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Thank you for reading these important updates. We appreciate your support as we educate, advocate and participate on behalf of wolves.
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Comments Sought MI Wolf Management Plan
How to Comment
Political Predator
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Midwest Wolf Stewards Meeting
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Michigan Wolf Management Plan

The National Wolfwatcher Coalition proudly serves on the Michigan Wolf Forum along with other organizations who have an interest in wolf management.  At a recent meeting, we discussed the processes used to update the Michigan Wolf Management Plan.null


It should be noted that this is not a "rewrite" rather an "update" to the 2008 Plan and includes updated scientific literature and new information regarding Michigan wolves.


There have been no changes to the primary goals which include:

  • Maintain a viable wolf population.
  • Facilitate wolf-related benefits.
  • Minimize wolf-related conflicts.
  • Conduct science-based and socially acceptable management of wolves
The plan is actually very good.  The problem is the way agency personnel, legislators and the Natural Resources Commission misinterprets the spirit and intent of the plan.

The plan places a high priority on the need for education and providing accurate information.  However, since 2008 when the plan was implemented, MI DNR does little to correct the misinformation.

The Draft Plan can be downloaded by clicking below: 

How to Comment

Talking Points 

Send comments on the draft updated plan to: 
      Via U.S. mail to: 
   DNR Wildlife Division
   P.O. Box 30444
   Lansing MI 48909

Comments must be received no later than April 3

Talking points:
  • You are please to read that the plan does not identify a target population or an upper limit cap on the population (Hunting groups and even the Natural Resource Commission have made statements that there should be a population cap).
  • There needs to be an appendix which include charts and/or maps that illustrate: the actual number of livestock and dog depredation (along with a breakout for hunting dogs vs pets killed near residences) events each year through 2014; wolf population (including pack size); collared & uncollared wolves killed illegally; total known wolf mortality, including those killed by landowners; data should be included that reflects the age, sex of wolves killed during the 2013 hunting season.
  • Rendezvous sites (not just den sites) should be considered during compartment reviews and other Michigan DNR management efforts & minimize disturbances whenever possible. 
  • Suggest developing a system that would allow those who hunt with dogs to receive a text alerting them of areas to avoid; Investigate why hunters continually release dogs in areas of known prior attacks on dogs.
  • Work with State legislators to provide incentives for producers who utilize non-lethal measures in the form of tax credits.  Since fencing has proven to be effective, collaborate with fencing companies and NGO's willing to provide support to producers who utilize non-lethal measures.
  • The DNR Website must be updated  to include latest information about populations, packs, livestock depredation (confirmed & probable).

Political Predator 

In every state where there are wolves, they are being managed by politics not through the best scientific data available.  

Brandi 2
Photo credit: Brandi Nichols
Legislation allowing the Wisconsin wolf hunting and trapping season was introduced the very day wolves were delisted.  Act 169 was signed into law April 2012 and includes the most aggressive hunting and trapping provisions in the Great Lakes Region, including an exceptionally long season and the use of dogs to hunt wolves.  

These rules were fostered by hunt-friendly lawmakers and agency administrators and written by lobbyists for hunting organizations.

new documentary, exposing the politics surrounding the Wisconsin wolf hunting and trapping regulations, has been released by Melissa Smith, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf.  The film is 67 minutes in length and can be viewed in its entirety at their website.


Legislation Threatens Wolves


Endangered Species Act 

Following the Judge Howell's ruling to restore protections to the wolf, we anticipated that there would be pressure to adopt federal legislation that would overrule the Judge's decision.


Recently, HR 843 was introduced.  If allowed to become law, the states of Minnesota, Michigan & Wisconsin would be given total jurisdiction for the management of wolves, removing them from 

Brandi 1
Photo Credit: Brandi Nichol

protections afforded them under the Endangered Species Act forever.  The USFWS would not be allowed to relist the wolf, even if their numbers plummet to unsustainable levels.  Upon delisting, the USFWS would have no oversight for the 5 years following delisting.


The second bill introduced was HR 884. It directs the Secretary of the Interior to re-issue an order from 2012 that removed wolves from the endangered species list.


We urge you to contact your Representative and your Senators and ask that they reject both bills along with any other legislation that might alter the Endangered Species Act. 




Weaken The Endangered Species Act     


Delist Wolves Nationwide 


Delist Wolves  in the Great Lakes Region


Midwest Wolf Conference
Photo taken near Wakefield, MI by Gary Jackson

The 2015 Midwest Wolf Stewards Annual Meeting will take place on April 23 - 24, 2015 on the Northland College campus in Ashland, Wisconsin. 


Presentations will begin Thursday morning, April 23 and conclude at noon on Friday, April 24.


The Midwest Wolf Stewards Conference has been held annually since the late 1980s to share the latest information on wolf conservation in the Great Lakes region. Conference participants include professionals from state and federal agencies and the province of Ontario, NGO's, universities, Tribes, and anyone interested in the management of wolves in the Great Lakes region. 


Registration is $110 and includes: Thursday lunch, hors d'oeuvre, and dinner, morning and afternoon refreshments, Friday morning break with 'take along' snacks for your drive home. 


For More Information & To Register Click Here 

 Celebrate 20 Years of Wolf Recovery in Yellowstone!
This year marks 20 years since wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone.
To commemorate this historic event, the National Wolfwatcher Coalition is offering this shirt, designed especially for us. 
The shirt is available in short, long sleeve, hoodies and youth sizes.
The National Wolfwatcher Coalition has no membership dues and we do not send out mailers asking for money. We exist because of the hundreds of hours donated by our volunteers, through your generous donations and through the sale of merchandise.


    501(c)(3) nonprofit, all volunteer organization   



Our mission:  

We educate, advocate, and participate for the long term recovery and preservation of wolves based on the best available science and the principles of democracy.  We:  

  1. Educate the public about the important role that wolves play in maintaining healthy ecosystems
  2. Inform the public about challenges to wolf recovery
  3. Support measures that promote peaceful coexistence with wolves on the landscape
  4. Educate the public about the issues in all regions and ways it can effectively participate in the democratic process to promote science-based decision-making about wolves.

All donations, no matter the amount, will be appreciated because they will enable us to: 

  • Provide educational programs, materials and events
  • Participate in conferences, seminars, and consultation with other professionals in the fields of wolf biology, research, conservation, eco-tourism and environmental law.
  • Secure a Wolfwatcher Legal Fund to sustain potential engagement in litigation that challenges local, state and/or federal policies that affect wolf preservation.

To donate online, please click on the Donate button at the top. To donate by check or money order,  please send your donation to our business office at: National Wolfwatcher Coalition, PO Box 161281, Duluth, MN   55816-1281