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Nov. 27, 2015      
                                             Vol.2 Issue 5

 Forget about Black Friday, here are # 2 & # 3 of upgraded wheel, tire and accessory packages for Touring Bikes with special pricing to help our dealers take advantage of  Hawg Halters Blue Friday Deals.  Delivering parts " Made in The USA" is not just a slogan to us, but a commitment to quality, fit and performance.  From Nov. 26th to Dec 31st HHI is driving awareness of our upgrade kits to the market place and building an opportunity for our dealers to come along for the ride! Jump on our packages and let your retail customers know about your new HHI deals!

Count on us, when you want to build it right ! 
Have a safe & Happy Thanksgiving !
Hawg Halters Inc.

HHI Blue Friday and Fall Special  # 2 

HHI has a 23 inch wheel upgrade package for Touring Bikes that includes the HHI X23 Bolt on Triple Tree in Black for 87-2013 touring bikes, a 23 x 3.75 inch Renegade Wheel in black or chrome with a mounted & balanced 130-23 Avon Tire, 2 matching Cog Drive Rotors, an HHI Slim Cut Wrap fender, and Fender Spacer Kit for stock lower legs. This 23 inch package is available for $2377,00. The same kit that fits 2014 and up Touring Bikes also includes the correct ABS wheel adapter & TracMax ABS controller for $ 2577.00.

HHI Blue Friday and Fall Special  # 3

HHI has a second 23 inch conversion kit with a 13 inch Single Sided Rotor and 6 piston caliper upgrade, that includes the X23 Bolt On Triple Tree in Black for 87-2013 touring bikes, a 23 x 3.75 inch Renegade Wheel in black or chrome, a mounted & balanced 130-23 Avon Tire, a set of HHI's Billet Single Sided Lowers
, our FLR Wrap Fender and matching HHI 4 bolt fender mounts, & a custom Brake Line kit. This 23 inch package is available for $ 2933.00. The 2014 wheel package with ABS adapter & TracMax ABS controller sells for $ 3395.00.

The Fine Print for HHI's "Forget about Black Friday Sale"

Just so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday....don't worry, our Special Pricing is valid until Dec.31st.

All our packages can be ordered in either Chrome or Black finishes for our 
X-23 Triple Trees, HHI Billet Lower Legs, Fender Spacers, Brake Calipers and of course our Renegade Wheels.

If your upgrade selection requires a Phantom Cut Renegade Wheel, then you need to add to the 23 inch package $148.75.

We have many styles of Renegade Wheels in stock of both 21 & 23 inch sizes for immediate delivery. You can order a style not in stock and still benefit from the Special Pricing Packaging.

We have been asked about the Special Renegade Wheel Color Program. This special treatment is not included in the sale package.

From all of us at Hawg Halters have a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving!

Call 1-877-442-5837 or visit www.hawghalters.com for further information

All HHI Blue Friday & Fall Specials are available until Dec 31 St. 2015. 
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