July 2014 - In This Issue:
Express Lanes Identified as Locally Preferred Alternative for I-10
Environmental review process continues   

On Wednesday, the SANBAG Board of Directors voted to select the Express Lanes Alternative for the Interstate 10 (I-10) Corridor Project as the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA). 


The Board has been actively studying the consideration of express lanes on I-10 in San Bernardino County for nearly two years.  The selection of the LPA allows staff to focus on a variety of tasks to deliver the project in an effective and efficient manner, while still accommodating an objective, public-involved environmental process.  


High Desert Corridor Project Approaching Draft EIS/EIR
60-day review and comment period expected this summer     


The High Desert Corridor is a 63 mile corridor between State Route (SR) 14 in Los Angeles County and SR-18/Bear Valley Road in San Bernardino County. This multi-purpose corridor is envisioned to facilitate a variety of travel modes in the fast-growing high desert region. Currently in the midst of the environmental process, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) have recently completed a Rail Alternatives Analysis and the Draft Technical Studies to be included in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (EIS/EIR). The Draft EIS/EIR is anticipated to be released in August 2014 for a 60 day public comment and review period, during which LA Metro is expected to hold four public meetings. Two of these meetings will feature a webcast component to accommodate participation along such a lengthy corridor.


Following this, approval of the Final EIR/EIS is expected in Spring 2015. For more information, please visit the project site at: http://www.metro.net/projects/high-desert-corridor/


Homeless Outreach Proactive Enforcement Program
Anti-panhandling campaign in San Bernardino County


San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department gave a presentation to the SANBAG Board of Directors on the Homeless Outreach Proactive Enforcement (HOPE) Program.  The HOPE Program consists of a four person team who deal specifically with homeless related issues and other quality of life issues such as panhandling.  During the pilot phase of the program it was discovered that 60% of panhandlers were in fact not homeless. The majority of the panhandlers were soliciting for addiction issues. As of June 2014 there were 740 panhandling calls for service in the areas that the San Bernardino County  Sheriff's Department services.



The HOPE Program has an anti-panhandling campaign and they would like to collaborate with cities and towns in its implementation.  The campaign would include anti-panhandling signs and would seek to increase diversion of homeless persons from the streets to service providers throughout the county where they can get the help and services that they need.  By educating the general public about the costs of panhandling and providing them with a positive way to help the homeless population, removes the incentive for panhandlers while removing blight,  improving the quality of life for everyone in the county.




Ranchero Road Interchange Project Showing Recovery
Bridge construction spans I-15



Construction crews from the Ranchero Road Interchange Project have started installing the new bridge falsework structure, marking another significant milestone of the construction process to recovery following the May 5th fire in Hesperia.


Nighttime closures on Interstate 15 will continue through the month of July as the project team diligently works to prepare for the new bridge connecting Mariposa Road on the east with Caliente Road on the west.  Information about the project, as well as details about upcoming closures, can be found on the Ranchero Road Interchange Project page on the SANBAG website at www.sanbag.ca.gov.



Construction Activity Expected near Santa Fe Depot
Safety First!

The Downtown San Bernardino Passenger Rail Project has been working behind the scenes at the Santa Fe Depot in preparation for the first visible signs of the extension into downtown San Bernardino.  Crews have been prepping the building for upcoming activity on the outside of the north and west sides of the historic depot.


Part of the commuter rail extension project will be the addition of a pedestrian overpass to allow safe access to a relocated boarding area just outside the depot.  New utilities, safety features, and clearing the way for the new structure will require restricitng pedestrian access at some locations around the building.  Visitors to the depot should be mindful of the construction signs and consider access from the east and south.



SANBAG 5-Year Service Honoree
Mitch Alderman, Director of Transit and Rail Programs
The SANBAG Board recognized Mitch Alderman's five years of service to the agency.  Mitch has 30 years of public and private sector experience in civil engineering and is currently the Director of Transit and Rail Programs.  Prior to SANBAG, Mitch served as the Chief of Rail Engineering for North County Transit District where he worked on the LOSSAN and Escondido corridors in San Diego County.  While working in the private sector, consulting on the Disneyland railroad system was among the many interesting endeavors Mitch participated in.




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July Calendar
Committee Meetings:
All committees are dark in the month of July
Other Significant Activities:
July   4   SANBAG Offices closed in observance of Independence Day
July 11   Metrolink Board Workshop
             Santa Fe Depot (San Bernardino)
July 15   WTS Annual Softball Game (Scholarship Fundraiser)  
             San Manuel Stadium (San Bernardino)
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