March 17,  2014
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In this issue of KidsBuzz, you'll meet Lionel and Alisa who find an abandoned baby in SAVING BABY DOE by Danette Vigilante.



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Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp 



Ages 10 & up / Middle-Grade Fiction / G.P. Putnam's Sons


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I wrote SAVING BABY DOE because, like most people, abandoned babies break my heart. I often think about what I'd do if ever I came upon a baby left alone to fend for itself. Surely I'd want to adopt him or her, giving so much love it would wrap around the world many times over. But, what if the baby was found by teens just like Lionel and Anisa, best friends, without the means to take care of a baby? What if these teens had been abandoned in one way or another by their own parent? For Lionel, the need to ensure that Baby Doe grows up knowing she is loved is so strong, he's willing to do anything to make that happen. But, how far will he dare to go? 


SAVING BABY DOE is a story of a young boy's journey to discover his self-worth, and what it means to be truly loved.

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Book Reviews:


"An... appealing tale of urban friendship."
-Kirkus Reviews 


"I don't think I'm surprising anyone when I say that Latino boys are the rarest kiddos you'll find on a jacket, regardless of whether it's a board book, middle grade, or YA fiction. Fortunately ... Danette Vigilante has penned this year's MG [Middle Grade] novel Saving Baby Doe. And better still, she's allowing me to premiere her book trailer for it.  So here you go folks. Fresh off the presses and ready for the book's March debut...." 
-Elizabeth Bird, Fuse Eight, School Library Journal blog

Discussion questions:

  1. Why is Lionel determined to help Baby Doe?
  2. How does Mr. Owen help Lionel and why?
  3. What do you think of Lionel and the decisions he makes?
  4. What do Lionel and Anisa have in common with the baby?
  5. Discuss Lionel's relationship with his mother. Why was she so concerned about him?Discussion questions:



"Unresolved grief and its many negative consequences is a prevalent theme, and touchy topics like sex and death are tackled frankly and with tremendous insight. Many aspects of this book are especially welcome for middle-grade fiction, including the authentic urban setting, the positive and purely platonic relationship between the male and female protagonists, and a cast of multidimensional Latino characters."
- Booklist

"Vigilante's finely tuned depiction of Lionel's neighborhood and of his jumbled feelings which sometimes leads to his making poor choices, is both believable and engaging. With a surprise twist in the middle and a light hand with the drama, this is a great selection for middle school readers, who will empathize with Lionel throughout."
-The Horn Book

Danette would love to connect with you either via her Facebook author page, blog or Twitter. There, you can also learn more about her debut novel, THE TROUBLE WITH HALF A MOON. To do so, please
visit her website and visit the Fuse Eight blog for the book trailer.      

Author call-in information
: Danette Vigilante is happy to call-in to (or Skype with) your club. She can also meet with your group if you live in the New York City area. Email Danette
to submit your request.


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