Flight Log - July, 2015
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Dear Fellow Pilot,

Sharp-eyes will have noticed that I skipped the June newsletter.  I regret that but there was simply too much going on to find the time.  The good news is this means great progress with FlyQ EFB 2.0, all-new ATLAS, and another crucial project that will be announced at OSH.

A few quick notes in case you're short on time:
  • We'll be at OSH in force this year.  Booth C-3089 (same as last year) and I'll be giving three presentations about iPads, FlyQ EFB, and one comparing various ADS-B systems (Mon, Thurs, Sat).
  • DTC DUAT is currently unavailable as their FAA contract has ended.  They're still hopeful that the FAA will allow them to continue as a private, non-government sponsored, service.  You can learn more and sign an online petition to the FAA to allow them continue.
  • We've integrated Lockheed Martin into our system so FlyQ EFB, FlyQ Pocket, and FlyQ Web briefing and flight plan requests for DTC DUAT are now being transparently handled by Lockheed Martin.  In other words, it just works.  You'll see no disruption in how you file plans and get briefings.  Unfortunately, this seamless quick fix does not work for Voyager (fix coming soon).
  • Apple has fixed the Bluetooth GPS bug for iOS 8.4.  Download new iOS 8.4 for your iPad now.
  • FlyQ EFB version 2.0 is about to be released to Apple.  It's a major release and, depending on how long Apple takes to approve it, it may be available during the week of OSH.
  • Our all-new ATLAS Web-based flight planner / aviation info system has moved into a much wider beta release as we near public release.  There is nothing like it out there for your PC or Mac.  Sign up to test it now.
  • Apple has released a preview version of iOS 9 to the public.  Please do not install it!  Normally Apple releases beta versions only to developers so we can fix issues and optimize apps for the new OS before the general sees it.  It just doesn't make sense to use a beta operating system if you're like most people and need to use your iPad for flying or other real work.  Just say no.

Each month, the newsletter will cover what's new with our products, include helpful tips and tricks on using them, and sometimes look ahead to what's coming soon.  Back issues can be read from our Web site, under the Company tab.


I'm Steve Podradchik, the CEO here.  I write the newsletter so email me personally if there is something you'd like me to cover next month.  My email address is stevep@seattleavionics.com.


What's New

There's a lot to talk about this month including Oshkosh events, DUAT and Lockheed Martin, the (fixed) iOS 8.3 problem, a new version of FlyQ EFB, ATLAS about to go public, and more.

 Oshkosh July 20-26, Booth C-3089

We'll have our A-Team at Oshkosh again this year.  The team will be giving seminars, answering questions, demonstrating our apps, and, of course, offering exceptional deals on subscriptions and ADS-B systems. In fact, this year, we'll have something that should appeal to many pilots:

A portable, inexpensive ADS-B system with both In and Out.
Yep, that's right .. an ADS-B In and Out system that does not require installation or a second mortgage.  Stop by to have a look!


On a personal note, please be kind if you see a nervous 14 year old boy handing out literature in our booth as he's my son, Sasha.  It's his first trade show and he'll see what dad does for a living.  John Rutter (President of Seattle Avionics) will also have his son TJ there.  TJ's a bit older (going off to college next year) and already a trade show veteran who sometimes outsells his dad!

Seminar Schedule


Monday, July 20

8:30 AM
Comparing Portable ADS-B Receivers for iPad and Android 
Forum 6

Thursday, July 23

8:30 AM
iPads in the CockpitForum 5

Saturday, July 25

11:30 AM
Intro to FlyQ EFBForum 4

 Lockheed Martin In, DTC DUAT Out


As you may know, the FAA has used two competing services to provide flight briefings and flight plan filing for many years.  Those two services have been DTC DUAT and CSC DUATS.  All Seattle Avionics products have supported both services for quite a while.  Then, several years ago, the FAA awarded a major contract to Lockheed Martin to modernize most aspects of flight services.  Change was in the air.


A few months ago the FAA changed the game by keeping two briefing/filing services but replacing DTC DUAT with Lockheed Martin Flight Services.  DTC DUAT has protested the award and also asked the FAA to allow it to continue operations as a privately funded company (no government checks).  The FAA initially balked at this but DTC DUAT reports that there are indications that the FAA may change its mind.  Our good friends at DTC DUAT have asked pilots to sign a petition asking the FAA to allow this.  I've signed it myself and I'd ask you and all pilots to do the same as competition is always good for consumers.

Lockheed Martin Flight Services

In the meantime, we've been working with our new friends at Lockheed Martin about integrating their next-generation flight services.  Lockheed Martin has been very responsive, helpful, and easy to work with.  The result is that we've now integrated Lockheed Martin's services into our backend processing system.


This integration benefits you today as we've wired things up so FlyQ EFB, FlyQ Pocket, and FlyQ Web now automatically use Lockheed Martin's services whenever a request is made for a DTC DUAT briefing or filing.  In other words, it just magically works as it did before.  The only difference is that the briefings and plans are now processed by Lockheed Martin, which FlyQ clearly notes.  Of course, you can also still brief and file with CSC DUATS, too.  


Important!  There is no Lockheed Martin switch, per se, in FlyQ EFB or any of our other products yet.  To use Lockheed Martin, select DTC DUAT as your weather provider in your pilot settings (Settings button, Pilots, your name).  If you don't already have DUAT credentials in, you'll need to add them (although they will not be used) or the app will not save the changes.

