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Celebration Weekend is Near!January, 2015
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We are anxious to greet you at our Seventh Celebration Weekend January 30 - February 1. The weekend will be launched at the Neal-Marshall Center reception on Friday, January 30, with welcoming comments and the presentation of our 2015 Distinguished Alumni Awards.


The Grazie reception on Saturday, January 31 remains our main attraction. The silent auction that evening provides our largest general fundraising activity of the year. The net proceeds help fund our scholarships, mini-grants and various other programs. Please think if you have any item(s) you wish to contribute to our silent auction. If so, please contact Stephanie Burks at [email protected] or Clarence Boone at [email protected]  Also, you are able to donate "student" tickets to the Grazie reception on our online reservation site linked in paragraph #2 below.  We will wrap up the weekend with coffee and bagels at the GLBT Student Support Services Office on Sunday morning, February 1.


All faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends, please join us for this fabulous weekend and see for yourselves why IU has received "five stars" and has been ranked in the "top 50" LGBT-friendly universities and colleges in the nation! We look forward to visiting with as many of you as possible!



Mike Shumate, Past President

[email protected] 


1. GLBTAA Distinguished Alumni Awards 



The GLBTAA Distinguished Alumni Awards are presented to members of the LGBT community and individual allies or supporters of the LGBT community, regardless of sexual orientation. Only living alumni of Indiana University are eligible. Nominees shall have been outstanding in their fields of endeavor and shall have made significant contributions benefiting Indiana University or their communities, states or the nation. We are pleased to announce the following two recipients of our 2015 Distinguished Alumni Awards. 


Kenneth R.R. Gros Louis has had a long and distinguished career as an IU Bloomington administrator, teacher, and scholar. As vice president and chancellor for the Bloomington campus, his principled and humane vision, as well as strategic savvy, were responsible for the establishment of the Office of GLBT Student Support Services in 1994, prompting Doug Bauder to remark that Gros Louis is "the best friend that the GLBT Office has ever had." Ken's support also was crucial to IU's adoption of domestic partner benefits in 2001. As an administrator as well as in retirement, he has been a powerful ally of the LGBT community and a mentor to many students.

Kenneth R.R. Gros Louis


Gros Louis received his BA, magna cum laude, in English and Mathematics in 1959, and a Master's, with honors, in Renaissance Literature in 1960, from Columbia College. He received his PhD in Medieval and Renaissance Literature from the University of Wisconsin in 1964. He then moved to Bloomington, where he came to be regarded both as a beloved teacher and a noted scholar. Following six years of teaching English and Comparative Literature, he was named Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1970. Shortly thereafter, he was named Chair of the Department of English, and in 1978 was named Dean of the College.  In 1980 he became Vice President of the University and in 1988 Chancellor of IU Bloomington. In 1994 he became  Vice President for Academic Affairs of the University. As an administrator, Ken was known for his commitment to faculty, his warm relationships with student leaders, his stewardship of IU's history and traditions, and his eloquence as a speaker at countless University events and ceremonies.


After serving more than twenty years in top administrative positions , Gros Louis retired on June 30, 2001. That same year, he was awarded an IU honorary degree, Doctor of Humane Letters, for his lifetime achievements. In 2004, he rejoined the University administration as Interim Senior Vice President and Bloomington Chancellor. In 2006 he was named successor to Herman B Wells as University Chancellor. In April, 2011, the Board of Trustees bestowed upon him the designation of University Chancellor Emeritus. 


Steven L. Tuchman has had an exemplary legal career and has been a steadfast supporter of IU, as well as his community and Indiana, and beyond. He has earned prominence in his immigration practice and has brought distinction to the international practice of the Indianapolis and Indiana Bar Associations. After serving as Chair of each, Steve was named Chair Emeritus of the International Section of both Bar Associations. He was awarded a Sagamore of the Wabash in 2004 for his community service and lifetime achievement.  He is currently the only immigration attorney in Indiana to be designated as an "Indiana Super Lawyer" and one of the "Best Lawyers in America". 


Steven L. Tuchman

Steve received his BA in History in 1968 from IU Bloomington and his JD in 1971 from IU's McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis. Since 1990, he has practiced with Lewis & Kappes, P.C. in Indianapolis in immigration, real estate, and business law.  His practice focuses on immigration, with vast experience in employment and family related matters, employer sanctions, enforcement and removal (deportation) cases, and naturalization cases. He has written and lectured widely on immigration and nationality law. He speaks Danish as a second language and serves as the Honorary Consul for Denmark in Indiana and Kentucky. In addition, he calls upon years of experience in real estate and business related matters and is a past Commissioner of the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission. Steve is also active in the Indianapolis arts community, having served as a Commissioner of the Indiana Arts Commission, Chair of the Board of the American Cabaret Theatre, Board member of Dance Kaleidoscope, and Board member of the Festival Dance Theatre. For a period through the 80s and 90s, Steve was known for his provocative opinions, as performing arts critic on WFYI Public Radio and Channel 13 NBC, Indianapolis. Other community organizations have also benefitted from Steve's civic efforts, including Planned Parenthood of Central Indiana, Junior League of Indianapolis, and the Jewish Community Relations Council,


Steve has remained engaged with IU since his early days on the Bloomington campus. He currently serves on the Board of Visitors of the McKinney School of Law.  He also has served as Chair of the International Studies Program External Advisory Council for the School of Arts & Sciences in Bloomington. He has served on the Dean's Advisory Council and on the International Studies Program Advisory Council of the IUPUI School of Liberal Arts. 


