Flight Log - April, 2015
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Dear Fellow Pilot,

It's April.  That means it's time to complain about the IRS and prepare to visit Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Florida.  I prefer to think about Sun 'n Fun right now.

Three quick notes in case you're short on time:
  • Do not install iOS 8.3 to your iPad if you use a Bluetooth GPS or Bluetooth ADS-B receiver.  iOS 8.3 has a bug with its Bluetooth support that makes Bluetooth-based GPS and ADS-B receivers from Dual, Garmin, and Bad Elf fail to work properly.  There is no issue with Wi-Fi based ADS-B systems.
  • We'll be at Sun 'n Fun in booth C-22 (same as last year).  I'm doing three presentations during the week about ADS-B systems, iPads in general, and an intro to FlyQ EFB.  See the Sun 'n Fun section below for times and room numbers.  Of course, we'll also have show specials on our apps, data, and ADS-B receivers.  And be sure to get a sneak-peak at FlyQ EFB 2.0!
  • FlyQ EFB version 1.5 added support for the Stratus* ADS-B receivers.  This has made many, many, many pilots very happy!  If a new version of the Stratus firmware becomes available (probably via a ForeFlight update), do NOT update the firmware in the Stratus unless we verify that the update works properly with FlyQ EFB.  Unlike your PC or phone, the Stratus is not connected to the Internet so cannot download updates automatically; you have to intentionally install them.
The past month has been pretty amazing for us.  As you probably know, FlyQ EFB version 1.5 now supports 24 portable and installed devices including the Stratus line of ADS-B receivers and 2020-compliant ADS-B certified systems from FeeeFlight and NavWorx.  That means you have a straight upgrade path from today's portable receivers to tomorrow's certified systems.  During most of 2014 and all of 2015, FlyQ EFB has been the top-rated, best-reviewed major aviation app and version 1.5 continues the tradition with a higher App Store rating than any other major app.  Don't take my word for it, read what our fellow pilots have written.

What's New in FlyQ EFB 1.5

If you haven't tried FlyQ EFB lately, download a free trial now and see for yourself why it's #1.  We cleared all previous trials so you can try it again even if you previously tried it.  There are many reasons why so many of your fellow pilots have switched to FlyQ EFB in the past few months so find out for yourself.

Each month, the newsletter will cover what's new with our products, include helpful tips and tricks on using them, and sometimes look ahead to what's coming soon.  Back issues can be read from our Web site, under the Company tab.

I'm Steve Podradchik, the CEO here.  I write the newsletter so email me personally if there is something you'd like me to cover next month.  My email address is stevep@seattleavionics.com.  

What's New

There's a lot to talk about this month including the iOS 8.3 problem, Sun 'n Fun details, FlyQ EFB's Stratus support, and the new iLevil 2 ADS-B receivers.

 iOS 8.3 GPS Bug


Put simply, do NOT install iOS 8.3 to your iPad if you use an external Bluetooth GPS or ADS-B receiver from Dual, Garmin, or Bad Elf.

Wi-Fi based ADS-B systems (which means all of them except the Dual XGPS 170) are not affected by the Apple Bluetooth bug.

Apple has noted this as a "High Priority" bug to fix but has not said when it would be fixed.  We have a workaround in mind but developing, testing, and releasing it for Apple to review is likely to take longer than Apple simply fixing the bug.  If they don't release a fix soon, we'll release a workaround solution.

All of this said, you can use FlyQ EFB very effectively in the cockpit as a replacement for paper by moving the map with your fingers. We've all gotten a bit spoiled by the GPS but you can still fly legally and safely without one.

 Stratus Support in FlyQ EFB 1.5

Supported ADS-B Receivers

Stratus 2 ADS-B

FlyQ EFB 1.5 added support for the Stratus 1 and Stratus 2 ADS-B receivers - weather, traffic, and AHRS (Stratus 2).  This has caused something of a firestorm in the industry and many, many pilots have switched to FlyQ EFB.

ADS-B receivers have built-in software called firmware that controls their basic functions.  From time to time, firmware gets updated.  It's crucial to not update Stratus firmware, should a new release become available, unless we've tested FlyQ EFB against it and ensured no issues.  We have contacted the Stratus folks and asked them to ensure that their customers using FlyQ EFB are not negatively affected by an update.  We have not heard back from them yet.

