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"IHood is an uplifting work written by a born teacher. I would recommend it to all who are looking for comfort and inspiration in their lives."- Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president, Fordham University Read more testimonies ... 

 IHood Inspiration

How does one dedicated to the pursuit of spiritual awareness begin their journey? 
Dr. Jill Little in Assisi

"My first spiritual connection that I can recall was my baptism at the Panther Lake Chapel when I was about seven years old. 
I remember wearing a beautiful blue dress my mother had thoughtfully sewn for me for this special occasion.  My excitement was high with expectations of celebration, being honored with this gift from God.  I was also taken by the physical simplicity of this place as I knelt on the old pine bench."  Read more ...                   

Jill Little regularly sought inspiration in life. And, as evidenced in the book, she found the dragonfly to be a beautiful metaphor for our journey here on earth:

"A dragonfly learns to bend, shift, and adapt to the light around it in a variety of ways much like the maturation process illustrated in IHood: OurGPS for Living. We shed our ego while establishing a stronger connection with our spiritual side, evoking light. Like colors on a dragonfly that emerge over time, so does our spiritual side. We have the power to transform, adapt, and ultimately display our true colors."
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Recent Testimonies


"IHood: Our GPS for Living is a thought inspiring book that provides a compass for those of us navigating the waters of life."
Jack Luchsinger, Attorney and Author, The Thirteenth Disciple- Soldier or Saint 


"Dr. Little presents a compelling discussion of faith as the essence of personal direction." - Lee A. Black, Insurance Executive 


"IHood takes you on a journey of self-reflection which I deeply believe will naturally make you a better person for it gently moves you towards being a beacon of your own destiny. Once you read this book, you will be inspired to live every day, more fully, more brightly and more generously with those you know and those whom you may come to know, with love." - Lanette Ware-Bushfield, Actress/Writer and Executive Producer, a Bushfield Production, Inc. 



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Be part of the Divine Revolution readers say changes lives. IHood: Our GPS for Living is available now at your favorite bookseller.


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