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Janet Hoben     Missoulian, Montana

Thank you for the letter "Trapping: Initiative shuts down public lands".  The author is correct in saying that members of the public should be able to decide what activities take place on public lands.  So that means that the public should have an opportunity to weigh in on activities they want or don't want.  And putting something on the ballot is a perfect way to do that.  And if a majority of people vote trapping out that's the democratic process.


The author makes the ridiculous statement that "managing these resources and various demands based on what is best for the animals and habitat."  How in the world could trapping ever be best for animals?  Animals caught in traps can sometimes be left there for days to suffer before the traps are checked.  They can be put to death in a variety of different ways.  Sometimes they chew their own foot off in order to escape.


So if members of the public don't want to have animals being tortured on public lands I think that is certainly their right.



Janet Hoben