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June 2007
News from the CGF
2007 Scholarships
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Spring Time in the Rockies!
Dear AMGA Member,

I hope this edition of Leading The Way finds you well and enjoying a mix of spring skiing, in condition alpine climbs, and early season rock climbing.  The last couple of months have gone by in a blur, but somehow we've managed to keep the piles on our desks in flux and  at a managable height.

Certified Guides Federation

Dear Friends and Colleagues of the AMGA:

I hope this letter finds you healthy and enjoying the changing of the seasons. The purpose of this letter is to provide an update on the status of the Certified Guides Federation (CGF), a non-profit guide's cooperative created by the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) in 2005.  The CGF was founded to provide resources for certified national and international guides to work independently in the United States, as well as meet the requirements of the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association (IFMGA), who mandated guiding reciprocity in the United States as a contingency of the AMGA maintaining IFMGA membership.  

Currently guides in the United States have limited opportunities to work independently.  The CGF's goal is to improve guiding in the U.S. by providing the following benefits for certified guides:

  • Use of Permits - The CGF will acquire available permits and investigate purchasing additional permits to other desirable locations.
  • Liability Insurance coverage
  • Workman's Compensation Insurance
  • Marketing Assistance - Members will have customizable marketing through the organization's website, which will become a clearinghouse for clients looking for certified guides throughout the U.S.

As a non-profit organization the CGF will be funded by membership dues and fundraising.  Currently the CGF is fundraising to reach a projected budget of $40,000 for initial start-up expenses. The AMGA has donated a portion of this amount, as have CGF Board Members.  Fundraising letters are being sent to a number of AMGA affiliates along with AMGA members and current certified guides.  The goal is to raise the necessary funds by September 2007 and begin accepting CGF members in January 2008.   

We believe the future of independent American guiding is contingent on the success of the CGF.  Please take the initiative to educate others and help build awareness of the CGF among the guiding community. We need your support and welcome any questions, comments, and tax deductible donations.  Feel free to contact any of the CGF board members listed below.  

Thank you from the Board,

President:  Keith Garvey                keith@allmountainadventures.com
Vice President:  Amos Whiting                dreamsplitter@gmail.com
Treasurer:  Adrian Ballinger                 adrian@alpenglowexpeditions.com
Secretary:  Jeff Ward                     knjward@ncwonline.com
Dale Remsberg                         dremsberg@totalclimbing.com
John Kear                          john@suntoucher.com

Certified Guides Federation                            
PO Box 1006
Boulder, CO 80306

Alpine Course
Fifteen 2007 AMGA Scholarships Awarded

2007was another successful year for scholarships.  The support from our corporate sponsors continues to grow for this valuable program, enabling us to help professional guides reach their certification goals.  Without all of their support the AMGA would not be able to offer this valuable service.  We thank them for their generous support.

This year the pool of applicants was exceptional, and it was a difficult task to select the most qualified candidate for each scholarship.  Below is a list of the fortunate few who were awarded scholarships in 2007

Arc'teryx Scholarship
Full Tuition for any ski course or exam: Julia Niles--S2-SGC-07
Backcountry Access Scholarship
Full Tuition for any ski guide course: Chris Simmons--S5-SGC-07
Black Diamond Scholarship
Full Tuition for any course or exam: Matt Wade--R17-RGE-07
Casio-Pathfinder Scholarship
Full Tuition for any alpine or ski course or exam: Andy Politz--A4-AAGC/AE-07
GORE Scholarship
Full Tuition for any course or exam: Dan Starr--A9-AAGC/AE-07
Jim Ratz Memorial Fund
$500 for final IFMGA discipline advanced course or exam: Kevin--S9-SMGE-07
Julie Cheney Culbertson Scholarship
$250 for any continuing education by a women: Dawn Glanc
Mammut Scholarship
Full Tuition for any course or exam: Matt Farmer--S4-SMGE-07
Marmot Scholarship
Full Tuition for any course or exam: Olivia Cussen--S9-SMGE-07
Mike Hattrup Scholarship
$500 for Ski Mountaineering Guide Exam: Matt Farmer--S4-SMGE-07
Mountain Hardwear Scolarship
Full Tuition for any course or exam: Evan Stevens--S9-SMGE-07
Patagonia Women's Scholarship
Full Tuition for any course or exam: Winslow Passey--S9-SMGE-07
Petzl Scholarship
Full Tuition for any course or exam: Travis Piper--A8-AGE-07
The North Face Scholarship
Full Tuition for any alpine course or exam: Christian Santelices--A8-AGE-07
The Walker Family Foundation Scholarship
Full Tuition for any course or exam: Mark Puleio--S3-SMGC-07

High Sierras Rock and Ski Exam Graduates to Date

Three ski exams and two rock exams have taken place so far this year.  The AMGA community would like to congradulate those candidates who successfully passed their exams. There are still a number of rock exams to run this year as well as all of the alpine exams.  Good luck to all those folks who have yet to test their mettle!

So without further ado here are the names of our newest certified members.

IFMGA Guide                                              Skier

Matt Farmer
Evan Stevens
Dylan Taylor
Kevin Mahoney

Certified Rock Guide

Pete Keane
Matt Mieczkowski
Gary Falk
Nick Pope
Nathan Disser
David Lane
Matt Hegeman

Certified Rock Instructor

Tony Grice
Chris Tatum
David Potter

Certified Ski Mountaineering Guide             

Matt Farmer
Jamie Pierce
Christian Santelices
Evan Stevens
Dylan Taylor
Jonathon Spitzer
Kevin Mahoney
Eric Henderson
Anne Keller
Olivia Cussen
Winslow Passey

Well thats the down and dirty for now.  AMGA Office Out!

Henry Beyer
American Mountain Guides Association