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San Bernardino Associated Governments, known as SANBAG, is the council of governments and transportation planning agency for San Bernardino County. SANBAG is responsible for cooperative regional planning and furthering an efficient multi-modal transportation system countywide. SANBAG serves the 2.1 million residents of San Bernardino County.
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Did you know?


Not only is SANBAG the transportation planning agency for San Bernardino County - proudly administering the Measure I half-cent sales tax for transportation and delivering critical transportation projects for our region - but we also have responsibilities as a council of governments.


A council of governments (COG) is a voluntary association that represents member agencies, mainly cities and counties, that seek to provide cooperative planning, coordination, and technical assistance on issues of mutual concern that cross jurisdictional lines.


We thought you might want to know a little bit about what we are up to as a COG, so we created this special edition.  Read on and enjoy!


First, a little history...


SANBAG was formed as a COG in 1973.  Measure I passed in 1989 and was extended in 2004 until 2040, giving SANBAG many of its transportation responsibilities known more commonly today.  But many residents don't know that SANBAG has been a strong regional partner in other areas including:


         SANBAG has organized 30 annual City/County Conferences, with our 31st Annual event coming on March 26-27, 2015!

         Convened the City/County Technical Advisory Committee for more than 40 years, covering such diverse topics as energy, water, waste, public safety and storm water issues.

         Historically coordinated San Bernardino County's Regional Housing Needs Assessment, outlining how this region plans for future growth and housing needs.  The Southern California Association of Governments adopts the plan and the existing plan covers the region through 2021.

         Conducted annual surveys with Cal State San Bernardino of issues facing the region.

         Monitored land use inventory, comparing projected land use with actual land use.


Now, here's a little idea of what we've been up to lately...

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Board of Directors looking for opportunities to create efficiencies in transit services  

At the February 4th meeting of the SANBAG Board of Directors, the Board voted to review options for creating efficiencies through a potential consolidation of Valley Transportation Services Inc (VTrans), the consolidated transportation services agency, and Omnitrans, the transit operator in the West Valley.  Omnitrans is required by federal law to provide paratransit services for transportation persons with disabilities through their Access service. 


VTrans partners with Omnitrans to help train riders on how to use the fixed-route system, thereby diverting trips from the more expensive Access program.  This review will help to yield recommendations on potential program and agency consolidation, shared resources, and other shared services going forward.  In addition, this review is also expected to result in program performance measures to help evaluate the services offered and gauge the future effectiveness of travel training programs.

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HERO by the numbers     




8,052 approved projects

6,589 completed projects


$117,180,987 value of completed projects


41.2 million KWh saved

11,275 tons of GHGs reduced


HERO investments stimulate direct economic opportunity in San Bernardino County.




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