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August 2013 

This month I want to remind you all that you will never rise higher than how you see yourself!

It is important that we see ourselves as great achievers and even more important that we focus on our own destiny.

Not all of us will travel the same path to reach our goals. The path chosen for you is necessary for you to reach your full potential and understand your greatness.

Let's make it happen this coming season!


Sheila Green, CEO

Elite Prospect Zone, Inc.

Featured Athlete
Cecil Williams
Committed to 
Harvard Univerisity
Cecil Williams II
Elk Grove, CA
6' 4", 220lbs
Class of 2014

Have you ever wondered how one individual can change the game by raising the bar to new heights? This month's featured athlete is doing just that. 

Cecil Williams II of Laguna Creek High School is one of the most well rounded young men I've ever met. It doesn't surprise me that Williams has committed to Harvard University to pursue a degree in neuroscience and play football.

His resume includes football, baseball, basketball, piano, fishing, and I've also seen him on the track. Most importantly, Williams carries a 4.3 grade-point average and is involved in his school's IB program. 

The eldest of four children, he leads by example. He and his siblings (Kylah, Jacob and Marina) are fluent in Spanish and are gifted on the piano. And his advice to them, "In school and everything you do, try to do your best to put yourself in the best possible position to be successful." 

Williams' success is inevitable. His parents, Cecil and Karen, have given him the tools for success and instilled in him values and the importance of faith in God. 

"My God is my inspiration, my rock, and my salvation," Williams said. "Inspiration also comes from my parents and my community who have raised me. I am only a reflection of my village."

This scholar athlete surrounds himself with people who share the same values as he; good grades, leadership, and humility. And at the prestigious Harvard University, he will attend school and play football with others who are striving to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, and businessmen.

Student athletes like Williams are a true example of determination. We look forward to staying in touch with the future Neurosurgeon.
Transferring from Junior College
Junior College to Division I or II Route

According to NCAA, thousands of junior college athletes receive scholarships and transfer to Division I schools each year. And about 13 percent of incoming student athletes at Division II schools are two-year college transfers.

In most cases, student athletes in football and basketball are required to sit out a year when transferring to a Division I school. The student athlete must spend one academic year in residence before he or she is eligible for competition. If you are junior college or two-year college transfer, contact EPZ today for assistance in determining if you are eligible to transfer. We can also provide you with information on one-time transfer exceptions.


It is important for student athletes who wish to transfer to understand the NCAA rules and guidelines.


Contact Us today for more information.

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Athlete Updates
Robert Sanders
Returns as Defensive Starter for Franklin of Elk Grove
Robert Sanders
Class of 2014
DB/LB/ATH, 5'9"
Haleigh Filer
2013 All-League, All-Metro, All-State, MVP
Expected to Lead Team in Upcoming Season
Haleigh Filer
Class of 2014
Guard, 5'8"
True Grit Sports 
True Grit Sports: Jesse Umeh
Jesse Umeh

NCAA Update
The NCAA and several conferences have severed ties with EA Sports. 
The Ed O'Bannon lawsuit argues that the NCAA and its institutions have unfairly profited from the use of names and likenesses of college athletes in video games without sharing royalty payments.  Read more
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