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Dear Fellow Pilot,


"Simply Amazing!"

I think that's all you'll be able to say once you see the new FlyQ family from Seattle Avionics.  

We've been busy - an all-new Web-based planner, new iPad app, and a new iPhone app.  All working seamlessly together.
FlyQ Family
Black Friday
But first, I have to mention that our famous
Black Friday sale starts this Wednesday.  This year's sale is, by far, our most amazing set of offers yet.  If you miss it, you'll be sorry!

The Internet is a great source for aviation information.  Your smartphone is the perfect way to check weather and get quick updates.  Your iPad is the ultimate aid to navigate and execute your flight or send the flight plan to your avionics.  But, until now, none of those pieces easily worked together.  Too many clicks, too many different interfaces, too much work and frustration.

No more.  Now with the new FlyQ family from Seattle Avionics, it's all together and easy.  Watch today's webinar and see how!

FlyQ Online
Web (PC / Mac)
FlyQ Pocket
iPhone / Android
FlyQ Online (ATLAS)


FlyQ Pocket

FlyQ Online Highlights

Winds and Terrain X-Ray

FlyQ Pocket 2.0

Map, airport information, weather, flight planning, fuel, plates, airport diagrams
Moving map, ADS-B, airport information, weather, flight planning, fuel, plates, airport diagrams
Airport information, weather, flight planning, fuel, airport diagrams

Using new FlyQ Online (PC/Mac) you can plan on a large computer monitor and have everything available on your iPad (FlyQ EFB) or iPhone (FlyQ Pocket).  Make a quick change on your iPad?  It's instantly reflected on your iPhone, Android phone, PC, or Mac.  All your flight plans, pilot profiles, and aircraft profiles are stored in the cloud so they're available instantly to any member of the FlyQ family.  Only Seattle Avionics supports all the devices and operating systems you use!

Web (PC/Mac): FlyQ Online (formerly ATLAS)
FlyQ Online (ATLAS)
FlyQ Online

One stop for flight planning, fuel prices, weather, airport information, and more

FlyQ Online

The Internet is a great source for pilot information but you have to go to many Web sites to get what you need -- weather from one, fuel prices from another, flight planning from a third, documents from the FAA.  You know the drill.  Then you have to get the flight plan into your iPad and/or your avionics.  Sometimes this all takes longer than the actual flight! 

FlyQ Online

This stops with FlyQ Online.  Far more than just a flight planner, all-new FlyQ Online is one-stop shopping for all of it.  It's all there and easy to access on your PC or Mac.  It's so much easier to plan on a 25 inch monitor than a 10 inch iPad screen!  With FlyQ Online and your computer, it's quick to rubber-band flight plans with a mouse and enter text with a real keyboard  Although FlyQ Online is still in beta, it's getting quite close to release and all the major systems work today so you can plan, file, print, and send to your iPad and iPhone.

Flight plans, pilot profiles, and aircraft profiles are automatically shared with FlyQ Pocket and FlyQ EFB so you don't retype anything.  Once on your iPhone or iPad, one click sends the flight plan to Aspen and (soon) Dynon.  More systems coming soon.

Note: FlyQ Online is not related in any way to the old AOPA FlyQ Web system.  This is an all-new system, built from the ground up by Seattle Avionics.

iPad: FlyQ EFB
App Store

Pilots need to focus on flying, not playing with the iPad.  

That's why FlyQ EFB is the only 5-star rated aviation app in the App Store - it's easy to use, has large and easy to read text, takes fewer taps to get to information, and supports more than 20 ADS-B systems (Stratus^, FreeFlight, Clarity, Dual, Stratux, iLevil and more.)   The best training videos and documentation in the business doesn't hurt either.

Even send flight plans to your Aspen or Dynon (coming soon) avionics!

FlyQ EFB 2D and 3D

iPhone/Android: FlyQ Pocket
FlyQ Pocket
App Store

FlyQ Pocket combines airport information, weather, fuel prices, airport diagrams, and flight planning into a quick, simple app that runs on your iPhone or Android phone. Now you can plan a flight on your iPhone or Android with an auto-router that wind-optimizes your flight to get you there as fast as possible. Victor Airways, GPS Direct routing, Jet Airways - FlyQ Pocket is ready for it all.



Flight Planning

^ Stratus and Stratus 2 are trademarks of AFS, LLC (Appareo, ForeFlight, Sporty's). Seattle Avionics and AFS have no business agreement or relationship and AFS has not endorsed or approved FlyQ's support of their products.