August 1,  2014
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In this issue of KidsBookClubbing, you'll meet   

- Frankie, Evelyn and the three Thompson brothers in their journey to the mysterious island, Ayda, in G.A. Morgan's THE FOG OF FORGETTING.


- five strangers as they have countless adventures (and one epic way to get lost!) in Adi Alsaid's debut novel, LET'S GET LOST.

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Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp 




Ages 10 and up / YA Fantasy Adventure / Islandport Press   


Win a set of THE FOG OF FORGETTING by G.A. Morgan for your book club. Enter to win by emailing the publisher (write "KidsBookClubbing" in the subject line).  


Dear Reader,


I hope you like THE FOG OF FORGETTING. This book is very important to me because it is the first book in a trilogy (called The Five Stones) and introduces you to some great characters and a lot of action. In this book, I wanted to write about siblings and family (the ones we are born to and the ones we discover), about adventure, and about getting lost and trying to find our way home -- wherever that may be. I am also intrigued by ancient, mysterious places with hidden pasts and uncertain futures. It's a good book to get lost in -- and maybe found! If my book could stick with you as you go  on your own adventures the way my favorites have stuck with me -- well, that would be something. I think I will have done my job. But you can let me know.


May your day lights speak to you,

G.A. Morgan 


Book reviews:


"There's nothing like a foggy island to capture the imagination... Morgan's ambitious debut novel, the first book in the Five Stones Trilogy, has a mildly British feel to it, with...nods to Swallows and Amazons and Harry Potter...the story is infused with philosophy about the circular nature of life and loss, as well as personal power...A complex adventure to curl up with on a rainy summer afternoon."
- Kirkus Reviews   


"In Ayda, G.A. Morgan has created an imaginative world, a beautiful and dangerous island where myth becomes reality. Readers will be carried along by this fast-paced adventure, and eager to journey back for the next installment."

- Megan Frazer Blakemore, author of The Spy Catchers of Maple Hill and The Water Castle


Discussion questions: 

1. In the beginning of THE FOG OF FORGETTING, the main characters are displaced and out of sorts. It takes getting lost to bring them together. Have you ever experienced a similar situation?

2. Chase seems to be the protagonist of the story, but there are so many important characters. Who is another one of your favorite characters in the story and why?

3. The number 5 is significant throughout the story -- there's five children, five stones, etc... Can you think of other ways the number 5 is significant in our world (ex: 5 senses)?

To keep up with the author, visit her blog and website


Author call-in information: G.A Morgan is happy to receive emails and get in touch with book clubs. Email the author to submit your request. 


Ages 14 and up / Contemporary YA Fiction / HarlequinTEEN

Win a set of LET'S GET LOST by Adi Alsaid for your book club. Enter to win by emailing the publisher (write "KidsBookClubbing" in the subject line).


Dear Reader,


Leila's on a road trip to go see the Northern Lights. But you don't know why she's going or who she really is, because you only get to see her through the eyes of the characters that she meets along the way.


Whether I'm traveling, reading, or writing, I like putting myself in the shoes of as many people as possible. Combine my actual road trip experiences and my love of multiple perspectives and LET'S GET LOST was born.  

Five coming-of-age stories all rolled into one, brought together by the mysterious Leila, who comes crashing into four teens' lives when they're right in the middle of their own stories. I loved the idea of having a road trip story told through the eyes of those who aren't on a road trip, characters that are in one place, whose lives are affected by the protagonist they know nothing about. The result, I think, is a book that's more than just a road trip story.


Go on. Get lost. Enjoy it.




Book reviews


"Reminiscent of John Green's Paper Towns, Alsaid's debut is a gem." 
- School Library Journal

"Characters are portrayed attractively and with a colorful authenticity... An entertaining and romantic road-trip debut." 
- Kirkus Reviews

"Debut author Alsaid creates enough adventure to make the stories feel breathless." 
- Publishers Weekly


Discussion questions:

1. Leila is traveling cross-country to see the northern lights in Alaska when she meets these four other teens along the way. Have you ever been on a road trip?
In Bree's chapters, she talks about seizing the Tuesday -- or rather just seizing the moment. Do you have a time you'd like to share where you seized a moment?  

3. Do you think that it's true that sometimes it takes getting lost to find what you've been looking for?   


To keep up with Adi Alsaid, visit his blog and website.  

Author call-in information:
Adi Alsaid is happy to talk with your book club or book group. Visit his website and leave a message or email his publisher. 

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