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July 2007
Retire Old Reliable
New Membership Director Hired
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AMGA National Office Gets Face Lift!
Dear AMGA Member,

WOW!! It's Hot in Boulder! After three and half months the AMGA is finally back to a fully functioning staff.

Henry Beyer, former Membership Director is succeeding Betsy Novak as Program Director. Also, we'd like to welcome Katie Kelly as the new Membership Director.

Retire Old Reliable? and Recieve $25 Gift Certificate

Help us make climbing safer
and get a $25 gift certificate

As climbers we err on the side of caution when it comes to our ropes, pampering and retiring them when we begin to feel uneasy, yet we belay, fall, rappel, lower and jug on our harnesses believing that these workhorses will last practically forever. But will they? No one really knows.

Join Rock and Ice, ARC'TERYX and Mountain Gear in the first large-scale, used-harness testing program. Send us your worn harness of any brand and we'll pull-test it to determine how wear affects strength, with special emphasis on the belay/rappel loop and leg-loops.

Once the testing is completed and the numbers crunched, Rock and Ice will publish an article on just how safe (or unsafe) those used harnesses really are.

As a thank-you, once we receive your used harness, we will send you a $25 gift certificate to be redeemed at Mountain Gear for an ARC'TERYX on-line purchase. You can click here www.mountaingear.com/harness to find out the submission details.

Thanks in advance for helping us make climbing a safer sport.

Warmest regards,

Mem. Dir
Please welcome Katie Kelly as the new
Membership Director

Katie Kelly brings years of experience in marketing and public relations from both the non-profit  and the sustainable world.  She is passionate about the guiding community and has the desire to significantly contirubte to the growth and success of the American Mountain Guides Association as Membership Director.  Katie is replacing Henry Beyer who recently moved on to the Program Director position. Congratulations Katie & Henry!

Please feel free to contact her at katie@amga.com or (303) 271-0984 ext.2

High SierrasHigh SierrasAMGA Celebrates Ten Years as a Member of the IFMGA

Come Join us in Yosemite National Park this October for the AMGA Annual Meeting, made possible in part by Patagonia, and celebrate 10 years as a member of the IFMGA.

The Valley is a magical venue for any event, but having this one of a kind location coincide with this special anniversary makes this Annual Meeting one that is not to be missed.  So come one, come all and frolic in the meadows that are overshadowed by the iconic monoliths El Cap and Half Dome and that have been home to such climbing legends as
Warren Harding, Yvon Chouinard, Royal Robbins to name a few.

Schedule of Events:
  • Oct. 17-18: Leave No Trace Training Course
  • Oct. 18-19: TRSM/SPI Provider Training
  • Oct. 19: Board of Directors Climbing Day
  • Oct. 20: Technical Committee Meeting
  • Oct. 21: Board of Directors Meeting, Opening Night Event brought to you by Marmot
  • Oct. 22: Professional Development Clinics, Main Event
  • Oct. 23: Professional Development Clinics, Legendary Guides Olympics
  • Oct. 24-25: Instructor Pool Training
Be sure to book your campsite soon as the National Park Service is taking reservations at this time.  See you in the Valley!!

Well thats the down and dirty for now.  AMGA Office Out!

Katie Kelly
American Mountain Guides Association