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Janet Hoben     White Mountain Independent



WMI reporter Karen Warnick is way off base and frankly, offensive, in her piece, "Wolf hearing was a dog and pony show sham." First of all, environmental groups are not nameless, faceless entities. They are made up of people who care about wildlife and the environment. People like me. And any action that the leadership of these groups takes is on behalf of all of their members. In the same way that an elected official represents their constituents.


Second, guess what? We are all citizens! Are we citizens of Arizona? No. But Mexican gray wolves are a federally protected species under the Endangered Species Act and that means they belong to ALL Americans! Which means that all Americans, including me, have a right to speak out on their behalf.


The Arizona media's portrayal of lobos as monsters is unfounded. You don't need to protect your kids. You don't need to protect yourself. There has never been one reported case of a lobo attacking a human being. Ever. And cattle?


Less than 1 percent of cattle deaths are due to lobos. Less than 1 percent!


Now that we have dispelled some myths about lobos and established that I have ownership as an American citizen, let's talk about what I want done with MY lobos.


Mexican gray wolves need a greatly expanded territory, along with the release of additional lobos into the wild. Both of these things are necessary to increase the genetic diversity of the wild population and keep it healthy. And the target needs to be removed from their backs. It needs to be more difficult to kill a lobo not less.


Considering how seldom environmental groups win over the big money cattle associations and groups like the NRA and the Safari Club, I think we are due a win.


Janet Hoben - Burbank, Calif.



Janet Hoben     Battlecreek Enquirer



November hold another important vote

It is a sad day when Michigan legislature votes to try to silence the voice of its citizens once again.


Instead of waiting for the November ballot when the people could have their say, the vote was cast in favor of a wolf hunt without giving the people the ability to speak up.


As the granddaughter of a Michigan native, I had hoped that the will of the people would prevail over the special interest groups.


Wolves are native to Michigan. An apex predator and a keystone species vital to a healthy ecosystem.


They belong. They are not game.


People don't eat wolves.


Polls show that the public supports wolf recovery. But then, the public no longer matters in Michigan ... or does it?


Michigan residents, please speak up loud and clear in November. Please vote for wolves!


Janet Hoben


Burbank, Calif