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Thank you for reading these important updates. We appreciate your support as we educate, advocate and participate on behalf of wolves.
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Junior Wolfwatcher Site
Meet the Wolves
New Shirt
About Us
What does the future hold for wolves?  The answers may just rest with our children and grandchildren.  We believe education is paramount to the survival of the wolf and providing children with facts is a great place to start!Please check out our website for an updated "Kids" page (links below).  Although designed especially for children, we think adults will like it too!  And, if you have any ideas, please pass them along to
Howling forJunior Wolfwatchers!
Introducing the new Junior Wolfwatcher site

There is now a place for kids to advocate...educate and participate for wolves!
Many of us may never have a chance to see a wild wolf in their we are bringing the WOLVES to YOU!
This is a fun website where you can learn all about the different types of wolves, where they live, what they eat, how they hunt, and what makes them so important. 
You will be able to read stories, ask questions, play games, see pictures of real wolves and participate in activities that will teach you everything you've always wanted to know about wolves.  You can even track a real Red Wolf and receive up to date information and pictures.  Ever thought about working with wolves?  Get an inside look at what it's really like to be a wolf biologist in Yellowstone National Park.  Do you have questions about wolves?  You can send your questions and receive answers from wolf specialists all over the United States!
Kids, like you, are needed to help spread the word that wolves are special!  Let's get started!
Kids:  Travel with us into Wolf Country
Meet the Wolves on our Junior Wolfwatcher Website!

Wolves come in all sizes and colors; but did you know that in addition to the Gray Wolf (Canis Lupus), the United States is also home to two rare and critically endangered species of wolves called Red Wolves (Canis Rufus) and Mexican Gray Wolves (Canis Lupus Baileyi)?  On our Junior Wolfwatcher website, you can learn all about these different species of wolves, including:  where they live, what they eat, what they look like, and what makes them super special.  Get to know some of our friends at wolf conservation centers and organizations in places like North Carolina, New Mexico and even New York!  Meet them up close and personal and find out what it's really like to help protect these species of wolves and ensure their future survival.   Come along with us on a journey through wolf country!

Your support enables our mission to thrive...
"Wolf Totem"  $19 + Shipping
We are Proud to Announce our New Long Sleeve T-Shirt for Sale


Susan Miller  donated her original artwork, "Wolf Totem" for use on our lightweight long sleeve Tee-Shirt - perfect for winter or those cool summer nights. It is available in  unisex sizes, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.


Visit the Wolfwatcher Store for details about this and other shirts available for sale.  


About the artist:

Susan Miller, of Cherokee descent, was born and raised in southwestern Oklahoma.  She works primarily in acrylic, using vivid color to create large paintings on wood panels and canvas.  Highly stylized wolves and coyotes are favorite subject matters, along with Native American motifs inspired by her Cherokee heritage.  Susan passionately believes in the importance of wolves to a healthy ecosystem.  "In my paintings I try to convey my love and respect for the wolf, and to honor his strong and wild spirit".  Reproductions on canvas are available for each of her paintings.  If you would like more information, visit Susan's Facebook page, SusanMillerTaosArt or her website at



     501(c)(3) nonprofit, all volunteer organization  




Our mission:  

We 'educate, advocate, and participate' for the long term recovery and preservation of wolves based on the best available science and the principles of democracy.  We:  

  1. Educate the public about the important role that wolves play in maintaining healthy ecosystems
  2. Inform the public about challenges to wolf recovery
  3. Support measures that promote peaceful coexistence with wolves on the landscape
  4. Educate the public about the issues in all regions and ways it can effectively participate in the democratic process to promote science-based decision-making about wolves.

All donations, no matter the amount, will be appreciated because they will enable us to: 

  • Provide educational programs, materials and events
  • Participate in conferences, seminars, and consultation with other professionals in the fields of wolf biology, research, conservation, eco-tourism and environmental law.
  • Secure a Wolfwatcher Legal Fund to sustain potential engagement in litigation that challenges local, state and/or federal policies that affect wolf preservation.

To donate online, please click on the Donate button at the top. To donate by check or money order,  please send your donation to our business office at: National Wolfwatcher Coalition, PO Box 161281, Duluth, MN   55816-1281