Great Changes Coming to the New FlyQ Family!
New iPad app, new iPhone app, new Web app!

Dear Fellow Pilot,



I think that's all you'll be able to say once you see what's coming for the new FlyQ family from Seattle Avionics.  

We've been busy - new iPad app, new iPhone app, even an all-new Web-based app unlike anything you've ever seen.  Plus we've completely overhauled our Web site and added a new blog. We've been 
very busy and much more is to  come!
FlyQ 2.0 Family


Black Friday
But first, I have to mention that our famous
Black Friday sale starts Wednesday this year.  We always do something exceptional for it and we've really outdone ourselves this year.

Quantities will be very limited so if you have an iPad, sign-up right now to be notified the moment the offers are announced.  You won't want to miss it.

Now back to the topic ... As you may know, Seattle Avionics designed and developed FlyQ Pocket and FlyQ EFB but they were marketed under the AOPA brand through a cooperative marketing agreement that is about to expire.  We have plans for rapid innovation to both apps in 2015.

Airport and satellite image
To start, today we're announcing an all-new Web-based airport information / flight planner for your PC or Mac that is unlike anything else you've ever seen!
Its code-name is ATLAS.

ATLAS and our existing apps work seamlessly together.  Using ATLAS, you can plan on a large PC or Mac monitor and have everything available on your iPad (FlyQ EFB) or iPhone (FlyQ Pocket).  Make a quick change on your iPad?  It's instantly reflected on your iPhone, Android phone, PC, or Mac.  All your flight plans, pilot profiles, and aircraft profiles are stored in the cloud so they're available instantly to any member of the FlyQ family.

Every member of the new FlyQ family is top-rated because it's optimized for its device yet familiar and easy to learn.  They automatically share information with each other so you can instantly go from any of your devices to any other device without missing a beat.  

Focus on the flying - FlyQ will take care of the technology.

FlyQ Pocket
iPhone / Android
Web (PC / Mac)
FlyQ EFB - 4.5 out of 5 Stars
FlyQ Pocket
FlyQ in 30 Seconds
FlyQ Pocket 2.0

ATLAS video
The #1 rated iPad EFB app

Moving map, ADS-B, airport information, weather, flight planning, fuel, plates
The #1 rated iPhone app

Airport information, weather, flight planning, fuel
All things aviation - one Web site.

Map, airport information, weather, flight planning, fuel, plates

So let's get up to speed on what's happening with each of these pieces...

 FlyQ Pocket version 2.0 (iPhone / Android)

FlyQ Pocket
FlyQ Pocket is quite possibly the most popular aviation app in the world with nearly 100,000 users for iOS and Android.  It got there by being simple, fast, and efficient.

Weather, airport information, and basic flight planning are all just seconds away.

We just released version 2.0 to Apple.  This new version has a more modern user-interface that's consistent with its big brother, FlyQ EFB.  It's optimized for iOS 8 and iOS 7 but also works with iOS 6.  And it's still a free benefit to AOPA members.

In addition, FlyQ Pocket gets two major new features plus lots of minor ones (and bug fixes, of course.)

Fuel Prices.  How about having fuel prices from more than 2,500 airports in your pocket?  Want to find the lowest fuel price near you?  Now it's simple.  See a price that just got updated and want to make sure that other pilots know about the change?  Make a tap and the price is updated.

Fuel List  Fuel per FBO

All FAA airport diagrams.  Select any airport and if the FAA has a detailed airport diagram for it, FlyQ Pocket displays it in place of the simple runway diagram in the previous version.  Of course, if there is no full airport diagram available, you still see the runway diagram.

FAA Airport Diagram

FlyQ Pocket 2.0 has been submitted to Apple.  We expect that it will be approved soon and then available for download from the App Store.  Version 2.0 is not currently available for download but version 1.1.1 can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.   FlyQ Pocket 2.0 will be available for Android a little later.

Finally, FlyQ Pocket will continue to be a free product to AOPA members even after the switch from AOPA to Seattle Avionics in February.

 New ATLAS (Web)

Ever been sitting at your desk and your thoughts ran to aviation?  Maybe you just want to know something about an airport.  Or perhaps you're checking the weather to see if you should leave your desk and head for the airport.  How's the price of fuel going?  And it's always easier to plan a detailed flight on a 23 inch monitor instead of a 7.9 inch iPad screen.  Welcome to ATLAS!  

Play the video to get a good overview.


Really more like an app than a traditional Web site, ATLAS has quick searches, detailed airport info, complete weather, fuel prices, FBOs, detailed maps with lots of weather overlays, wind-optimized flight planning, and more.

The split-screen takes full advantage of the size of your PC or Mac's monitor so you can see details on one side and maps on the other.  Of course, you have a rich collection of maps and weather overlays at your disposal.

Airport and satellite image

Flight planning has never been so simple!  Drag and drop.

Flight planning

ATLAS will soon be ready for public testing.  If you're interested, click here to apply to be on the test team.  We want to hear from you!

 FlyQ EFB version 1.4.3 (iPad)

FlyQ EFB OverviewThere's a reason why FlyQ EFB is the #1 rated major aviation app in the App Store and has been for most of 2014 - It's simple yet powerful.  
  • True split-screen for excellent situational awareness
  • Weather and traffic from 9 ADS-B receivers so you're never locked into one device
  • 3D synthetic vision for no additional charge
  • Text that's large enough for all of us to read
  • Plates on the map
  • Night Mode
  • Graphical wind optimizer
  • Great training materials
  • Great price
  • Great support

New version 1.4.3 is the first release under the Seattle Avionics brand and we took the opportunity to load it up with new features that people love, especially our exclusive Terrain X-Ray ™.  With Terrain X-Ray, putting two-fingers on the map not only shows distance and bearing between the points but also puts the terrain profile, including color-code terrain warnings, right on the map!  It also gives you estimated fuel and time calculations that take winds into account.

Wind and Measure

Other great new features include measurement rings based on either distance or time, multiple search and rescue grids, choice of 12 aircraft markers in various sizes, styles, and colors, the full A/FD, an extended courseline based on either time or distance, and much more.

FlyQ in 3 Minutes What's New in version 1.4

 Bottom Line 

If you love aviation as much as we do, you're going to love the new FlyQ family.

No matter where you are, no matter what device you're using, you can stay up to date with airport information, weather, and flight planning in a way that's so simple and so seamless you'll wonder why no one has done it before.

Wonder no more, it's here.  Welcome to the next generation of FlyQ.  From Seattle Avionics.


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