May 2014 - In This Issue:
Ranchero Road Interchange Project Suffers Fire Loss
SANBAG remains committed to delivery of project


On Monday, May 5th, the Ranchero Road Interchange Project was dealt a significant blow when a construction related fire resulted in the loss of the falsework, the temporary support structure used when building the bridge. In the immediate aftermath, San Bernardino County Fire, Caltrans, and the California Highway Patrol acted swiftly to try to save the structure, but it was not possible. We know that the closure of the freeway resulted in significant traffic jams and it was a long and difficult day for commuters.


In order to mitigate the impacts to commuters, work continued around the clock to extinguish the fire and clear debris so that the freeway could be reopened as expeditiously as possible. The Northbound lanes were open by 5:20 pm on May 6th, while the more damaged portion on the southbound side opened later that night at 11:45 pm.


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Fiscal Year 14/15 Proposed Annual Budget
More than $600 Million in Construction Funding

The SANBAG Board of Directors received a presentation on Wednesday May 7th on the proposed fiscal year (FY) 2014/2015 annual budget.  The $617.7 million budget includes funding for the construction of the Downtown San Bernardino Passenger Rail Project and San Bernardino Transit Center; interchange and grade separation projects such as the Laurel Street Grade Separation, I-15/Baseline Interchange, I-10 Tippecanoe Phase II, and the I-215 Barton Road Interchange; and continued work on freeway projects such as the I-215 Bi-County HOV Gap Closure Project.


The FY 2014/2015 Budget is scheduled for adoption at the June 4, 2014 SANBAG Board of Directors meeting.



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May is National Bike Month
"Blender Bikes" make debut at SANBAG Board Meeting

May is National Bike Month, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, and is celebrated in communities from coast to coast.   Bike to Work Week is May 12-16 and Bike-to-Work Day is May 16. In recognition of Bike Month, SANBAG invited the San Bernardino County Public Health Department to set up a "Healthy Foods" table at the Board meeting and bring their "Blender Bikes."
People could get on stationary bikes with blenders attached, and then use their own "pedal power" to actually blend smoothies. 




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SANBAG Advocates Boost to SB County Court System
Staffing issues require a regional solution


The SANBAG Board of Directors adopted a resolution advocating for additional resources for the San Bernardino County Superior Court system in order to minimize the impacts already being felt in our local communities as a result of recent court closures. 


For a county spanning 20,000 square miles, the proximity of courthouses to those with matters pending before the court carries significant cost and time pressures for impacted parties.


San Bernardino County is already facing the largest shortage of judges in the State of California. According to the statewide Judicial Needs Study released in October 2012, the San Bernardino Superior Court system should have 156 judges and more than 1,500 staff members, yet it operates with only 43% of that suggested staffing.


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Business Friendly Best Practices Booklet
Building successful enterprises in San Bernardino County

In May 2012, the SANBAG Board of Directors and the County Board of Supervisors adopted implementation goals for the Countywide Vision. One of those implementation goals was to "establish San Bernardino County as a model in the state where local governments, regulatory agencies and communities are truly business friendly."


The Jobs/Economy Element Group, which is made up of business and government representatives, developed an inventory of current "Business Friendly" best practices and sought to communicate those practices across the region. The results of their efforts were presented to the SANBAG Board of Directors on May 7th.


The inventory has four major sections and an appendix with information and contacts for the referenced programs. The major sections are Customer Service, Development Processing (City/County Project Approval Processes), Business Attraction/Retention, and Direct Business Assistance.


SANBAG encourages business owners, government entities, and residents to review the document and continue to build upon the ideas contained within it to help restore and grow our local economy.





Outreach Support Being Sought for I-10 and I-15 Corridors
SANBAG Board approved RFP for Public Outreach Services

SANBAG is currently looking at several alternatives to improve the flow of traffic along the I-10 and I-15 Freeway Corridors in San Bernardino County, in anticipation of future population growth.  Measure I, San Bernardino County's half cent sales tax for transportation, contemplates the addition of one carpool lane in each direction on the I-10 Corridor from Ontario to Redlands.  There is no funding available in Measure I for any projects along the I-15 corridor from the Riverside County Line through the Cajon Pass.


In order to help meet anticipated travel demands for these two corridors and acknowledging that studies have revealed that a carpool lane along the I-10 would again be congested in a short period of time, SANBAG has been evaluating alternatives.  The alternatives include an Express Lane option, which would manage congestion in the corridors through various pricing options.  

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HERO by the numbers
Total Apps
Approved Apps
Approved Amount
Funded Apps
Funded Amount
Sent Apps
Sent Amount
Signed Apps
Signed Amount
Completed Apps
Completed Amount


Economic Impact Calculations

  KW Installed Solar
2.50 Megawatts
  KW Hours Saved - Annually
19 GWh
  KW Hours Saved over Life of Installed Products
333 GWh
  GHG Reductions - Annually
4,792 Tons
  GHG Reductions over life of Installled Products
84,055 Tons
  *Est. # cars taken off the road for 15 years
736 Cars
  $ Saved - Annually
$1.99 Million
  $ Saved over Life of Installed Products
$72 Million
  Projected Annual Economic Impact
$214 Million
  Projected Annual Job Creation



May Calendar
Committee Meetings:
May 14 - General Policy Committee                 Cancelled
May 15 - Metro Valley Study Session               9:00 am    Board Room
May 15 - Commuter Rail/Transit Committee      Cancelled
May 16 - Mountain/Desert Committee               Cancelled
Public Events:
May 15   I-10/Citrus Avenue Interchange Dedication   5:30 pm   Fontana
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