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Janet Hoben     Sacremento Bee

Re "hard work remains to keep California's wolves safe" (Viewpoints, June 14): Amaroq Weiss is spot-on in her viewpoint. Hard work remains to keep California's wolves safe. While many California citizens such as myself were thrilled at the arrival of wolf OR-7 into California, and hope he is just the first of many wolves to come, there are those who still see the wolf as enemy. Most prominent of these are livestock producers.


However, with a lot of hard work and education, this perception can be changed. Predators in general, and wolves in particular, account for a very small percentage of livestock deaths. By using non-lethal deterrents, these numbers can become even less.


Wolves belong in California. Humans were responsible for eradicating wolves from our state. Now, working together, humans can have a part in welcoming them back.


-- Janet Hoben, Burbank






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