August 1,  2013

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Bubble World


Dear Readers, 

In this issue of KidsBuzz, you'll meet spunky, hilarious Freesia Summers who lives on a "seemingly

magical island" (Kirkus) in Carol Snow's BUBBLE WORLD.



Warm wishes, 


Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp 


Ages 12-17 / YA Fiction - Science Fiction / Henry Holt Books for Young Readers

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Dear Reader,


As a kid, I lost myself in books and TV shows. Prairies, genie bottles, spaceships: all beat suburban New Jersey. Of course, in the days before video games and online role playing, escapism could only take you so far. Now that I've got two teenagers, I wonder how technology and social networking affect their friendships, their education, and their view of the word.


In BUBBLE WORLD, my latest young adult novel, Freesia Summers lives the ultimate escapist fantasy on an island paradise populated by gorgeous, party-loving teens. Too good to be true? Definitely. But when a blackout lands Freesia in an all-too-real American high school, she concludes that reality is overrated.


Happy reading,


Carol Snow



Book reviews:


"Freesia lives on a seemingly magical island where every whim is answered in this nifty sci-fi comedy . . . With constantly clever comic writing, Snow disguises her serious examination of the dangers involved in immersion in fantasy and living by whim. Freesia uses an aggressively vapid, too-hip vocabulary, in which something really good is 'de-vicious' and a kiss is a 'face link,' to heighten the fun. Freesia's plenty spunky, and so is this hilarious book."

-Kirkus Reviews


"Snow (Snap, 2009) nestles a powerful message about bravery, self-confidence, and integrity in the midst of fluffy, irreverent talk of fashion and teen idols and a virtual world at the crossroads of The Matrix and Barbie's Dreamhouse."  



Discussion questions:

  1. Do you think Freesia would have remained happy on the island if she had stayed for years without ever learning the truth about "the mainland"?  
  2. Which of Freesia's friendships were more "real" - the ones on the island or the ones at her high school?  
  3. How do you think technology affects the way teens relate to each other and to their parents?  
  4. Would you participate in a "virtual learning community" if given the chance?  


To learn more about Carol Snow and her books, visit her website; from there you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or (in her words, her very personal time-waster) Instagram.


CALL-IN INFORMATION: Carol welcomes Skype requests from book clubs. To set up a time to chat, drop her an email.


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