His contributions to the LGBTQ community have similarly been significant. He serves as co-trustee of the The Tuchman Bobrick Trust, a private foundation that supports many LGBT projects and organizations, including Lambda Legal and the Point Foundation. Steve and his partner Reed Bobrick have been an integral part of the LGBTQ community for years, and their strength and vision have added immeasurably to our legacy at IU and in Indianapolis.


In 2011, Steve was knighted by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.



Please join us on Friday, January 30 to extend congratulations to our two recipients and to enjoy an evening of festivities and fun at the Neal-Marshall Center. 



 2. Seventh Celebration Weekend 



The GLBTAA is proud to announce its seventh annual Celebration Weekend January 30 - February 1, 2015. Coinciding with the Bloomington PRIDE Film Festival, our Celebration Weekend offers faculty, staff, alumni, students and friends a wonderful schedule of diverse and fun-filled events throughout the last weekend in January. The main events are:


Quarryland Men's Chorus

 Reception in Grand Hall at Neal-Marshall Center

~ Friday, January 30, 2015, 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.

~ 275 N. Jordan Ave.

The Neal-Marshal Black Cultural Center serves as a bridge connecting Indiana University to Black culture and has a rich history in supporting IU's efforts in the recruitment and retention of Black students and in promoting knowledge and awareness of the Black experience. We are thrilled once again to be hosting our opening event here.  For more information about the Neal-Marshall Black Cultural Center, please see: Center


GLBTAA Annual Board Meeting

~ Saturday, January 31, 2015, 10:00 a.m. - noon

~ DeVault Alumni Center,1000 E. 17th St. (parking available in lot west of building)


Cindy and Sara

Grazie! Reception and Silent Auction                     

~ Saturday, January 31, 2015, 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.

~ Grazie! Italian Eatery, 106 W. Sixth St.

~ Cost is $20 per person, which includes a glass of wine

Please join us for an early evening of hors d'oeuvres, rainbow martinis, jazz piano, a silent auction and much, much more! What a great way to see old friends and make new ones before attending one of the films, or any other of the events, during this special Saturday evening. All net proceeds benefit our various GLBTAA events, programs and scholarships. If you wish, you will be able to contribute to pay for one or more Grazie tickets for IU students. The GLBTAA Board will administer the distribution of all such donated tickets to students. Reservations and contributions for student tickets can now be made online at: Reservation 



Bagels and Coffee at the GLBTSSS Office

~ Sunday, February 1, 2015, 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

~ GLBT Student Support Services Office, 705 E. Seventh St. (across from the IMU)

Wrap up the weekend with coffee and bagels at the GLBTSSS Office, a "home away from home" for countless of our IUB students for over 18 years. If you haven't already done so, come by and take a tour of the renovated office - a perfect way to complete the weekend's festivities.    

A break from the FUN to pose!
Drink Anyone?!
 3. GLBTAA Scholarship Campaign


Please continue to "spread the word" about our ground-breaking Campaign, which will help to endow our GLBTAA Scholarship Program. We awarded eight academic scholarships for the 2015 spring semester. Each recipient will be featured in one of our Newsletters. One is covered in paragraph # 6 below. After reviewing another heart-breaking story, we also awarded emergency funds to an IUB student. Since 2005, we have granted 57 scholarships (44 academic scholarships and 13 emergency scholarships) to IU students. Because of your generous support, we will be able to continue providing scholarships well into the future.  



Zachary D. Bailey, an academic scholarship recipient twice, has commented: "I am profoundly proud to be awarded a GLBTAA scholarship and I am humbled by their belief in my potential. I am committed to helping those who follow and to supporting the GLBTAA after graduation." Zach received his BA in Political Science at IUB in 2011 and is now working toward his MPA at IU's School of Public and Environmental Affairs in Bloomington. He completed an internship this past summer in the Office of Administration within the Executive Office at the White House.



Contributions can be made online at Campaign Contributions If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Mike Shumate at [email protected]  or 858-922-6105; or IUAA Alumni Relations Officer Clarence Boone at 800-824-3044. Again, heartfelt gratitude to everyone for supporting our Campaign.


THANK YOU, IU alumni, faculty, staff, students, allies and our many friends!

