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April, 2015
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We presume everyone is following the aftermath of the passage of Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Steve Sanders has written an excellent article at Article   Here is IU's recent release: Release We are covering RFRA daily on our Facebook page.

Enjoy the change of seasons and warmer weather and please be reminded how profoundly grateful the GLBTAA Board remains for your support. Thank you.  



Mike Shumate, Past President

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 1. Why Many Oppose Marriage Equality 



Brian Powell


Results of public opinion surveys undermine some of the primary arguments against legalizing same-sex marriage and provide support for legal challenges to marriage bans, according to research by sociologists at Indiana University and Columbia University.

Their article,  "Public Opinion, the Courts, and Same-sex Marriage: Four Lessons Learned,"  appears in the journal Social Currents as the marriage issue appears to be headed for a final resolution. The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to hear arguments in late April on state laws against same-sex marriage.

Brian Powell, the James H. Rudy Professor and Chair of the Sociology Department in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences, is lead author. He said marriage opponents typically argue that states should decide the rules for marriage based on the opinion of their residents.

Powell and co-authors Natasha York Quadlin, an IU Bloomington doctoral student in Sociology, and Oren Pizmony-Levy, an assistant professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, analyze results of IU's Constructing the Family Survey and the National Opinion Research Center's General Social Survey.  Examining quantitative and qualitative results, they draw four lessons:  (i) opposition to same-sex marriage is about animus, or moral disapproval; (ii) marital status brings clear benefits to same-sex couples; (iii) variation in state marriage laws puts same-sex couples in vulnerable positions; and (iv) many Americans don't understand the difference between marriage and civil unions. 

Opposition to marriage equality is largely about animus. Generally, courts have ruled that simple moral disapproval of an excluded group, without a compelling public interest, shouldn't be a basis for discriminatory laws. But, public opinion research finds a strong correlation between opposition to same-sex marriage and moral repugnance to homosexuality.  "The survey data are really clear," Powell said. "Among people who strongly oppose same-sex marriage, over 90 percent also think that same-sex relationships are immoral."

IU Maurer School of Law professor and GLBTAA board member, Steve Sanders, has explored in various ways how the legal concept of animus -- that is, the desire to use the law to harm a group without sufficient justification -- contributed to the enactment of anti-same-sex marriage laws in most of the country over a very short period of time.  Steve is co-counsel on an amicus brief recently filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in the pending marriage equality cases arguing that state bans on same-sex marriages are unconstitutional because they're based on animus. Steve's amicus brief was reported in paragraph #1 of our  March Newsletter


For IU's release regarding Powell's recent research findings, please see Release


For a WIBC interview with Powell, please go to Interview




2.  Quarryland Men's Chorus 



Quarryland Men's Chorus is preparing for its upcoming concert My Indiana Home: The Music of Hoagy Carmichael and Cole Porter. Scheduled for May 2nd and 3rd at First United Church in Bloomington, the concert celebrates two Indiana musical giants, including Bloomington native and IU alumnus Hoagy Carmichael. The Chorus will premier new arrangements of some of Hoagy's best known tunes, including "Heart and Soul," "Skylark," "In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening," and "Stardust." The concert also features a seldom-performed medley of well-known tunes by Indiana native Cole Porter, arranged by Bloomington's own Al Cobine. Cobine was best known as a big band arranger, bandleader, and saxophonist. Tickets for this fun program of finger-snapping and heartfelt music from Indiana's native sons are available through the Buskirk-Chumley Box Office at


The upcoming concert is the spring highlight of the group's 13th season. Recent performances included the Bloomington PRIDE Film Festival, the IU GLBTAA Pride Night at Assembly Hall, and the GLBTAA January reception at the Neal-Marshall Center. The December concert Silver Bells & Red Ribbons earned praise from Peter Jacobi from the Bloomington Herald-Times, who concluded "The 30-plus singers sounded awfully good, having been carefully trained by their artistic director, Barry Magee, and assistant Mitch Serslev. They also sang with generous spirit, this in part because they perform with multi-purpose: to entertain, to promote the chorus as a vital community institution, to remember victims of AIDS and, in Magee's words, 'to honor the many brave LGBT people who have served in our armed forces.'" The Chorus will also perform in Columbus, Indiana on June 3 and will conclude its 13th season June 6 at the annual Spencer, Indiana Pride celebration.


