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 Chris Albert    Battlecreek Enquirer, Michigan 



Contrary to the legislature's belief, those of us that want to have wolves in our woods are neither stupid nor hopelessly romantic. We understand that wolves pose real and perceived threats. We care about our fellow human beings and their livelihoods. We care about all people, children, pets, and everyone's safety.


A hunt, however, is not the way to promote safety, or encourage realistic precautions concerning wolves. A hunt is nothing but a thinly disguised way to placate the massive hunting lobby.


A hunt kills random animals, of random ages: puppies and adults, troublemakers and animals that have steered clear of any conflict with humans. Remaining animals are not deterred from depredation. If anything, family units that are split up are more likely to turn to easier livestock to survive.


For farmers, there are a host of non-lethal deterrents: removing dead animals (sounds simple, but as a farmer I'm here to tell you it's not so easy to bury a dead animal in the dead of winter.), fladry (a visual barrier), the use of livestock guarding dogs, running donkeys or burros with a herd, night penning, and noisemakers are some proven methods. There is no one-size fits all, but taken together, they DO work.


For hikers, picnickers, children, traveling in groups, making noise, not luring animals with food, and simply being aware of one's environment are good practices.


We don't go into cities troubled with crime and start randomly shooting people, why does anyone think this would be useful to do with wolves? It most certainly is not science-based. There is absolutely NO science that says a hunt is the best way to deal with wolves.


Chris Albert


Lebanon Junction, Ken.


Janet Hoben    Ontonogon Herald

November hold another important vote

It is a sad day when Michigan legislature votes to try to silence the voice of its citizens once again.


Instead of waiting for the November ballot when the people could have their say, the vote was cast in favor of a wolf hunt without giving the people the ability to speak up.


As the granddaughter of a Michigan native, I had hoped that the will of the people would prevail over the special interest groups.


Wolves are native to Michigan. An apex predator and a keystone species vital to a healthy ecosystem.


They belong. They are not game.


People don't eat wolves.


Polls show that the public supports wolf recovery. But then, the public no longer matters in Michigan ... or does it?


Michigan residents, please speak up loud and clear in November. Please vote for wolves!


Janet Hoben


Burbank, Calif.