4. Tribute to Joep Lange



Jeanne White Ginder (left), Max Lange and Bill Yarber (photo by Rebke Klokke)

Joep Lange, MD, PhD, was awarded the 2015 Ryan White Distinguished Leadership Award posthumously in Amsterdam, Netherlands on October 14, 2014 by IU's Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention (RCAP).  Dr. Yarber, RCAP senior director, and Jeanne White Ginder, Ryan White's mother, presented the award plaque to Dr. Lange's son and family at an internationally-attended academic forum on HIV/AIDS conducted in honor of Dr. Lange. 


Dr. Lange died in the tragic crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight ML17 in eastern Ukraine, July 17, 2014.  He was Professor of Medicine and Head of the Department of Global Health at the Academic Medical Center (AMC) at the University of Amsterdam and Executive Scientific Director of the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development. In addition to various positions at the AMC, he was Chief of Clinical Research and Drug Development at the Global Programme on AIDS of the World Health Organization in Geneva from 1992 to 1995. From 2002 to 2004, he was also President of the International AIDS Society.


"Dr. Lange was a world-renowned leader in HIV/AIDS prevention and the architect of several pivotal trails on antiretroviral therapy and the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in both the developed and developing countries. The world lost a pioneer and 'giant' in global efforts to combat AIDS; certainly he is a worthy recipient of the prestigious Ryan White Distinguished Leadership Award," said Dr. William L. Yarber. Dr. Lange published more than 400 papers in peer-reviewed journals and guided more than 30 doctoral students. Not only was he a scientist and clinician, he advocated for affordable AIDS medication to African countries. His critically-important work and influence toward improving sexual health continues.


Established in 1994, RCAP is located in the Department of Applied Health Science of the IU School of Public Health - Bloomington and is the only center in the nation that solely focuses on AIDS/STD prevention in rural communities.  

5. Facebook


The GLBTAA has had a Facebook page for some time now, but some of you may not be aware of it.  If you haven't already done so, check out our Facebook page at  "Like" our page and follow our Facebook posts regarding news, updates and information about our events.


Like us on Facebook

 6. Academic Scholarship Recipient 


Congratulations are extended to Cody D Allen, one of our 2015 Spring Academic Scholarship recipients! Cody is a junior pursuing a degree in Finance at the Kelley School of Business in Bloomington. He was an active member of Illumenate since arriving on the Bloomington campus until the organization's dissolution. He, along with other former members, has continued Illumenate's work, including the planning for Condom Fashion Week 2015. He currently is the Advertising Sales Manager for the Indiana Daily Student.  He is also a founding member of Kelley's visionary Hoosier Social Impact Fund, formed to provide low cost financing to community groups and small businesses that do not otherwise qualify for traditional financing. Following his business degree, Cody is considering law school. "My 'bucket-list' career goal would be to serve on the executive team of a non-profit organization where I could put to work both my business acumen and passion to do good for the world," says Cody. His GPA is 3.87. We're proud of you, Cody! 


7. GLBTAA Scholarships


GLBTAA Academic Scholarships  Academic Scholarships are awarded to IU students enrolled at any IU campus, who are academically strong, as well as active in promoting diversity, tolerance and social justice. Scholarships are awarded to students based upon academic achievement, career goals, financial need, leadership experience, community service and extracurricular activities. Involvement in activities promoting diversity and raising awareness of GLBT and related issues on the student's campus or in his or her community is carefully reviewed by the Board. The maximum award for an Academic Scholarship is $1,000 per semester. An individual student may not receive more than $2,000. The deadline for the Fall 2015 semester is April 15, 2015.


IU GLBTAA Emergency Scholarships
Emergency Scholarships are awarded to those students who experience the loss of financial support when they make the courageous decision to disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity to their families. Emergency Scholarships help to ensure that students need not choose between their education at IU and living life openly and honestly. Emergency Scholarships are awarded to students attending any IU campus. The maximum award for an Emergency Scholarship is $1,500 per semester, and a student may not receive more than $3,000.
You can learn more about the GLBTAA Scholarship Program and apply online at:


8. Membership


Encourage your friends to join the GLBTAA. They can visit our website here  and join.  There are no membership dues, and you do not have to be a member of the IUAA, or an IU degree-holder. We are approaching 1,600 members nation-wide, and we're growing! We appreciate your continued commitment! It is because of you that the GLBTAA is in existence, continues to grow and continues to serve our important mission on all eight of IU's campuses. If you are a member and wish to continue receiving our e-Newsletters, please make sure we have a current e-mail address for you.   You can visit to see if your official record, including your e-mail address, is current.  Thank you for your support through your membership. We look forward to serving you now and in the years to come. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Clarence Boone, Alumni Relations Officer, at: [email protected] or Mike Shumate at [email protected] .


If not already a member, please consider joining the IUAA by visiting, by [email protected]  or calling (800) 824-3044. By joining the IUAA, among many other things, you help fund the various GLBTAA programs, along with gaining access to IUAA member-only events.


If you would like to unsubscribe and terminate future communications from the GLBTAA, please respond to:  [email protected].