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Dear Ministry Friend,

So much has occurred both personally and in our nation since I last wrote to you. My heart is heavy, but I am also elated due to this year's amazing Hope for Wholeness conference held the first week of June at Ridgecrest Conference Center. I have so much to share with you, and I hope you will take the time to read through each of the sections below. 

With regard to our nation and this week's decision by the Supreme court to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states, I believe Joe Dallas has captured my heart as well as my thinking on the matter in a blog from this week, so I will include a link to it and resist the urge to further comment. I believe he says all that needs to be said and in a very Holy Spirit inspired manner. He also shares about the recent Jonah situation which is also a concern to all of us who work in ex-gay ministry (for lack of a better term). Please, please continue to pray for us diligently as the heat rises on our work. 

Link to blog

What an amazing event we attended recently! It was literally the best conference I have ever been a part of, both as participant and speaker/teacher. 

Leaders from all over the country met in the chapel at the top of the hill at Ridgecrest Conference Center on Wednesday. We worshipped, and were encouraged as Bob Hamp exhorted us to "not add to the noise" but instead allow the Holy Spirit to bring words of life from each of us. His exact words to us were, "If what we say comes from us, we're just adding to the noise. Humanity doesn't need us, it needs God. We must receive, contain & broadcast God, not do something for him." We were enlightened, reminded and inspired. Thursday through Saturday the General Session filled with excited attendees who had come in the evening before and that morning. We heard story after story of God's beautiful redemption and healing. I shared from my heart (not the talk I had prepared as God changed that just hours before) of how much physical pain I had been in for so many months and how God was teaching me deeper surrender through it. Throughout the week we continued to attend workshops and sit in general sessions listening to wonderful Holy Spirit inspired teachers encourage and exhort us.

One of the most wonderful features of this year's event was the theme, Masterpiece in Process. McKrae and his team invited artists from around the country to perform their artistry right there during the sessions. There was a potter, a painter and worship through flags. We had writers sharing their works with us and poets their poetry. Our resident rocket scientist, Sonia, showed off her fantastic piano playing skills as did Brenna Kate with her awesome self written music. It was amazing to see the giftings of God's people. People, still in process in their healing journeys. I have never been so inspired! We were missing our sister Jeanette Howard, who is home recovering from breast cancer surgery. So we pasted her pic on popsicle sticks and brought her along for it all. I believe she was moved, and she is a "brit" so that isn't easy to do. (Just kidding, my friend and sister!)

On Sunday the magnificent minister, Bob Ragan led us in communion after Pastor Tony Moore delivered a message called Artistry on Display. He challenged all in attendance to not allow the fact that we have not arrived to hold us back from allowing God to use our gifts to show His glory and build His Kingdom. He also delivered a few sobering words, "Are you willing to allow your life to go to the lowest bidder?" Healthy food for thought. Finally, we shared the bread and the cup and brought our broken pieces to the alter. Most of us from New Beginning Support were in tears from start to finish. As a matter of fact, there were many tears throughout the conference, but they were tears of healing and joy. 

It wasn't all tears. There was plenty of time for laughter and fun. We partook of much cutting up and cackling over meals, at the bonfires and during the first ever Ladies Karaoke Night, thanks to yours truly (aka WNC Karaoke Queen). What was really special was after all the laughter and fun that night, we ended the evening with this encouragement from me (which I know came from Him because it was unplanned), "Ladies, this is God redeeming those early years, when we were little girls and many of us never had the chance to attend or host a slumber party and dance around our bedrooms with a hairbrush in our hand singing with our girlfriends, the right and innocent kind." You could have heard a pin drop at that point. I asked for a raising of hands of any who had been able to experience anything like that and none moved. It was emotional. So we sang one last Karaoke Song in unison, Awesome God. What started as silly fun turned to worship. I told you it was an amazing event all around. 

Thank you for your prayers that surrounded us before, during and after. There has been much warfare since the conference, and yet we are still encouraged...and changed. I hope you will plan to attend next year's event scheduled for June 1-5, 2016 at Ridgecrest.  
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Meleah Allard
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