PCs and phones often install updates automatically or almost automatically.  ADS-B receivers, on the other hand, need to be manually "flashed" with software updates.  In the case of Stratus, this has traditionally been done by running ForeFlight and hitting a button in Settings.  There is no way a Stratus receiver can update itself because it has no connection to the Internet.  Therefore, you'll be fine so long as you don't run ForeFlight or at least don't tap the firmware update button in ForeFlight. 

 Sun 'n Fun

As it happens, I was just in Florida for Spring Break with my kids and I can tell you that it's lovely this time of year (Tip: If you go to Universal Studios, splurge and upgrade to the Express pass!).  

If you're going to Sun 'n Fun, please be sure to stop by booth C-22 and say hello.  We'll have specials on FlyQ EFB and our other apps, for the ChartData we provide to Bendix-King, Dynon, Aspen, GRT, AFS, and for several ADS-B bundles with FlyQ EFB.  A few of these are available online.  We'll also be giving special previews of FlyQ EFB 2.0!

FlyQ EFB, 12 month VFR subscription


FlyQ EFB, 12 month IFR + VFR subscription


SkyRadar DX Dual Channel ADS-B + GPS + AHRS + 12 months of FlyQ EFB IFR + VFR$968$849
iLevil 2 SW Dual Channel ADS-B + GPS + AHRS + 12 months of FlyQ EFB IFR + VFR$1,314$1,195

I'll be giving several talks during Sun 'n Fun.  The presentation about comparing various ADS-B receivers was (I'm told) the highest-rated presentation given at a recent show in the Pacific Northwest.  iPads in the Cockpit has been very well attended for the past two years at Sun 'n Fun and it's been updated for all the new iPad hardware and software.  Of course, if you're new FlyQ EFB or thinking about making the switch, come to Intro to FlyQ EFB on Friday.

Tuesday, April 21
11 AM

Comparing Portable ADS-B Receivers for iPad and Android 

Wednesday, April 22
1 PM

iPads in the Cockpit 

Friday, April 24
11 AM
Intro to FlyQ EFB2

We'll also be demoing our forthcoming ATLAS Web-based flight planning and information system.

 New iLevil 2 ADS-B Receivers
iLevil 2 SW

iLevil 2 AW 
The good folks at Levil Technology have been working on an exciting new line of ADS-B receivers for some time.  Now, we're finally able to talk about them!

Levil essentially created the market for iPad AHRS devices with their mini-G system.  Then they came out with the well-received iLevil line of single channel ADS-B receivers with AHRS and GPS.

Now, with the coming of the new iLevil 2 line, they've added the feature we really wanted - a dual channel system (978 and 1090).

They've also made the device much smaller and streamlined the design by using an internal GPS antenna.  The SW has solar panels that extend the battery life or can even fully charge the unit over time.  The AW has inputs for pitot-static data.

The iLevil 2 AW and SW are already compatible with FlyQ EFB.


 Tips and Tricks


Watch and Read about FlyQ EFB
We have many different types of training materials available for FlyQ EFB.  There are dozens of great videos on YouTube, new Pilot's Guide that answers most questions, and an FAQ.  You can also get to any of these from within FlyQ itself via the Technical Support / Help section at the top of Settings.

Pilot's Guide

List Button on Procedures
FlyQ EFB uses simple left and right swipes to switch between different approach plates.  This is great most of the time but it can be tedious if the airport has many procedures.  In that case, tap the List button and go directly to any procedure you wish.  Also watch the Plates on the Map video for more tips and tricks for using procedures.

Procedure List

Combine an Existing ADS-B receiver + a New ADS-B Out System
The FAA's 2020 ADS-B mandate only requires ADS-B Out so your plane transmits its position to the FAA; ADS-B In (that is, seeing traffic and weather) is not required.  But it's really, really nice to have!

You can buy ADS-B In and Out systems with Wi-Fi connectors from FreeFlight and NavWorx that do everything in one box.  But, if you already have one of the many portable ADS-B receivers (that is, an ADS-B In system), you can simply add a less expensive ADS-B Out certified system then use your existing receiver to get weather and traffic.  This works wonderfully because the ADS-B Out transmitter ensures that the ADS-B ground stations broadcast traffic to your plane, avoiding the major flaw with how ADS-B receivers work for traffic (specifically, without ADS-B Out, your receiver only sees traffic if someone nearby has ADS-B Out and, even then, you only see traffic near that plane, not yours).  Read more in our ADS-B Primer.

