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Summer!June, 2014
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1. GLBTAA Scholarship Campaign
2. New GLBTAA Officers
3. HJR-3 and Freedom Indiana
4. IUPUI Lavender Graduation
5. Facebook
6. Circle City IN Pride
7. Academic Scholarship Recipients
8. GLBTAA Scholarships
9. Membership
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Herman B Wells Sculpture







June 7 is Dr. Wells' birthday. Of his countless contributions to our university and beyond, we remain grateful to Dr. Wells for teaching us the benefits of diversity many years before it became fashionable to do so, for being in the forefront of racial integration, and for speaking for those without a voice.


The GLBTAA Board extends the very best wishes to you and your families for a safe and enjoyable summer. We hope to see many of you in downtown Indy on June 14 for the Circle City IN Pride Parade, one of the nation's spectacular LGBT celebrations! 



Mike Shumate, GLBTAA President

[email protected]   


 1. GLBTAA Scholarship Campaign




Please continue to "spread the word" about our ground-breaking Campaign, which will help to endow our GLBTAA Scholarship Program. We recently awarded eight academic scholarships for the 2014 fall semester. Each recipient will be featured in one of our Newsletters, starting with paragraph # 7 below.  After reviewing another heart-breaking story, we also awarded emergency funds to an IUB student. Since 2005, we have now granted 48 scholarships (36 academic scholarships and 12 emergency scholarships) to IU students. Because of your generous support, we will be able to continue providing scholarships well into the future. 


Sheldon Raisor, one of our emergency scholarship recipients, has commented:

"The GLBTAA emergency scholarship not only kept me in school but empowered me to become a member of the LGBT community in Philadelphia and now at Cigna. As a result, I am assisting in the efforts so that Cigna, a Fortune 500 company, is present in LGBT Pride events across the country."

Sheldon graduated from the IU Kelley School of Business in 2010 with a BS in Information & Process Management and a minor in Mandarin Chinese. Sheldon received an emergency scholarship during his junior year that enabled him to stay in school and find internships that led to his current position at Cigna HealthCare.



Contributions can be made online at:

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Mike Shumate at [email protected]  or 858-922-6105; or IUAA Alumni Relations Officer Jennifer Gentry at 800-824-3044. Again, heartfelt gratitude to everyone for supporting our Campaign.


THANK YOU, IU alumni, faculty, staff, students, allies and our many friends!




 2. New GLBTAA Officers 


Your Board at work

The GLBTAA was formed in June, 1997 by a small group of strong, visionary individuals and has since been supported by many committed members, leaders and IUAA staff. All have worked tirelessly to continue fulfilling our important mission of improving "the quality of life for GLBT students, faculty, staff and alumni of Indiana University on all eight campuses." Each year the GLBTAA builds on that historical vision and commitment. From the original organizing group of three, the GLBTAA now has reached nearly 1,650 members nation-wide.  We are governed by a Board consisting of fifteen voting directors, including two IU students. Additionally we have two ex-officio, non-voting directors. Each director brings a unique, vibrant skill set to the Board, and we're all united to continue serving the IU LGBT community and our many constituencies. Directors serve two-year terms and can be re-elected for succeeding terms. Each serves on at least two of the Board's standing committees. For a list of our current directors, please see:


Effective July 1, 2014, we are proud to announce that the following officers will serve two-year terms:



President:   Steve Bretthauer, BS '94 (IUPUI).  Steve has served on the Board for five years, most recently as Vice President.  He is a graduate of the Kelley School of Business, and was a member of the Marching Hundred and Basketball Pep Band.   Steve has worked in Information Technology for most of his career, including roles at Accenture, Steak 'n Shake, and currently,   



Vice President:  Timothy A. Lemper, BA '95, BA '95 (IUB); MSc '97 (London School of Economics); and  JD '01 (Harvard Law School). Tim has served one year on the Board as a Director and Secretary. Tim is a former attorney practicing intellectual property law and is now a Full Clinical Professor in the Department of Business Law & Ethics at IU's Kelley School of Business. Tim also serves on the advisory board of the Herman B Wells Scholars Program and as Grand Vice President of Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, the first and oldest honor society for first-year college students in the country.


Treasurer:   Deanna Lahre, BS '76 (IUB).  Deanna joined the  Board in 2005, and became Treasurer in 2008, where she has served since.  She has spent her career as a grain trader in Chicago and Kansas City, and this past year founded Statistical Futures in Kansas City to return to the wheat market, after several years of teaching Statistics and helping out at Kelley School Career Services in Bloomington.  Deanna has worked with various state and national transgender groups, mostly dealing with finance and managing money, while riding herd on three children in college. 



Secretary:   Rob DeCleene, BS '94 (IUB). Rob has served on the Board eleven years, including four years as President. For nine years, Rob was with the Bloomington/Monroe Count Convention & Visitors Bureau, serving as Director of Tourism from 2007 to 2010.  Since May, 2010, he has been the Executive Director of  Visit South Bend Mishawaka.  In 2010, Rob received his Certified Destination Management Executive designation from Destination Marketing Association International.  Rob also serves on the boards of directors for Downtown South Bend, Inc., the Studebaker National Museum, WVPE public radio, and the Northern Indiana Tourism Development Commission. 



