June 16-17, 2015 (Conference) / June 15, 2015 (Pre-Conference)
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2014 CharacterPlus National Conference Speaker Resources

We hope your school year has gotten off to a great start and you've been able to implement new ideas and resources into the classroom that you learned at our June conference! We've put together a resource list from some of our 2014 speakers for you to access now (click on the images below)!

John O'Leary
Stephen Peters
Hal Urban

Brain Research  
"Tara Brown, a leading speaker and author, uses current brain research to show how educators can improve their students' success by being "Dopamine Dispensers" to cancel out the stress hormone that prevents our students from acquiring new knowledge or accessing previously learned knowledge. I've carried home with me the whole concept about how stress floods the brain with cortisol which then inhibits new information from being learned or accessing previously learned information. Being a "Dopamine Dispenser" with positive social interactions and laughter can truly make a difference in a student's academic success. Finally, she stressed that HOPE literally changes brain chemistry."   - Beth Hufnagel

"Her belief in the need to integrate character education at the early childhood level mirrors what our district believes and is currently working toward. I would like to try her "thinking routines" in my classroom in the fall. As a kindergarten teacher, I know how much impact helping children to "See, Think and Wonder" and posting their ideas and responses benefits their long term learning."   - Cheryl Ladd

Tara's resources for educators and parents are available by clicking on "The Connection Coach." Plus, we have links to her handouts from the CharacterPlus National Conference:

2014 Conference Response 

Important Dates
Call for Proposals Submission Period:  August 26-December 2, 2014
Proposal Review Period:  December 2014-February 2015
Acceptance Notification:  February 2015
Conference:  June 15-17, 2015
For questions, please contact Conference Director Megan Moncure at mmoncure@edplus.org or 314.692.1202.

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