With music as its foundation, the Chorus continues to fulfill its mission of providing a positive, performance-based community for gay and bisexual men and their allies. Musical excellence and a strong sense of community have resulted in continual growth, with the ensemble now including 40 performers. Member feedback confirms the success of the Chorus in accomplishing its mission. Members describe the group as a way of engaging in the local arts scene and a place to make meaningful connections while performing great music. One member recently described why Quarryland is relevant and meaningful to him, stating "[i]n my recent life, I have rarely been in a mostly gay male environment. I believe that the chorus provides a social space that encourages me to relax into and celebrate the queer parts of myself. I think that is why gay social groups are still important. We are a minority; it's spiritually important to me to have moments of being in the majority." Like the GLBTAA, Quarryland Men's Chorus prides itself on providing just such a supportive and welcoming environment for GLBTQ people and allies. To learn more about the Chorus and its spring concert, please see its Facebook page at:



At IUB's Hoagy Carmichael Landmark Sculpture


 3. GLBTAA Scholarship Campaign


Please continue to "spread the word" about our ground-breaking Campaign, which will help to endow our GLBTAA Scholarship Program. We awarded eight academic scholarships for the 2015 spring semester. Each recipient will be featured in one of our Newsletters. Two are covered in paragraph # 6 below. After reviewing another heart-breaking story, we also awarded emergency funds to an IUB student. Since 2005, we have granted 57 scholarships (44 academic scholarships and 13 emergency scholarships) to IU students. Because of your generous support, we will be able to continue providing scholarships well into the future.  


Doug Bauder, Coordinator of IUB's GLBT Office, has commented recently about our Scholarship Campaign, "The Campaign is an affirmation that the university chose well when they opened the GLBT Student Support Services Office in 1994." Doug's quote is taken from a recent article about our Campaign that appeared in Inside IU Bloomington.



Contributions can be made online at Campaign Contributions If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Mike Shumate at [email protected]  or 858-922-6105; or IUAA Alumni Relations Officer Clarence Boone at 800-824-3044. Again, heartfelt gratitude to everyone for supporting our Campaign.


THANK YOU, IU alumni, faculty, staff, students, allies and our many friends!

4. Lambda Law Society



The Lambda Law Society at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law hosted its 7th annual Charity Drag Show on Saturday February 14th in the atrium of Inlow Hall on IUPUI's campus. This year's fundraiser was another huge success, raising proceeds for the Indiana Youth Group (IYG) and The Damien Center. The Indy Pride Bag Ladies emceed the event. Three McKinney students and one IU School of Medicine student performed as well. Daniel Jones, a third-year law student at McKinney, took home the crown for the third year in a row! IYG provides safe places and confidential environments where self-identified LGBTQ youth are empowered through programs, support services, social and leadership opportunities, and community service. IYG advocates on their behalf in schools, in the community, and through family support services. As Indiana's oldest and largest HIV/AIDS service organization, The Damien Center is a leader in HIV prevention and care.


Lambda Law Society would like to thank the students, faculty, staff, and all those in the community who came out to support this great cause. Additional thanks go out to all the local businesses that generously donated this year, especially Recess, Pizza King Indianapolis, and Hotel Tango Whiskey Distillery.



5. Facebook


The GLBTAA has had a Facebook page for some time now, but some of you may not be aware of it.  If you haven't already done so, check out our Facebook page at  "Like" our page and follow our Facebook posts regarding news, updates and information about our events.


