Fall Update!
              October 2015              
Dear Forever Family,                    
     Many exciting things are happening with New Beginning Support Ministry, and we wanted to provide you with an update before the hectic holiday season meleah 2013 is upon us.

     Please know that we continue to appreciate your faithful support through donations and prayers. We desperately need you to continue to support us in these ways. There are so few who care enough to pray for a ministry like ours let alone give financially. Your partnership with us is making a difference in lives each and every day.

      I continue to carry a heavy counseling load, seeing up to 10 clients per week which now includes a good deal of Skype counseling in addition to the traditional in-person sessions. Our men's group is growing, continues to meet twice monthly at First Baptist Church-Hendersonville and is led by our Men's Ministry Associate Rick Lepine. Parents are also meeting at Hendersonville First Baptist under the leadership of Kathy and Gary Pierson, former members of our parents support group. I am mentoring two ministry interns, Barbara Hutchins and Emily Kellogg, and they are a great source of support to me. Barbara has just begun mentoring her first ministry client, so we are truly seeing our work come full circle as those we have ministered to are now ministering to those in need. I am very excited for all of their continued futures in ministry.

     As many of you know I returned to college a couple of years ago to complete my education. I have two semesters remaining to complete my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Human Services at Montreat College. I am also working on a certification through the American Association of Christian Counselors in Biblical Life Coaching. This education is really helping me, as we are seeing clients with many additional issues to that of same-sex attraction. It is an exciting time in ministry no matter what the media reports. Lives are changing! Thank you for being a part of that change!!

Living Loved,
New Support Group
We welcome your attendance at and prayer support for a new support meeting that we are offering through one of our newest church partners, North Asheville Baptist Church. This is an open meeting, meaning you may join at any time.

Each week from 6:30-8pm on Wednesday evenings we meet to watch DVD teachings from the Hope for Wholeness curriculum. Most weeks we also have guest speakers share their stories. These are both men and women who are overcomers in the area of same-sex attraction and/or gender identity issues. We also have parents and family members to share their stories, which we know will help and inspire you in your own journeys.

Join us, if you need the group and if you don't, please continually lift this new group up in prayer.
Sexuality by God's Design 
Please join me on Wednesday evening, October 28th from 6:30-8pm when I will be offering a workshop at North Asheville Baptist Church on the issue of homosexuality.

In this seminar, I will share about the building blocks of a homosexual orientation, dispelling the myth that people are born gay. More importantly, I will explain that there are many variations of homosexuality and provide details on how to minister effectively to each. Lastly, I will provide insights on ways parents can help protect their children from some of the developmental issues they face that can later become those building blocks to a same-sex orientation.


Again, if you cannot attend, please pray for me, Barbara and Emily (who will be serving on the Q&A panel and working at our display table).  

AACC Conference Update 
In September, Emily Kellogg (an intern with the ministry) and I attended the American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference in Nashville, TN. It was an amazing week of inspiring speakers, excellent and helpful workshops and even a little fun thrown in for good measure. Emily and I both left feeling refreshed, re-equipped and reinvigorated for the year ahead. Please keep us in your prayers as she and I pray about applying to co-teach a workshop together when the conference is held again in two years.

Emily was even able to meet one of her heroes, Dr. James Dobson who has a strong partnership with the AACC. She was able to give him a letter sharing how much his teachings had helped her mother during a very difficult time in their lives. Since we returned, she received a nice email from someone on his staff saying how much the letter meant to Dr. Dobson.

 We continue to need your support. Please mail your donation checks to:
PO Box 12 Hendersonville, NC 28793 
or donate through our secure PayPal account below.

Save the


Our annual ministry Christmas Gathering/Support Meeting will be held at the Merrimon Avenue Baptist Church fellowship hall on Friday, December 4th from 6pm - 8:30 pm. We would love to see you there!

We will have inspiring stories, guest speakers, music, food and great fellowship.
For more information please email me at meleah@newbeginningsupport.org