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Dear Friend of the NRLI Program,

With the holidays upon us, reminders are everywhere that we should be thankful for what we have and focus on what we can do for others. Seasonal generosity provides a welcome respite from raging debates at local, state, and national levels about whether we should prioritize economic livelihoods and individual rights or sustainable management of our natural resources.

In the first four sessions of NRLI class XIV, we have learned from Florida communities where such debates are occurring. In the Indian River Lagoon, an environmental crisis is pitting different interest groups against each other; who and what is at fault? In Tampa Bay, negotiation and dialogue has enabled a diverse set of stakeholders to begin to clean up the bay and improve the quality of life for everyone who depends on it. In Pensacola, a coastal community is struggling with the threat of encroaching Gulf waters, and in Immokalee, an endangered species is the source of passionate discussion about property rights, land use, livestock and pet depredation, and the value of endangered species.  

NRLI was founded on the belief that we must consider both people and the environment. We can be civil to each other and meet people's economic and cultural needs. We can protect the environment and sustain the natural resources that we all depend on. There are now more than 240 NRLI alumni from more than 100 organizations who have been trained in collaborative problem solving. Let's take a moment this holiday season and consider what we can do to spread the word.

Happy Holidays,


Jonathan Dain
NRLI Director

Florida Panther.
Photo by Tim Donovan, FWC
Class XIV Session 4 Newsletter


Endangered Species:
The Future of the Florida Panther


Session Overview

Curriculum Focus: Designing Effective Meetings and Multi-Stakeholder Processes
Finding Win-Win Solutions: Is Reaching Consensus Required?
(article by Class XIV Fellows Gene McAvoy & Tamela Kinsey)

NRLI Class XIV Fellow Spotlight
Gene McAvoy
Stacie Auvenshine
Beth Dieveney
NRLI Alumni Spotlight
Bryan Fluech, UF/IFAS County Extension Director & Florida Sea Grant Extension Agent (Collier County)

Looking Ahead:
Class XIV Session 5

NRLI Class XIV will be in Key Largo January 8-10, 2015 for Session 5. The issue focus is Sea Level Rise.

Check out some news stories related to sea level rise planning in Key Largo:


The $27 Billion Question-Can the Florida Keys adapt to sea level rise? The Nature Conservancy: 


Key West Awash With Plans For Rising Sea Level. Greg Allen, NPR, Nov. 12, 2013:  


NRLI Class XV (2015-2016)   

The schedule for Class XV (2015-2016) has been set, including dates, venues, and topics. Applications and nominations are currently being accepted!

Click here for more information on Class XV, including application/nomination instructions.

Please spread the word!             


NRLI Alumni Association


Attention NRLI Alumni! If you aren't already a member of the NRLI Alumni Association, we encourage you to join! The dues are only $25 annually, or $125 for a lifetime membership, and the funds help support alumni training and enrichment, and alumni-sponsored scholarships for incoming NRLI fellows.

Please contact Craig Diamond, NRLI Alumni Association Treasurer, for more information on memberships (

Also, please be on the lookout for an email regarding an Alumni Training Survey. We want to hear from you regarding training topic and location preferences.



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