October 15, 2013

  Kids' Authors Share Their Stories

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In this issue of KidsBuzz, featuring book giveaways and behind-the-scenes stories from top kids' authors, you'll meet...      


...Jenny Kramer who can see the past lives of people around them and discover what happens when she and Ben Daulton stumble on a music box in ENDLESS, an amazing story of time travel and love


...and seventeen-year-old Jet Black, a ninja (though she doesn't know it!) who travels to Japan to protect a family treasure in JET BLACK AND THE NINJA WIND.


Warm wishes,


Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp


Ages 12 & up / Young Adult Paranormal / month9Books  


Win a set of ENDLESS by Amanda Gray for your book club. Enter to win by emailing the publisher    (write "Kidsbookclubbing" in the subject line.) 


 Dear Reader,


What could be more romantic than traveling through time and space to find your one true love? And what could be more interesting than the possibility of electromagnetic fields as portals to another time?


ENDLESS is a story that swept me away to another time and place. A time and place where the possibilities for love are limitless, and no distance is too great to find it again.


Admit it; even the toughest, strongest, most independent of us can appreciate a good romance. Throw in one of the most fascinating and tragic events in Russian history and a healthy dose of historical mysticism, and you have a story that appeals to romantics and smart girls alike.


Because who says the two are mutually exclusive?


I hope you enjoy it. And I hope it's a reminder that true love always finds a way home.


Romantically yours,


Amanda Gray


Book reviews:

 "An instant romantic classic, I didn't want to end." 

-Alyson Noel, author of Blue Moon


"Readers will quickly come to love this book. Protagonist Jenny is brave, loyal and quick on her feet, and soon you'll be completely drawn into Jenny's world. The plot is new and exciting, forcing readers to stay up late into the night to reach the ending. And once they do, they'll be left anxiously awaiting the sequel." 

-RT Book Reviews


Discussion questions:

1. If you could have any past life, what would it be?  

2. How do you think Jenny's past life, though she doesn't remember it, impacts her present personality and behavior?  

3. Do you think Ben got a fair shot in Jenny's life? Is he better friend than boyfriend material?  

4. How much do you think Jenny's dad really knows about his wife/Jenny's mom?  

5. Do you think Jenny and Ben should have involved more adults to help them fight against The Order? Should Jenny have told her dad?  

6. BONUS: What do you think will happen in the follow-up book?


To learn more about ENDLESS, please see the publisher's blog and the GoodReads page.


AUTHOR CALL-IN INFORMATION: Amanda Gray is happy to email with your club.  Email the publisher to submit your request.


Ages 12 & up / Young Adult Fiction / Tuttle

Win a set of JET BLACK AND THE NINJA WIND by Leza Lowitz and Shogo Oketani for your book club. Enter to win by emailing the authors (write "Kidsbookclubbing" in the subject line.)

Dear Reader,

When I was little, I loved reading about strong girls like Joan of Arc, Calamity Jane, and Helen Keller. They made me feel powerful, like I could do anything.


So when I moved to Japan, I looked for girl power there. I only found stories of dainty girls in kimonos. Where were the female warriors? They were hidden. They were ninja.


You might imagine B-Grade Hollywood assassins, but ninja were tribal people who developed secret arts to protect themselves.


I was interested in that history; Shogo loved Native American culture. We connected Japanese tribal lore with the story of some special
modern warriors--the Navajo Code Talkers.

Through this multicultural adventure, we hope you'll learn more about these American heroes while discovering the real face of the ninja--and meeting Jet Black.


She's the last living female ninja in the world.


She's also the last one to know it.


With a spin-kicking Sayonara (for now),


Leza (& Shogo)



Book reviews:


"A page-turner rich in striking ideas, unexpected action and fascinating cultural and language secrets! This pacey, intelligent yarn brings together feisty young modern characters, epic derring-do and an ancient mystery. Few debut novels exude such powerful and unique magic and romance! Let the wind blow!"
-Simon Higgins, author of Moonshadow: Rise of the Ninja

 "A visual experience akin to watching an epic thriller film. Five stars!"  
-Liza Dalby, author of Geisha

"In this meticulously researched adventure...Oketani and Lowitz evoke the atmosphere and richness of Japanese culture and mythology, delving into the lore of the ninja...
The physical descriptions are lush, the action sequences almost cinematic, and the details are steeped in authenticity."  
-Publishers Weekly

Discussion questions:   


1. Who were the ninja, and why was their history so secret?

2. Who were the Navajo Code Talkers, and why were their actions kept hidden for so long?

3. Why did the Native Americans (The Navajo) decide to help the descendants of the Native Japanese (The Emishi) in this book?

4. The idea of a "homeland" is central to each character's quest in Jet Black. Can you explain why it is important to at least three of the different characters?

5. Jet's grandfather Masakichi teaches her about karma.  What is karma? Do you believe it exists?
6. BONUS QUESTION: What is "the ninja wind" and how does Jet become it? Is it possible to "become"  an element--such as fire, wind, earth, water?     


Watch the exciting book trailer created by Chris Mauch (who storyboarded the upcoming film of Divergent!) and learn more at the authors' website.


AUTHOR CALL-IN INFORMATION: Leza and Shogo are happy to email or Skype with your club. Email the authors to submit your request.

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