Connecting St. Louis Schools and Business:
The Education Plus Business Gateway
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The Education Plus Business Gateway is now live! The Gateway is the best online tool for schools and businesses in the St. Louis area to create real world learning opportunities for students and educators.

On the Education Plus Business Gateway, schools can post searchable needs for partnerships while businesses can post searchable opportunities. These may include requests for classroom speakers, job shadowing opportunities, business tours, internships and more.
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The Gateway is a collaborative effort of EducationPlus, the St. Louis School-Business Partnership and other community organizations focused on developing our region's future workforce.

By introducing today's students to the worlds of engineering, manufacturing, health sciences, math, technology, construction and more, we are creating better-prepared graduates and a stronger future workforce for our region. 
Advantages for Businesses
  • Introduce students to jobs in your field.
  • Show students the skills they'll need for success.
  • Create a stronger future workforce and economy for our region.
  • Support education and build a strong community.
Advantages for Schools and Districts
  • Help better prepare your students for life after high school.
  • Create innovative opportunities like job shadowing, internships and more.
  • Place your teachers in real-world learning experiences.
  • Make valuable connections to local businesses.
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