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Letters Published during the week of February 1,2014         





It's inexcusable that any Wildlife Service would accept the shooting of any wolf, especially one with pups, when the Mexican gray wolf is balancing on the edge of extinction.

Was there really a way to determine if the livestock was bitten on private land or on public land, or did they accept the biased rancher's word? There is also the question of deterrents; were any in use?

The Mexican gray was reintroduced in Arizona and New Mexico 15 years ago. Births are limited as there's only three breeding pairs.  These magnificent creatures continue to struggle to survive. The need for introducing more pairs is required to increase the genetic pool, ensuring their chances for recovery.  

There are Mexican grays waiting for years for releasing, still the FWS stalls, wasting valuable time and taxpayer funds. The delay is causing inbreeding and weakens the genetic pool, reducing the grays' survival if they are released.

Wolves' territory needs expanding; ranchers concerned about wolf attacks should contain livestock, this would reduce vehicle collisions, destruction of property, trampling and defecation from livestock.

Before any wolf is exterminated, it should be mandatory that deterrents be used at all times and carcasses removed immediately. Ranchers that act restlessly in protecting livestock and baiting wolves should face a penalty. The intentional enticing of wolves must be stopped, as some ranchers prefer to act restlessly, baiting wolves in order to achieve the extermination of wolves.

A poll conducted by Defender shows the majority of citizens in Arizona and New Mexico want wolves to thrive, and want the FWS to ensure full recovery.

The murdering of any wolf, especially one with pups is disgraceful. The demise of the Halfmoon Pack is Inexcusable, and a extreme setback for the survival of the Mexican gray wolf and all wildlife.



  Thank You Irene 











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