Announcing, a 2 day contest! Quotes on Nature & Romance!

Summer is for enjoying the outdoors and for romance. To inspire this Sunday's Lake Hike, submit a quote or a poem on the theme of Nature and Romance. Winner of the best quote, as judged on our FB page, gets a gift card to EMS. Vote Sunday night, after the hike!

- The RJeneration Team
Lake Hike - Harriman 
"Quote Contest"
Sunday, August 23, 10:15am

Whether you are hiking with us or not, share a favorite quote or poem on the topic of Nature & Romance.  Any language, any length. 
Winner of the best quote as judged on our FB page receives a gift card to EMS. Vote Sunday night, after the hike!

The Hike: We will start at the Reeves Meadow Visitors Center in Harriman State park which is about an hour away from the city. We will hike to Pine Meadow lake where we'll have lunch (you bring), sun bathe, hang out and maybe even swim (bring swimwear). Hike out will be a short one hour walk. 

Hike into the lake should take about 3-4 hours depending on the composition of the group. 

Meeting location: Reeves Meadow Visitors Center. GPS Coordinates: (41.173916,-74.168658 ). Google Map Link

Meeting time: Arrive by 10:15am. Hit the trail by 10:30. 

Public Transportation: NJTransit rail to Sloatsburg and one of the drivers will shuttle from train station to Visitor's Center.(2.5 miles away). Reach out to Natan Elman to confirm shuttle option. 

NJTransit rail directions: 9.07am or 9.14am train from Penn station to Sloatsburg. Switch trains at Secaucus for a 9:31am train to Sloatsburg (Port Jervis line) arriving at 10:12am. Riders must hold on to NJtransit ticket as they'll need the ticket to make the transfer. 

Rosh Hashanah Dinner - Monday Sept 14th
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