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"IHood is an uplifting work written by a born teacher. I would recommend it to all who are looking for comfort and inspiration in their lives."- Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president, Fordham University Read more ... 

IHood is our internal compass - our navigational make-up that guides our choices between worldly chaos and the peace in which we are meant to exist. 
IHood: Our GPS for Living provides a life map that follows various stages 
of life. At each stage we make decisions based on our motivation and maturity that are greatly influenced
and controlled by the
balance between ego and spirituality.

This balance - our IHood -  is the critical element to functioning, and ultimately achieving peace in this world.
The Birth of IHood
Our life's path is not solely physical or spiritual, but rather the blending of our skills and abilities with intent to fulfill service to God. We become an instrument of love; completing the puzzle of our human mission.
 - Dr. Jill Little, Author, IHood: Our GPS for Living

The author on being inspired to write IHood: Our GPS for Living



"IHood: Our GPS for Living is a thought-inspiring book that provides a compass for those of us navigating the waters of life." 
- Jack Luchsinger, attorney and author, The Thirteenth Disciple-Soldier or Saint


"If you've ever had an ego problem through false pride, where you think more of yourself than you should or through fear or self-doubt, where you think less of yourself than you should, you need to read IHood: Our GPS for Living."- Ken Blanchard, co-author, The One Minute Manager and Lead Like Jesus


"This book could be proverbial light at the end of the legendary tunnel for many, especially new and confused parents." - Dr. Barry Quinn 


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Be part of the Divine Revolution readers say changes lives. IHood: Our GPS for Living hits bookstores April 1, 2013.


Now available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble