bring these issues out of the shadows. Download the full report or the executive summary here:


Webinar: On Tuesday, November 13, Marjorie Kelly (Tellus Institute) and Heather Lang (Sustainalytics) discussed the finding of this report in an hour-long webinar. A recording of the session, along with the presentation slides, will soon be available on Sustainalytics' website at


Sustainalytics rewards research excellence:

Prize for Papers of Excellence in Responsible Investment

Sustainalytics Prize

Congratulations to the winners of the Sustainalytics Prize for Papers of Excellence in Responsible Investment. The prize, rewarding thoughtful and innovative research in the area of responsible investing, was handed out at the PRI Academic Network Conference held this past October in Toronto, Canada. Of the papers submitted for consideration four each were shortlisted for both the student and academic categories. The papers in each category were judged by a panel of leading academics and investors, including Sustainalytics' own Dr. Hendrik Garz.


You can learn more about the prize and download the reports from our website.


2nd Congress on Responsible Investment - November 13, 2012, Bogota, Colombia

Sustainalytics is proud to have co-organized the 2nd Congress on Responsible Investment, in collaboration with Bolsa de Valores de Colombia and Deloitte and with special support from Asocanaria. The conference provided companies and investors insight into the impacts of sustainability and responsible investment on capital markets, with a focus on South America. For more information or to register visit




Upcoming webinar: Unconventional Oil and Gas Development - Australian Edition 

On December 4, 2012, 11:00 am AEST Sustainalytics will explore the environmental impacts of shale gas and coal seam gas development in Australia. Presenters will discuss the important role responsible investors play in reducing these impacts, mitigating the risks of natural gas development and encouraging the adoption of best practices. Spaces are limited so register today. Click here to register.

(Please note: registration made with personal email address [i.e. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.] will be denied access to this webinar).




New Société Générale report supported by Sustainalytics ESG research

Sustainalytics has worked together with Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking (SG CIB) to provide environmental, social and governance research for their latest report SRI Beyond Integration: Introducing quantitative ESG ratings. In this report, released October 25, SG CIB looks at a selection of stocks from both an ESG and financial perspective, using Sustainalytics' ESG indicators and SG CIB's recommendations list. For more information about this report or about using Sustainalytics' data to support your research, please contact us.




Public comment - Reporting Requirements for Responsible Investment in Burma

In October, Sustainalytics was pleased to submit comments in response to the U.S. Department of State's information collection for the Reporting Requirements on Responsible Investment in Burma. Sustainalytics welcomed the unprecedented initiative from the Department of State to require companies investing in Burma to disclose information regarding policies on human rights, anti-corruption, and the environment, as well as arrangements with security service providers. The requirements will allow investors to make informed decisions regarding their investments, involvement and/or engagement with companies, as well as empower other stakeholders to hold companies and the Burmese government accountable. Nevertheless, Sustainalytics called for the requirements to be strengthened in order to ensure more timely and transparent disclosures in line with global standards and best practices.  Read Sustainalytics' recommendations here.



ICCR Banking Report coming early 2013

The Interfaith Centre on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) and Sustainalytics are conducting research on the seven largest U.S. banks. Based on questionnaire responses and using Sustainalytics' research, the forthcoming report will focus on issues such as risk management and executive compensation. The report is scheduled to be release in January or February of 2013.



Webinar recording available: Building a Sustainable South African Food Retail Sector


South African Food Retail WebinarIn September, Sustainalytics and Arisaig Partners hosted a webinar entitled "Building a Sustainable South African Food Retail Sector: Issues for Responsible Investors." Based on a report of the same name, the webinar looked at the environmental, social and governance issues facing the "big five" South African food retailers. Guest speakers included the head of sustainability from SPAR Group, one of the companies featured in the report.



The webinar recording and presentation slides are now available online. Please visit for all materials.


Inside Sustainalytics


Sustainalytics welcomes new staff to Amsterdam and Toronto


Ilse Griek - Responsible Investment Associate, Advisory Services, Amsterdam

As a specialist in human rights, Ilse has a particular interest in the Ruggie Framework and the interaction between human rights and business.


Ilja Zaanen - Responsible Investment Manager, Advisory Services, Amsterdam

Ilja's strong financial background will be an asset as she assists client in integrating ESG into their financial products.


Margaret Childe - Responsible Investment Associate, Advisory Services, Toronto

With a background in the financial industry coupled with her work for UNESCO and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, Margaret is knowledgeable of the issues most important to responsible investors.


To learn more about our new staff members and the rest of the Sustainalytics family please visit:

Sustainalytics in the Media


 Sustainalytics plays a role in "long-term-ism of investments"


MJ Video
Michael Jantzi, Sustainalytics CEO

Sustainalytics CEO Michael Jantzi was certainly busy this fall. In an interview with FSInsight, recorded during the ESG Europe 2012 Conference, Michael talks about the implementation of responsible investment strategies and shareholder value.

Watch the video.


Michael was also interviewed during the GRI Canada Conference, at which he co-presented the keynote address with GRI chief executive Ernst Ligteringen.

Watch the video.


Other interviews included a feature on Responsabilitate Sociala, a website dedicated to sustainability and CSR. Read the full article (in Romanian). 


Michael was also featured in the fall edition of the Stoxx newsletter Stoxx Pulse in which he gave his views on ESG investing. Read the full article (starting on page 12).


Michael's presentation at the sixth Responsible Investment Forum in China was also covered by local media. Read the full article (in Chinese).


Germany: Private Wealth

Private Wealth Magazine
Arne Philipp Klug, Sustainalytics & Bernard Ebert, Bethmann Bank

In August, Arne Philipp Klug, associate analyst at Sustainalytics and Bernard Ebert, head of asset management at Bethmann Bank gave an interview in which they discussed the challenges of responsible investment. Read the full article (in German).




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