In the near future, we'll take more advantage of some of the new services that Lockheed Martin Flight Services allows such as easily closing or amending flight plans, getting automated notifications when your plan has been approved by the FAA and more goodies.  


That said, Voyager, our Windows application, communicates to briefing and filing services differently so the solution above does not help Voyager users who are currently unable to file and brief.  We are actively working on a solution for Voyager but it's technically harder and we don't anticipate a new Voyager release for at least 10 days, possibly longer.  In the meantime, you can file and brief using your Web browser and going directly to CSC DUATS or Lockheed Martin Flight Services directly.  I wish we had a better solution now but we are working on it.


 iOS 8.4 GPS Bug Fixed
Bluetooth Devices


It's finally fixed.  With new iOS 8.4, Apple fixed the Bluetooth GPS bug they introduced in iOS 8.3.


That affected all Dual XGPS units (including the XGPS 170 ADS-B device), most Bad Elf units, and the Garmin GLO GPS.


Wi-Fi based ADS-B receivers such as the Clarity, Stratus*, SkyRadar, iLevil, FreeFlight RANGR, and NavWorx were not affected.


If you're using Bluetooth GPS with FlyQ EFB, we very strongly suggest updating your iPad to iOS 8.4.  To do that:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPad
  • Tap General
  • Tap Software Update
  • Tap Download and install


As a side-benefit, if you listen to music on your device, the new Apple Music system is quite good!


 FlyQ EFB version 2.0

FlyQ EFB 2.0 Preview 

App Store

I was really, really hoping to announce that FlyQ EFB 2.0 was available at Oshkosh but it's not quite ready yet.  


It's been "feature complete" and in the hands of hundreds of beta testers for some time and their feedback has been extremely helpful in ensuring that FlyQ EFB 2.0 is rock-solid.  We fixed the vast majority of major issues some time ago and now just chasing down and fixing the last few bugs (mostly related to the vastly faster mapping engine and transition to 64-bit code).


There is a good chance it will released to Apple for their review before OSH is over but we won't release it until it's ready, tradeshow or no tradeshow.

As you probably know, FlyQ EFB 1.5 (download now) added a lot of great features including support for the Stratus* ADS-B receivers and the FreeFlight System RANGR series of certified in/out ADS-B systems.


FlyQ EFB 2.0 has a different mission as it's more about changing some of the internal architecture and user interface for better performance and flexibility moving forward.  It's less about adding a lot of new features.


It lays the foundation for the next several years of FlyQ EFB development. 


I won't go into details about it as we have to leave something for the imagination but some of the changes are:


  • Substantially enhanced user-interface.  FlyQ EFB is generally considered to be the easiest to use aviation app on the market but there were some things that we wanted to improve upon to keep our lead.  They are significant improvements that will make you slap your face and wonder why no one else thought of them before!
  • All-new 2D mapping system.  300% faster plus smoother, sharper maps.
  • All-new always-on status indictors for GPS, Weather, and ADS-B battery charge.  In early testing, this was the single most popular feature in this release.
  • And much more!

 ATLAS Flight Planner / Info System

ATLAS, our all-new concept in Web-based aviation systems has been in the hands of a small number of beta testers for a few weeks.  Testing has gone well.  Today we released it to all the pilots who asked to beta test it.  If you're in that group, you should have received a welcome email.


ATLAS is hard to describe because there has never been anything like it. Part flight planner (a really, really good one!), part general airport info system, part cheap fuel finder, part preflight weather system, and so on.  As it's Web-based, it works equally well with a PC or Mac.


Best of all, it magically links with our FlyQ products so you can create a flight plan at your desk with a large monitor and mouse then grab your iPad and fly with the flight plan.  No retyping or file copying  or export/import required.


Want to see it in action?  Join the beta test team.  Already on the beta team?  Be sure to stop by and say hello at booth C-3089.


Watch the original preview video to get the idea.  And keep in mind it has come a long way since the video was made!




 Tips and Tricks


Using VFR Transition Routes
FlyQ EFB does not show the text details of VFR transition routes.  But it's fairly simple to add them to FlyQ EFB anyway.  The video below was created by Gary Reeves, one of only 16 Master Flight Instructors in California.

Gary runs a great organization called the Pilot Safety Institute that produces exceptional training videos dedicated to all things that make pilots safer.  The videos cover many topics including night and mountain flying, IFR flying and much more (such as FlyQ videos).  Gary will be giving five free talks at OSH so be sure to catch some.

Chart Legends and Symbols
The paper  VFR and IFR charts have legends on the side that explain what all the symbols mean.  We don't currently have that in FlyQ EFB but it is easy to download a document from the FAA to your iPad that has all of these.  Once downloaded, use the built-in iBooks app to read it.

FAA Logo

Get Maps and Plates on Your iPhone for Free
While FlyQ EFB requires an iPad, you can use your iPhone as a backup system with our SmartPlates & Charts app.  FlyQ EFB subscribers get it for free as part of their EFB subscription.  It's also available starting at just $29 for all other users.

SmartPlates & Charts is not as full-featured as FlyQ EFB but it does what the name says -- gives you exceptionally easy, exceptionally fast access to VFR and IFR maps, geo-referenced approach procedures, and geo-referenced airport diagrams.   Learn more or download it now.

App Store

Upcoming Events

After OSH, we'll be at the September Colorado Springs AOPA Fly-In. 


Steve Podradchik

CEO, Seattle Avionics



* Stratus and Stratus 2 are trademarks of AFS, LLC. Seattle Avionics and AFS have no business agreement or relationship and AFS has not endorsed or approved FlyQ's support of their products.

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