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Week of Sept 20, 2014     


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Thank you Payson Roundup for your article, "Arizona Game and Fish blasts federal wolf recovery plan."


It's disgraceful that Arizona's Game and Fish Commission continues to oppose the expansion of wolf recovery.


The most endangered animal in America, Mexican wolves barely number 83 in the wild, with few breeding pairs, little offspring, the immediate releasing of more pairs is crucial.


Millions of taxpayers' dollars, the ESA and public's desire for recovery, the Mexican wolf were reintroduced 15 years ago, still these intelligent creatures struggle for survival.


New packs must be permitted to form, as wolves are a key contributor in maintaining a healthy balance in nature.


In Yellowstone National Park the ecosystem has started to recover, wolves have proven to be irreplaceable, essential creatures. Herds are stronger as wolves remove the weak.


Scientists for years have requested a widening of territory for wolves; instead the territory has been claimed by cattle that overgraze the vegetation, damaging the ecosystems.


Ranchers concerned about livestock must act responsibly. Fencing, dogs and the removal of carcasses should be mandatory deterrents. Livestock must be controlled, instead of allowing for grazing on public lands or in known wolf territory.


Arizona should examine Oregon's wolf management plan. Wolves are protected, and there is little inference with ranchers. Oregon is a state where wildlife really matters, and the citizens have successfully learned to co-exist with wolves.


Once their howls were heard throughout the land, wolves are part of the American wilderness, there survival is essential!


Irene Sette, New Milford, N.J.




  Mexican wolf, Anna