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It is with some very mixed emotions that I sign off on the last newsletter of 2013 and the last for me as Director of BYS.  Many of you will have heard my news by now and know that I will be heading to Brisbane next year to support my teenage son - who has grabbed himself an awesome opportunity to complete his schooling at QASMT.

I want to take this opportunity to convey my thanks to all the amazing young people, volunteers, staff and colleagues that I have worked with over the past 8 years at BYS.  I've been involved in some amazing youth and community projects and I feel blessed to have learned and grown a lot during those experiences.  I think it's going to be hard to find something to match the diversity of activities and people that have been my daily experience at BYS and the YAC!  

I feel really privileged to have led the team at BYS and I know that the Committee and staff will continue to work strongly together to ensure a solid future for young people in our community.  I would also like to say how amazing I think many individuals and businesses in Byron are - their support for our work with young people is fabulous - it really gives a sense of shared care for our young generation. 

Also let me acknowledge and thank both Melissa Honey and Tegan Rowles for their work supporting young people's education through the Links to Learning program.  They are both heading onto new adventures, for different reasons, and will be missed at BYS.  

And now to the summer holiday period in Byron Shire......I'd like to wish each and every single one of you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  I am looking forward to the Twilight Markets in Bruns, Carols in Mullum, being at the Falls Festival and also seeing how Soul Street goes in Byron Bay....I love this place and hope to be here regularly in the future!

Look after yourself, and each other.

Take care.

Di Mahoney and all of us @ BYS


Byron: 6685 7777

Mullum: 6684 3086  


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Latest News

Thanks to Simmo's Automotive & Car Hire Byron Bay for their generous donation to 
Byron Youth Service!

James from Simmo's handing cheque to Di
Byron Community Campus News

Congratulations to the following students for their success in 2013:

  Lucille  completed her HSC
Lucy  & Sarah  completed their preliminary Year and now on to Year 12
Sheridan  & Selena  completed RoSA , School Certificate and on to Year 11
Connor  is investigating a School based apprenticeship as an electrician
Hazel  has been volunteering at Liberation Larder and at the Aged Care Centre with Sarah. 

If you'd like to understand more about the Byron Community Campus and the achievements of students over the past five years - check out our report below
Mel, Sheridan & Steve
BYS Young Mens' Adventure Program
9 students from Year 9 @ Byron Bay High School who participated in the 2013 Byron Young Mens' Adventure Program enjoyed a range of activities introducing them to the Adventure Tourism Industry as part of the 2013 Trailblazers Enterprise Project! 
Thanks to the following businesses who supported our program:

And a massive thanks to Rosalie, Julian and Marti for all their awesome work!
                                                     Cringe the Binge
WEEKEND OF ACTION 8th to 10th of November

Sue Malycha from South Australia was the winner of our annual 
DONATE & WIN prize!

Thank you Sue !

Thanks to the following businesses for their generous support!

Fun-raiser event @ Byron Community Centre  

Thank you to Lisa Hunt, BYS/TAFE Hospitality Crew, BYT and all the following businesses for their generous contribution:

Youth event @ Byron Youth Activity Centre  

Thanks to the following businesses for their awesome support!

Afends Clothing

Ya Kulcha Crew

The Ya Kulcha Youth Project funded by Byron Shire Council & Auspiced by Byron Youth Service has seen Jai Sheffield & Satima Ornano teach Hip Hop & Salsa at BBQs in the shire over the past 6 months.

They are now excited about sharing their Salsa & Reggaeton moves at the Byron Latin Fiesta for teenagers & adults alike.

Jai & Satima have been mentored by Daniella Finkenauer, from Sassy Salsa who has made her mark on the scene as the queen of body popping!

As a Trio, Jai, Satima & Daniella will get you mixin' it up with their fun Salsa & Latin Hip Hop blend and get you to shine some of your moves on that dance floor!

Pictured Jai & Satima




BYT logo
BYT 2014
 Byron Youth Theatre
In 2014 BYT will be working on a sexual health performance piece that will be included in a 
regional Sexual Health conference held in Byron Bay, many thanks to Northern Rivers 
Community Foundation again for their amazing support of this great work and Lisa is anticipating more funding to enable the Company to develop the Mind Made Me project further with possibilities of a regional performance tour as well as at Youth Conferences. So if you'd like to attend this or any event, or get involved in this dynamic company BYT, or become a much loved sponsor please contact Lisa on 0403023693.
Youth Voices

Indigo Wilson - 15 - Student at Byron Community Campus


1. What has been the best experience in your life?

At Broken Head whilst surfing with my dad a baby sperm whale joined us!


2. What inspires you?

Surfing and the Ocean


3. Who would you like to meet and what would you ask them?

I would like to meet Occy and I would ask what it would feel like to surf massive waves!


4. What would you like to see happen in Byron Bay?

I would like Byron to be less touristy and more of a local, community town 


5. When do you think a person becomes an adult and how?

Probably around 20 as that's when you get a little more serious about decision making!


6. What do you believe in?

I believe that we have the ability to create our own future


7. What would you like to change in the world?

I would love it if money was not part of our system and people would trade on a need basis


8. What's important in a relationship?

Forgiveness, trust and faith in the relationship. Be yourself and not become dependant on your partner


9.  What would you like to ask me? Interviewee to Interviewer:

What's the difference growing up in Malta and moving to Australia?

Lots of family around me growing up in Malta and more freedom of movement in Australia!



Courses Programs & Activities

Coffee image

Thank you to Andi, our awesome Barista & all the students that attended the courses this year!
Also a big thank you to Byron Bay Coffee Co for donating the coffee!  
 Byron Bay Coffee Co
YAC Rock Cafe logo
Last gig for 2013 on Friday 13th!


STEER logo



Participants who complete the Safer Drivers' Course for learners will receive a bonus of 20 hours credit recorded in their learner driver log book reducing the total logbook requirement from 120 to 100 hrs.  STEER generally hold Courses at the Byron Youth Service on Thursday afternoons from 4-7pm. 
Visit for info and bookings and call Phil on 0414 809 330. 


'keys please' is an initiative of the STEER youth safe transport project

proudly supported by a 2013 FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grant.


Almost 100 patrons visited the launch of the Keys Please Kiosk during the Mullum Music Festival and handed in their keys and/or took a voluntary Breath Test!


Outreach Program

  BYS bus

Cruising the Byron Shire on Friday nights from 8pm till 12am.  









for allowing us to park the bus on their property!  


Your donations are invaluable!

Click on link below to donate!

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Byron Youth Service Team

Management Committee

  Richard Heazlewood-Ross         Chairperson
 Ian Leggo                                 Treasurer
 Rob Eldridge                             Secretary
Mark Smith                                Member
Philip Preston                             Member
Caston Smith                             Member
 Nicqui Yazdi                            BUDDI Rep
  Stephanie Sims           Staff Representative

Byron Youth Service Workers

Di Mahoney                                                        Director
  Deb Pearse                               Mullum - Youth Connections
Melissa Honey                                         Links 2 Learning
Tegan Rowles                                              Youth Worker
Rosalie Bryant                          Byron - Youth Connections
Stephanie Sims                                   Fundraising/Events
David, Jemma, Marti & Traci
Casual Youth Workers


Community Project Workers 

Steve, Odette & Angela                               BCC Flexi-School
Chad Kolcze                                             The Uncle Project
 Lisa Apostolides                      BYT Youth Theatre Co-ordinator
Nicqui Yazdi                                  BUDDI CDAT Co-ordinator
Phil Preston                                  STEER Project Coordinator