Excellent ADS-B Out system from FreeFlight and NavWorx begin at less than $2,000.

Supported ADS-B Receivers

Quick-Access Buttons on Search
FlyQ EFB is famous for its "Rule of 2" that means you only need one or two taps to access key information while flying.  The Quick Access buttons on the right side of any Search result are great examples of this.
  • Map button:  Jumps the map to the selected item.
  • +FP button (Add to Flight Plan): Sequence a new point anywhere in your existing plan
  • Direct To: Creates a new flight plan from your current location to that point or, if the point is already on your flight plan, clears the points prior to the selected point but retains the rest of the plan.
Quick Buttons

Extended Runways
FlyQ EFB has a very simple and consistent way to show runway extensions on the map but we get questions about it since it's different than some other EFB apps.  In a nutshell, extended runways have nothing to do with a flight plan.  In fact, no flight plan is required.  Rather, if you have the Runways layers enabled on the Map, you automatically see the extended runways for whichever airport is selected in the Airports tab.  

You can select an airport in many different ways including entering the ident in the Search Box at the top of the app, double-tapping the map over the airport, tapping the airport from within the NavLog, etc.  In fact, double-tapping over an airport on the map doesn't even require you to select the airport if the double-click is precise enough such that no other airports are near the double-tap.

Get Maps and Plates on Your iPhone for Free
While FlyQ EFB requires an iPad, you can use your iPhone as a backup system with our SmartPlates & Charts app.  FlyQ EFB subscribers get it for free as part of their EFB subscription.  It's also available starting at just $29 for all other users.

SmartPlates & Charts is not as full-featured as FlyQ EFB but it does what the name says -- gives you exceptionally easy, exceptionally fast access to VFR and IFR maps, geo-referenced approach procedures, and geo-referenced airport diagrams.   Learn more or download it now.

App Store

Configuring Your iPad for Flight
The iPad is an incredible device but it wasn't optimized for aviation.  To ensure the best possible experience using FlyQ, we've created a simple checklist to use before you fly:
  1. Close all running apps.  Do this by double-tapping the Home
    button on the front of the iPad and "flicking" all running apps up. 
  2. Reboot the iPad to clear its memory.   Press and hold both the
    Home and Power buttons (Power is on the top of the iPad) for a few seconds until the iPad suddenly shuts down.  Press Power again to turn it back on.
Then, if you're using an external GPS or ADS-B receiver:
  1. Turn Airplane Mode ON.  This disables all wireless services which solves a lot of issues and saves battery power.
  2. Turn on just Bluetooth or just WiFi as required for your device.  Most GPS units use Bluetooth and all ADS-B receivers, except the Dual XGPS 170, use WiFi.
  3. For WiFi-based receivers, connect to the appropriate WiFi network for your device.  For Bluetooth-based receivers, ensure that the iPad is paired with your device.


Data ManagerData Manager

Use the Advanced Screen to Diagnose and Correct Issues
The Data Manager works by downloading data to your PC then copying it to your SD card or USB memory stick.  This works very well most of the time but things can happen that cause problems.  When problems arise, the Data Manager has an Advanced screen that helps solve them.  Access it by tapping Options then Advanced.

Data Manager Options Buytton

Data Manager Options

The most commonly used button on the Advanced screen emails the Data Manager's log file to Technical Support so we can diagnose problems.

The other buttons let you see the files that the Data Manager has downloaded to your PC (sometimes you may want to delete them), view the files in your SD card or USB memory stick, or check your SD card or USB memory card for disk problems (this happens frequently with SD cards and memory sticks).  Contact Support if you have questions about how these work.

Data Manager Advanced


Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 10 is not yet available but we're getting questions about it.  We won't know for sure until it's released, but as Windows 10 is essentially Windows 8 "Done Right", we don't expect any surprises.

Please let me know if you have any other tips we should share with other users.

Upcoming Events

Sun 'n Fun is next week and we're there at booth C-22.  Next up is the Salinas, California AOPA Fly-in on May 16th.  After that comes more AOPA Fly-Ins and, of course, Oshkosh in late July.  More details about each as it gets closer to the show.


Steve Podradchik

CEO, Seattle Avionics



* Stratus and Stratus 2 are trademarks of AFS, LLC. Seattle Avionics and AFS have no business agreement or relationship and AFS has not endorsed or approved FlyQ's support of their products.

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