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Nancy Warren     Lansing State Journal

The Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act supported by Aaron Morehead, (Letters, June 28) lacks any scientific merit and is not about conservation. If this act becomes law, your constitutional right to challenge wildlife laws will be removed. The act empowers the Natural Resources Commission, a politically appointed body, with no scientific background, to designate species as game and establish hunting seasons.


The true intent of this act is to establish a recreational hunting and trapping season for wolves and render the two approved wolf referendums meaningless. It opens the door for other species including sandhill cranes to be hunted for sport.


In an attempt to make the act more appealing, the authors of the act included a provision for free military licenses, yet failed to mention the current cost is only one dollar. But, that dollar is a paid license which qualifies the state to receive federal funding for projects for acquiring land, conducting research, ecological surveys and improving wildlife habitat.


Tell your legislators you want to vote on wildlife issues. Reject SFWCA.


Nancy Warren, National Wolfwatcher Coalition