Immediate Past President:   Michael D. Shumate,  BS '67 (IUB) and JD '70 (University of Virginia Law School).  Mike has served on the Board nine years, including three years as President. Mike is a retired partner from the New York office of the law firm Jones Day. He currently is a Director and Executive Committee member of the IU Foundation and founding member of the Women's Philanthropy Council. He also serves as President of the Maurer School of Law LGBT Alumni Advisory Board. Mike received IU's Distinguished Alumni Service Award in 2010.   





 3. HJR-3 and Freedom Indiana



The writer, Rick Sutton, is a Life Member of the IU Alumni Association and a proud member of the IU GLBTAA. He serves as executive director of Indiana Equality Action (IEA), the state's premier LGBT civil rights organization. IEA was the founding member of the Freedom Indiana coalition, which Rick serves as Board President. He and his husband, Bobby Owens, reside in Indianapolis. Pictured here is Rick (right) accepting the IU GLBT Office Spirit Award in January on behalf of Freedom Indiana.


For the Hoosier in all of us---certainly there was a huge sigh of relief on February 13. Wherever you were, that was the day Indiana's legislature mercifully killed HJR-3 (The Marriage Discrimination Amendment). It was a huge victory for the brand-new coalition forged to fight the amendment: Freedom Indiana.


And the victory had strong IU flavor. It was achieved on the shoulders of some long-time LGBT activists, who fought this battle three times prior with little or no resources. The IU link? Our bold university president - President Michael McRobbie, who firmly and proudly stood against the amendment. He seized the challenge, recognized the importance and set about to help guide the public debate.


Freedom Indiana received many endorsements from all over the spectrum: businesses, faith groups, powerful statewide leaders - but the first bell weather endorsement came from President McRobbie. And it was huge! Beginning last summer, I traveled across the state. I spoke to groups in every region. I cajoled and pushed allies and friends to contact legislators. When IU joined the fold, it began a cascade of endorsements that continued throughout the legislative session. And it moved people!


IU's brand and reach are enormous. It touches every township, every community - through the teachers, doctors, lawyers and community leaders who are proud alumni. And through the Hoosier Nation network that knows no bounds. It's not just about basketball glory. It's about the strong affinity Hoosiers feel for their state-name university, one of America's oldest and most-trusted public research institutions.


And here's a key point to ponder: intelligent public policy conversations have to be held and what better laboratory to start those talks than our universities? It was a critical mission, and IU stepped up to the plate big-time. I hope it became a template for future tough issues.


The IU endorsement gave aid and comfort to many other individuals and entities who were itching to get into the fight. After the endorsement, every rally or town hall meeting I attended, anywhere in our great state, the IU stamp of approval was a huge asset.


And on a personal note: my university, which had asked me for money and support for decades gave me something more valuable than any monetary gift. Here's what I learned during my IU days: Midwestern Big Ten universities are ideal settings for mature, thoughtful debate. To this day, every time I go over that last hill on S.R. 37 South, I feel a sense of openness to discuss any reasonable subject. It's a quality IU instills without even knowing it, and which I hope its students carry with them throughout their lives.


The IU endorsement of Freedom Indiana's mission told me I am a valuable asset to the university and state. It gave credence to the argument that mean and discriminatory language do not belong in our state Constitution, that is about the same age as our university. And it told all LGBT Hoosiers - and their families, friends, co-workers, allies - that we are an important part of the university mission.


I am aware that the university and other Indiana colleges fought this Amendment in 2011 too. It was a different climate. That fight was largely waged behind closed doors. In the 2014 General Assembly, IU unleashed its immense influence on the 150 legislators. Soon, other important endorsements came in.


To be sure, the Freedom Indiana campaign team was magnificent. Manager Megan Robertson, Deputy Manager Peter Hanscom, and almost 40 dedicated field organizers, as well as a great lobby team, helped push the ball over the goal line. The Freedom Indiana board included Eli Lilly, Cummins, and multiple national allies. Their support was critical.


But when this effort is remembered, I will forever thank my alma mater for its humane, dignified and solid support.


"Gloriana Frangipana. E'er to her be true."






4. IUPUI Lavender Graduation




Chancellor Bantz congratulating our graduates


IUPUI hosted its second annual Lavender Graduation Ceremony on May 2 at the IU Advancement Center in Indianapolis. The event was hosted by the LGBT Faculty & Staff Council with support from the IUPUI Multicultural Center, Advocates for Sexual Equality, the Gay Straight Medical Alliance and Lambda Legal Society.


The graduates and their friends and family were welcomed by Anthony Masseria, Chair of IUPUI's LGBT Faculty & Staff Council, and Jayme Little, Director of Alumni Programs and immediate past chair of the LGBT Faculty & Staff Council.


