October 1, 2014
 A New Title, Author Note, and Book Giveaway


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Forget the past. Fight to stay alive. In this issue of KidsBookClubbing, meet Querry Genn, who lost his memory -- and his identity -- in Joshua Bellin's debut science fiction novel SURVIVAL COLONY 9.               

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Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp




Age 14+ / YA Science Fiction / Margaret K. McElderry Books (Simon & Schuster)


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Dear Reader:


What would you do if you woke up one morning and couldn't remember anything about your life?


Including who you are.


That was the question that gave birth to my YA science fiction novel SURVIVAL COLONY 9. My narrator, Querry Genn, is a teen living in the harshest conditions imaginable: a desert world stalked by the Skaldi, monsters with the ability to mimic human hosts. And due to an accident, Querry's lost everything from his past, even his own identity.


Without a memory, Querry's a risk to the members of his colony. Without a memory, he's not sure if Korah, the beautiful girl in Survival Colony 9, is simply being friendly or if there's more to their past. Without a memory, he doesn't know if his friends are just acting strange or if there are monsters in their midst. And without a memory, he doesn't know how to find out.


What would you do?


Happy reading!




Book Reviews:


"Joshua David Bellin brings serious game in a post-apocalyptic thriller that collides breathless action with devious world building and genuine heart. A terrific novel!"
-Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Rot & Ruin and V-Wars


"Gripping and action packed. Just when I thought I knew what was coming, another twist would shock me. Superb!"
-Heather Anastasiu, author of the Glitch trilogy

Discussion questions:    

  1. Querry Genn, the narrator of SURVIVAL COLONY 9, suffers from traumatic memory loss. Talk about the role of memory in this novel. Why is memory so important to Querry and to others in his survival colony? What are memory's benefits -- and risks?
  2. The world depicted in this novel presents many challenges to the members of Survival Colony 9. What do you think their biggest challenge is? How successful are they in meeting this challenge?
  3. The things we're afraid of tell us a lot about ourselves. What do the monsters in this novel tell us about the human characters?

To read an excerpt from SURVIVAL COLONY 9 and keep up with the author via his blog, Twitter, and Facebook, please visit his website.  


Author Call-In Information: Joshua David Bellin is happy to call-in to your club. He can also meet with your group if you live in southwestern Pennsylvania or parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Email the author to submit your request. 

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