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June 19, 2014


We have two terrific novels, one an e-book, for your book club this month:

-Set along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the stories of three women and the men they love come together in Roy Hoffman's Come Landfall.
-Three lonely people who may (or may not) glimse UFOs, find love and redemption in M.A. Harper's Diamonds in the Sky.


Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp 


Come Landfall
by Roy Hoffman

Fiction / 288 pages / Hardcover

University of Alabama Press /
April, 2014


Dear Reader: 


I was named for a U.S. Marine, my Uncle Roy, a World War II POW "lost at sea." His absence became the seed of my contemporary novel, Come Landfall, turning on the hopes of the woman who loved him, in her 80s now, still dreaming of her shining officer, her granddaughter, enraptured by an Air Force weather specialist eager to go to Iraq, and their teenage friend, the daughter of a Vietnamese shrimper with her own romantic yearnings.


In Come Landfall, set on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with its contrast of Old South antebellum homes and New South casinos, women hold each other up as storms, of all kinds, make their landfall. What is the effect of war on the home front as the generations unfold? How does love buoy us up when tumultuous events engulf us? My uncle's story set these questions in motion for me. By entering the hearts of my characters it is you who answer them.


Roy Hoffman

Fairhope, Alabama    
About Come Landfall:

In a home in Biloxi, Mississippi, looking out to the Mississippi Sound, Christiane, her granddaughter Angela, and their young friend, Cam, play out their lives against a backdrop of far-off wars, looming hurricanes, and the men they love. With the impact of World War II, Vietnam, and the War in Iraq shaping their experiences, these three women create a sustaining bond in the 21st century Deep South. Angela's beloved, Frank, an Air Force weather specialist, opens a window on the importance of the elements, too, where hurricanes smash ashore. Come Landfall is a novel about storms that rock the world, and churn the heart.


Reviews of Come Landfall: 


"Hoffman's generation-spanning novel of love, war, and hurricanes brings the Mississippi Gulf Coast vividly to life."  
-Reader's Digest: "7 Great Books From Small Presses"


"A novel of war, women, and weather, Roy Hoffman's Come Landfall is, above all, a book of passionate and permanent connecting. It will seize your heart and not let go."
-Sena Jeter Naslund, author of Ahab's Wife and The Fountain of St. James Court


To learn more, visit Roy Hoffman's website and follow him on Facebook
Roy Hoffman is available to speak to your book club by phone, Skype, or in person. Contact Roy to arrange a discussion.


Diamonds in the Sky
by M.A. Harper
Fiction / 259 pages / E-book
booksBnimble /
January, 2014 
Dear Readers:


Have y'all ever experienced love as magic? The very fact that we even got born seems miraculous. When I look back through old photos, or way back at my family tree, how much of my very existence owes itself to uncanny coincidence? Falling in love's a magical accident, and DIAMONDS IN THE SKY marvels at all the splendor, tears and craziness of its cause-and-effect. We don't have to be readers of "romance" novels for love to speak to us -- it's so much more than  romance, and there are so many kinds. Like gravity, it's universal. A law of physics, maybe? All I know is, it's the only game in town: gorgeous, sad, hilarious, but always a Reason To Be. Maybe THE reason. This book reminds you just how BIG it all is. And how breathtaking.

Your pal,

M. A. Harper



About Diamonds in the Sky:

DIAMONDS IN THE SKY tells of three lonely people in scattered places, thrown together through glimpses of what may (or may not) be UFOs. But that truth might not matter; it's the people who do. Caddy, an outsider who never knew her father, has no idea how much she needs Alec, until she meets him. Alec, stuck in a bad relationship, is going nowhere -- until a way is opened. And old Hatchell, just waiting to die, is magically given a reason to live. The Universe is immense. So is love.


Review of Diamonds in the Sky: 
"The magic here isn't really UFOs but...scarred, sometimes-insecure, entirely lovable characters... The romantic plot is sweet, hot and well-paced. Deft characterization, wry humor and quiet but momentous scenes of growing affection create a deep-down satisfying novel."
-Kirkus Reviews

To learn more, visit M.A. Harper's website, follow her on Facebook,
and visit her publisher's website.


M.A. Harper is available to speak to your book club by phone, Skype, or in person. Contact her through her website to arrange a discussion. 

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