IU GLBTAA Secretary Tim Lemper offered his congratulations to the graduates and spoke to them about the GLBTAA's activities, including its membership drive and scholarship campaign. He encouraged the graduates to remain connected to IU and to continue supporting IU's LGBT community as alumni by joining IU's GLBT Alumni Association.


In her keynote address, Dr. Melissa R. Lavitt, IUPUI Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, shared a story from her own experience with her partner and spoke of the graduates' contributions to the welcoming environment at IUPUI.


Following Dr. Lavitt's remarks, each graduate was introduced by Masseria and received a certificate from IUPUI Chancellor Charles Bantz, who was accompanied at the ceremony by his wife Dr. Sandra Petronio, Professor of Communication Studies.




5. Facebook


The GLBTAA has had a Facebook page for some time now, but some of you may not be aware of it.  If you haven't already done so, check out our Facebook page at  "Like" our page and then you will automatically get our Facebook posts regarding news, updates and information of our events.


Like us on Facebook

 6. Circle City IN Pride 



The Circle City IN Pride Parade will be held on Saturday, June 14, starting at 10:00 a.m. The GLBTAA once again will have a booth to welcome all who wish to share in the celebration of this spectacular parade and related activities. We will also be spreading the word about IU's "five stars" as one of the top LGBT-friendly universities and colleges in the nation. Hope to see you downtown Indy on June 14! The entire preceding week is full of fun LGBT-related events.  For more information, please see: 


A few of our volunteers at our 2013 booth





7. Academic Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations are extended to Suzanne P. Grossman, one of our 2014 Fall Academic Scholarship recipients! Suzanne will be a Bloomington junior, majoring in Journalism. She has covered the LGBT beat as a staff reporter for the Indiana Daily Student, and, in such role, has been able to reach countless with a message of understanding, tolerance and diversity. Additionally, she has promoted better understanding of LGBT issues within the religious community, particularly Younglife Youth Ministry. Following her degree, she is considering public relations or marketing in the non-profit sector. "I've always loved facilitating communications between different groups of people and I think marketing for political campaigns or non-profit causes would help me continue that passion as well as accomplish the dreams I have for the world, such as equal rights for all," says Suzanne. She has accomplished all this while maintaining a 3.89 GPA.


Congratulations are also extended to Matthew D. Showalter, another of our 2014 Fall Academic Scholarship recipients! Matt will be a third-year student at the IU Maurer School of Law in Bloomington.  He earned his BA in Bloomington in 2012, majoring in Political Science, with minors in German and International Studies, and was Phi Beta Kappa. He has found the time to be involved in a number of extracurricular activities. He was selected as one of four Williams Institute Moot Court competitors this year representing Maurer at UCLA.  The Williams Competition is the premier moot court competition on sexual orientation and gender identity in the nation.  Matt is also the current President of Maurer's OUTlaw, the LGBT student group at the law school. This coming semester he will be studying at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany. Following law school, he aspires for a career combining international politics and law. 


We're proud of you Suzanne and Matt!






8. GLBTAA Scholarships


GLBTAA Academic Scholarships  Academic Scholarships are awarded to IU students enrolled at any IU campus, who are academically strong, as well as active in promoting diversity, tolerance and social justice. Scholarships are awarded to students based upon academic achievement, career goals, financial need, leadership experience, community service and extracurricular activities. Involvement in activities promoting diversity and raising awareness of GLBT and related issues on the student's campus or in his or her community is carefully reviewed by the Board. The maximum award for an Academic Scholarship is $1,000 per semester. An individual student may not receive more than $2,000. The deadline for the Spring 2015 semester is November 15, 2014.


IU GLBTAA Emergency Scholarships
Emergency Scholarships are awarded to those students who experience the loss of financial support when they make the courageous decision to disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity to their families. Emergency Scholarships help to ensure that students need not choose between their education at IU and living life openly and honestly. Emergency Scholarships are awarded to students attending any IU campus. The maximum award for an Emergency Scholarship is $1,500 per semester, and a student may not receive more than $3,000.
You can learn more about the GLBTAA Scholarship Program and apply online at:


9. Membership


Encourage your friends to join the GLBTAA. They can visit our website here  and join.  There are no membership dues, and you do not have to be a member of the IUAA, or an IU degree-holder. We are approaching 1,600 members nation-wide, and we're growing! We appreciate your continued commitment! It is because of you that the GLBTAA is in existence, continues to grow and continues to serve our important mission on all eight of IU's campuses. If you are a member and wish to continue receiving our e-Newsletters, please make sure we have a current e-mail address for you.   You can visit to see if your official record, including your e-mail address, is current.  Thank you for your support through your membership. We look forward to serving you now and in the years to come. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Gentry, Alumni Relations Officer, at: [email protected] or Mike Shumate at [email protected] .


If not already a member, please consider joining the IUAA by visiting, by [email protected]  or calling (800) 824-3044. By joining the IUAA, among many other things, you help fund the various GLBTAA programs, along with gaining access to IUAA member-only events.


If you would like to unsubscribe and terminate future communications from the GLBTAA, please respond to:  [email protected].