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 6. Academic Scholarship Recipients 


CONGRATULATIONS are extended to Miranda E. Tate, one of our 2015 Spring Academic Scholarship recipients! Miranda is a sophomore at IU Bloomington working toward a degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Counseling, with possible aspirations in pursuing a Master's in Higher Education and Student Affairs.  She is involved in a number of extra curricula activities, including serving as a Resident Assistant at Stepping Stones, which provides transitional housing and crisis services for the homeless and at-risk youth in the Bloomington area. She is working with the IUB Student Advocates Office to host a new Transgender Awareness Program in the residence halls.  She also volunteered for Freedom Indiana. She is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon and is a 21st Century Scholar. Miranda talks about possibly becoming a university residence hall director, where she can mentor and counsel young people. Miranda reflects "Managing a residence hall will allow me to work with students in a holistic way, focusing on both their academic and personal development and helping them to be successful in college. Additionally, I look forward to utilizing my counseling skills to help students in crisis who may be dealing with challenging issues."  



CONGRATULATIONS are also extended to Jaimen Chisholm, another of our 2015 Spring Academic Scholarship recipients! Jai is a senior at IU Bloomington working toward a degree in Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Human Ecology in the School of Public Health - Bloomington. Jai's semester is wrapping up with an internship with Disabled Sports in the Eastern Sierra Mountains near Mammoth Lakes, California. After two months of intensive training, Jai is an intern ski instructor teaching a wide array of students with any level of cognitive or physical disabilities. An entire week was devoted recently to helping wounded warriors, and Disabled Sports' reach even extends to local elementary schools. Following graduation, Jai is contemplating service with the Peace Corps and ultimately settling in a location, where Jai's love for the outdoors can be maximized. Jai's ultimate aspiration at this point would be facilitating outdoor education and adventure-based experiences. Jai reflects "I enjoy working with animals and hope to share this passion with others. In the future, I hope to work on a guest ranch where customers come to learn how to ride horses and learn about cowboy life in the west."


 We're proud of you, Miranda and Jai!


7. GLBTAA Scholarships


GLBTAA Academic Scholarships  Academic Scholarships are awarded to IU students enrolled at any IU campus, who are academically strong, as well as active in promoting diversity, tolerance and social justice. Scholarships are awarded to students based upon academic achievement, career goals, financial need, leadership experience, community service and extracurricular activities. Involvement in activities promoting diversity and raising awareness of GLBT and related issues on the student's campus or in his or her community is carefully reviewed by the Board. The maximum award for an Academic Scholarship is $1,000 per semester. An individual student may not receive more than $2,000. The deadline for the Fall 2015 semester is April 15, 2015.


IU GLBTAA Emergency Scholarships
Emergency Scholarships are awarded to those students who experience the loss of financial support when they make the courageous decision to disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity to their families. Emergency Scholarships help to ensure that students need not choose between their education at IU and living life openly and honestly. Emergency Scholarships are awarded to students attending any IU campus. The maximum award for an Emergency Scholarship is $1,500 per semester, and a student may not receive more than $3,000.
You can learn more about the GLBTAA Scholarship Program and apply online at:


8. Membership


Encourage your friends to join the GLBTAA. They can visit our website here  and join.  There are no membership dues, and you do not have to be a member of the IUAA, or an IU degree-holder. We are approaching 1,600 members nation-wide, and we're growing! We appreciate your continued commitment! It is because of you that the GLBTAA is in existence, continues to grow and continues to serve our important mission on all eight of IU's campuses. If you are a member and wish to continue receiving our e-Newsletters, please make sure we have a current e-mail address for you.   You can visit to see if your official record, including your e-mail address, is current.  Thank you for your support through your membership. We look forward to serving you now and in the years to come. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Clarence Boone, Alumni Relations Officer, at: [email protected] or Mike Shumate at [email protected] .


If not already a member, please consider joining the IUAA by visiting, by [email protected]  or calling (800) 824-3044. By joining the IUAA, among many other things, you help fund the various GLBTAA programs, along with gaining access to IUAA member-only events.


If you would like to unsubscribe and terminate future communications from the GLBTAA, please respond to:  [email protected].